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HB 1060 / SB 5290 Requires a school district to permit a student who meets certain requirements to consume marijuana for medical purposes on school grounds, aboard a school bus, or while attending a school-sponsored event. Requires the board of directors of a school district to adopt a policy that authorizes parents, guardians, and primary caregivers to administer marijuana to a student for medical purposes while the student is on school grounds, aboard a school bus, or attending a school-sponsored event.

You can read & comment on the SB 5290  HERE HB 1060 HERE

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Imagine having a sick child.  Now imagine that child is not allowed access to their life giving medicine while they are at school.  What is your alternative?  Below is a message from Meagan Holt, one such mom who’s navigating these types of decisions.  I have much love and respect for all she does each and every day for love of her daughter!  


My name is Meagan Holt and I am writing you today in regards to house bill 1060. It is concerning the use of medical marijuana at school. My daughter, Maddie, suffers from a rare genetic disease called Zellweger syndrome. In early 2015 her disease rapidly progressed and she developed life threatening seizures. Daily hour long events, always requiring CPR. Within eight weeks she had tried over twenty pharmaceuticals and her medical team was out of options. Maddie was two years old at the time and was admitted into hospice with the expectation her life would end soon. This was when we discovered cannabis.
Not only is Madeline off hospice, she has weaned several pharmaceuticals, has made cognitive improvements, and breathes through her seizures. Medical Seattle-Hempfest-Blog-Cannabis-vs-pharmamarijuana is giving my daughter a quality of life I never thought possible. I am an active member of my community, serving as vice-chair on the Washington talking book and braille library advisory council, the director of patients for Project PC, a local non-profit, and a Seattle Children’s family adviser. After having and IEP meeting with our local school and discovering they did not allow any medical marijuana use on school property I decided to look into the law. I spent 4 months researching, writing, and found that there is a serious flaw in the law.
In my efforts meeting with members of the community and my local legislators I discovered another child, River Barclay, who also is unable to fully access an education safely because of this same issue. Her father, John Barclay, was also meeting with his local legislators to discuss the need for a change in the law. We have joined forces to help this bill become law. Для Интернета
Currently the law states that schools may adopt policies around medical cannabis use on school grounds however, no school has such policy. House bill 1060 fixes this error in current law preventing safe access of cannabis medication at schools, clarifies cannabis use in the school controlled substance act, and is tailored to meet the needs of Washington students and school staff. My daughter will be turning five years old on November 1 and it is my hope this legislation will be effective so she can attend kindergarten. For River this means attending school for a full day.
You can read & comment on the SB 5290 HERE HB 1060 HERE
The comment button is on the right side of the page, in the dark green bar, “Comment on this bill”.  Be sure and send your comments to both of your House Representatives & your Senator.  Ask for a reply back.  This is a great way to start dialogue with your Legislators.  

Viv wrote some ‘grassfire’ tips for the being an effective cannabis advocate that can be read HERE


January 31, HB 1060 had it’s Third Reading and passed with 67 yeas, 27 nays, 4 excused.  What happens now? Comment on SB 5290 and request a hearing & vote!  You can also contact the Early Learning & K 12 Education Committee and urge them to hold the hearing & vote.  Bonus points if you live in thier District!

Lisa Wellman [email protected] 41 D (360)786-7641
Andy Billig [email protected] 3 D (360)786-7604
Hans Zeiger [email protected] 25 R (360)786-7648
Mark Mullet [email protected] 5 D (360)786-7608
Ann Rivers [email protected] 18 R (360)786-7634
Brad Hawkins [email protected] 12 R (360)786-7622
Jamie Pedersen [email protected] 43 D (360)786-7628
Mike Padden [email protected] 4 R (360)786-7606
Sam Hunt [email protected] 22 D (360)786-7642
Christine Rolfes [email protected] 23 D (360)786-7644

January 8, 2018.  The bills are alive!  While it did pass in the House in 2017 it was held in the Senate.  Remember to read the bill & comment!  Make sure your legislators know you want children to have equal access to public education! 

June 21, 2017, bill retained in present status at the end of the third special session.

March 31, Senate Ways & Means Committee, WM – Majority: without recommendation, Minority, do not pass

March 28, 2017, Senate Committee on Early Learning & K-12 Education vote –  Majority; do pass and refer to Ways & Means.

March 3, 2017 – HB 1060 passes the Houser, 78 yeas, 19 nays, 1 excused.

On Tuesday January 17, 2017

The Health & Wellness Committee held a hearing for HB 1060.  Most testimony was in support.  The opposition seems to be the school’s not wanting to touch something that is federally illegal.  Well, as I others pointed out, our entire legalization system is in opposition to federal law so if they can figure out a way around federal law to garner tax revenue, they can find a way around it for the most vulnerable in our society, our sick children.

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Ducky’s Bill founder, River’s father testified first about how his daughter was highly capable prior to developing seizures during kindergarten.  Like most parents of children who are medical patients, once the pharmaceuticals had failed & taken their toll turned to medical cannabis which has greatly increased his daughters capability to learn and redevelop skills she had lost.

Maddie’s Law founder, Megan Holt’s testimony made not only the audience but members of the committee tear up.  How can you not hear the struggle these parents have gone through and not want to see them and their children succeed!  As one person testifying put it, the quality of these children’s lives is in your [the legislature’s] hands!

The Principles Association had the awesome answer.  Let the nurses dispense it instead of having parents come on site and doing so.   They opposed parents dispensing medicine on site but not the type of medicine. As the gentleman statesd, since it is medicine, why not treat it like all the other medicines!  How about that!  Someone with common sense and a no nonsense approach that would immediately resolve the issue.  Let the nurses dispense it like they do every other medication children require during the school day! 


Oh no, hold on there a minute, the next person up is about to challenge that!  How can we expect school nurses to dispense a schedule 1 narcotic that federally has no medical value at all?  They’d have to like, dispense a cookie, or a gel cap, to a child.  How could we possibly have such a thing happen!  Surely our federal aid would be pulled!

olympia januaryI get it.  Trump is one scary SOB but come on!  I just can’t buy the federal boogie man argument when they are all more than happy to reap the benefits of the tax revenue.

There are currently 57 children in the medical cannabis registry that face varying challenges with the public school system due to the lack of guidelines for dispensing their medicine.

Let’s hope HB 1060 passes out of committee.  I will keep you posted!!