Legislation Push


Want Home Grow Washington?  

Now is the time to get involved!

HB 1131 is sitting in the House Commerce & Gaming Committee.  It was given a hearing on January 21, 2019, which starts at about 40 minutes and can be viewed HERE, but never was taken to a vote. 

SB 5155 met a similar fate sitting in the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee.  It was granted a January 31, 2019 hearing, which starts at about 30 minutes and can be viewed HERE, but again was not taken to a vote. 

Both bills authorize a person, 21 or older, to grow up to six cannabis plants on the premises of thier housing unit.  A single housing unit may not have more than 15 plants. 

Washington is the only legal state that does not allow it’s citizens the civil liberty to home grow cannabis. 

What can you do?

Visit each bill’s page, HB 1131, SB 5155.

From here you can read the bill.   You can also Comment on the bill. When you comment be sure and select all three of your legislators to send your comments to.  Also, click yes in response to the “would you like a response to your comment” question.  

Be polite and stick to facts, not emotion. 

Some great points – 

Every other legal state allows thier citizens the civil liberty of home growing between four and six cannabis plants.  None are reporting issues with these small home grows.  

Our legislators like to think of things in financial terms so speaking about the hobby revenue they will be gaining is a great angle.  This legislation has no fiscal effect.  They won’t lose tax revenue, they will likely gain revenue as it will be creating a new cottage/hobby industry. 

Most people will home grow and still shop at the 502 retail stores.  People who homebrew beer still buy beer at retail stores. 

Speak from your heart and do not be emotionally heated. 

Stay tuned for more information, updates, & ways to get involved.