Seattle Hempfest recognizes the Americans with Disabilities Act. For attendees with a disability Hempfest offers the following:

Americans with Disabilities Act

At the South Entrance there is an ADA/Member’s Entrance next to the fountain on the water side of the path into Hempfest.  It’s best to enter off Alaskan as Broad/Elliott are fenced off with bike racks to create the chutes for the line into Hempfest.  Be sure to bypass this line and tell anyone who asks that your heading to the ADA/Member’s Entrance.

The North Entrance at W Prospect & Elliott Ave W has an elevator at the Amgen Bridge.  This entrance lets you into the north end of the park and to our 4 north stages with the least walking.  Seeley, DanceSafe, McWilliams & Bass Drop Music Village will be at your finger tips!

Hempfest has two dedicated motorized carts just for ADA assistance as available, subject to crowding and ability to navigate the cart among festival-goers. Service may be suspended during peak afternoon hours.   We provide shuttle from the south entrance up to the Hemposium area where vending starts.  A limited number of manual wheelchairs (8) will be available for emergencies . If you need a wheelchair, you should bring your own. For those who use power chairs, we will have a battery charging station available at the main First Aid tent as well as tools for simple repairs, and we can fix flat tires, if necessary.

Our main First Aid tent is located slightly south of Share Parker Memorial Main Stage, on the west side of the east path (“Highway 420″) that runs along the fence by the railroad tracks.

Hempfest’s entrances and paths are ADA accessible, and we offer ADA restrooms. When possible, our stages feature volunteer ASL interpreters.  The Bridge at 3rd & Harrison Streets has a steep incline and we do not recommend it for wheelchairs.

We have volunteer doctors, nurses and other medical professionals on hand who are trained in helping people who need ADA access. We can provide shade, water, rest and food for any ADA attendee who needs it. Any attendee who asks any staff member for assistance with any ADA issues will be directed to First Aid and will be kept safe until their access issues can be resolved.

For people perhaps stuck in a crowded part of the park, we can dispatch a team to assist them back to the First Aid tent where again we can resolve any needs they have.

A disabled person requiring assistance can also inform the Hempfest staff person at the North or South entrances that they require assistance, and our First Aid team will dispatch someone to assist that person. Keep in mind that it may take several minutes for a response, as our staff also must negotiate the crowds and long paths to get to that person.

Service animals welcomed, but otherwise please keep pets at home.

 ADA passenger drop-off and pick up

Alaskan Way, south of Broad Street (using Pay Station spaces OA-28-07/15TY) for ADA passenger drop-off and pick up on Friday, August 15 from 6:00 a.m to Monday, August 18,  12:00a.m.