Seattle Hempfest is the world’s largest annual cannabis protest rally. Celebrating its 22nd anniversary, Seattle Hempfest features six stages of music, world renowned speakers, hundreds of food, arts, crafts and political booths.

Friday 8-16-2013 Saturday 8-17-2013 Sunday 8-18-2013
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
11:00am House Music 11:00am House Music
11:35am Cody Ternes 11:35am John Conroy
11:40am John Novak 11:40am  Kitty Miller
11:45am Dale Gieringer 11:45am Doug McVay
11:50am Grand Daddy Mike 11:50am Monte Levine
Noon Park Opens Noon Starry Eyed Samurai Noon Ever So Android
12:35pm Mike Corral 12:35pm Dr. Frank Lucido
12:40pm Ah Warner 12:40pm Elvy Musikka
12:45pm Shilo Murphy 12:45pm Radical Russ
12:50pm Martin Lee 12:50pm James Flaming Eagle Mooney
1:00pm Tim Pate 1:00pm Thrust Fund 1:00pm Shyan Selah
1:35pm Adam Eidenger 1:35pm Dr. David Bearman 1:35pm Brandy Zink
1:40pm William Panzer 1:40pm Jeff Steinborn 1:40pm Danny Danko
1:45pm Oscar Velasco-Schmitz 1:45pm Dr. Keith Saunders 1:45pm Wes Abney
1:50pm Martin Martinez 1:50pm Michael Krawitz 1:50pm Kari Boiter
2:00pm Tarana 2:00pm Science 2:00pm Lisa Dank
2:35pm David Nott 2:35pm Pete Holmes 2:35pm Mike Hyde
2:40pm Dominic Corva 2:40pm Sen. Mike Gravel 2:40pm TBA
2:45pm Paul Stanford 2:45pm Chris Conrad 2:45pm John Davis
2:50pm Jeremy Miller 2:50pm Sgt. Sean Whitcomb 2:50pm Alex Cooley
3:00pm Space Owl 3:00pm Lacero 3:00pm Eastern Sunz
3:35pm Cheryl Shuman 3:35pm Mikki Norris 3:35pm  Andrew DeAngelo
3:40pm Keith Stroup 3:40pm Douglas Hiatt 3:40pm Jorge Cervantes
3:45pm Major Neill Franklin (Ret.) 3:45pm Steve DeAngelo 3:45pm Aaron Houston
3:50pm Sen. Ed Murray 3:50pm Mayor Mike McGinn 3:50pm Rick Cusick
4:00pm Junior Toots 4:00pm Jack Endino’s Earthworm 4:00pm Hed PE
4:35pm Steve DeAngelo 4:35pm Dan Rush 4:35pm Ngaio Bealum
4:40pm David Bronner 4:40pm DJ Short 4:40pm Ben Livingston
4:45pm Henry Wykowski 4:45pm Aaron Pelley 4:45pm NJ Weedman
4:50pm  Reverend Cannabis 4:50pm Alison Holcomb 4:50pm Jodie Emery
5:00pm Indoobious 5:00pm Zoolect 5:05pm Musica -Tony B’s Hip Hop Review feat. Rappin4tay, Toy Conner, The Fat Kids, HoodGood, Fred Diezi
5:35pm Alison D-Ray 5:35pm Rep. Roger Goodman 6:00pm Black Magic Noise, Julie C, And Moore Gang
5:40pm Madeline Martinez 5:40pm Stinkbud 6:45pm USC Presents: DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill
5:45pm Steve Levine 5:45pm Sam Chapman 7:50pm Sunday Closing Ceremony
5:50pm Greta Carter 5:50pm Steve Elliott 8:00pm Park Closes
5:55pm The Toyes 6:00pm Everlast
6:35pm Kurt Boehl 6:35pm Philip Dawdy
6:40pm Kevin Oliver 6:40pm Kevin Black
6:45pm Ed Rosenthal 6:45pm Pam Haley
6:50pm Cyril Bouanna 6:50pm C. Michael Pickens
7:00pm The Herbivores 7:00pm Windowpane
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes

Friday 8-16-13

Moderator: Doug McVay- Editor, Drug War Fact

Saturday 8-17-13

Moderator: Philippe Lucas- Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia

Sunday 8-18-13

Moderators: Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad- publishers of West Coast Leaf


Eden Labs Co2 HighFlo machine demonstration

11:00 Know Your Rights: Legal Advice

Aaron Pelley, Jeff Steinborn, Kurt Boehl, Douglas Hiatt


Cannabis as Sacrament: Entheogenic Spirituality

Gloria Kalteich, James Flaming Eagle Mooney, William Courtney


Extractions: Safe Methods for All Types

Fritz Chess, Grand Daddy Mike, Reverend Cannabis

11:50 Ask Your Doctor if Cannabis is Right for You: Medical Benefits of CannabisDr. David Bearman, Dr. Jake Felice, Dr. David Ostrow, Dr. William Courtney


Media in the New Cannabis Age

Wes Abney, Danny Danko, Mikki Norris, Ben Livingston, Russ Belville


The Future of the Movement: Next Steps Toward Legalization

Neill Franklin, Dominic Corva, Aaron Houston, Dan Rush, Todd Dalotto

12:40 Growing Your Own Medicine: Tips from the Pros

Jorge Cervantes, Josh Rettie, DJ Short, Stinkbud


State of the Nation: The Movement around the Country

Tonya Davis, Theresa Knox, Sharon Ravert, Brandy Zink, Rebecca Forbes


Business Women of Weed

Ah Warner, Cheryl Shuman, Greta Carter, Dawn Darrington, Alison D-Ray


1:30 The Wide World of Weed: Extracts, Tinctures, Topicals, Food

Ah Warner, Alison D-Ray, Marcus Sutherland, Jason Clark


The Business of Cannabis: Expert Advice Before You Take the Plunge

John Davis, Henry Wykowski, Hilary Bricken, Andrew DeAngelo, Alex Cooley


Hemp for Victory! The Many Uses for this Miracle Plant

David Bronner, Steve Levine, Adam Eidenger, Dave Seber, David Piller

2:20 What’s in Your Cannabis?  What Are They Testing?

Martin Lee, Alec Dixon, Dr. Michelle Sexton


Stephen DeAngelo:

Executive Director of Harborside Health Center (Oakland, CA); star of Weed Wars (Discovery Channel)

3:00 Activism How-To: You Can Make a Difference

Jared Allaway, Melissa Hysom, Sam Chapman, Michael Krawitz, John Novak


Cannabis for Wellness:

Dr. Michelle Sexton, Clint Werner, Dr. Frank Lucido, Jahan Marcu


Victims of the Drug War: The Harsh Reality

Lynette Shaw, Kari Boiter, NJ Weedman, Jodie Emery


 (?sneakpeek?) Hemp Couture Fashion Show 


 Hemp Couture Fashion Show


 Hemp Couture Fashion Show


Hemposium closes to prep for party


 100 Watt Mind


 Sleepy Pilot


 Andrea Desmond & The White Lights


 Fractal Native


 Midtown Groove


 Garrett Whitney & The New Age Outlaws


 Speakers Social


 Slow Children


 Boris Budd


 Membership Party- join here



Friday 8-16-13 Saturday 8-17-13 Sunday 8-18-13
11:00am Tribal Voices 11:00am Tribal Voices
11:45am Adam Assenberg 11:45am Serra Frank
11:50pm Gloria Kalteich 11:50am Jason Clark
11:55pm Dr. Jahan Marcu 11:55am Dr. David Bearman
Noon House Music Noon Bog Hoppers Noon The Sindicate
12:35pm Dave Seber 12:35pm Leland Berger 12:35pm Todd Dalotto
12:40pm Carl Prothman 12:40pm Judith Renaud 12:40pm Martin Martinez
12:45pm Mendo Bruce 12:45pm Don Skakie 12:45pm Urb Thrasher
12:50pm Lynette Shaw 12:50pm John Conroy 12:50pm Dr. Jake Felice
12:35pm The Cumbieros 1:00pm Rootbox 1:00pm Letters from Traffic
1:35pm Dale Gieringer 1:35pm Bill Esbensen 1:35pm Casper Leitch
1:40pm Clint Werner 1:40pm Oscar Velasco-Schmitz 1:40pm Jeanne Black
1:45pm TBA 1:45pm David Nott 1:45pm Sean Rettie
1:50pm James Flaming Eagle Mooney 1:50pm William Panzer 1:50pm Melissa Hysom
2:00pm Mota Mouth Jones 2:00pm More of Anything 2:00pm Sabrina Y Los Reyes
2:35pm Monte Levine 2:35pm Mickey Martin 2:35pm Sen. Mike Gravel
2:40pm Dr. Keith Saunders 2:40pm Shilo Murphy 2:40pm Kitty Miller
2:45pm TBA 2:45pm Tim Pate 2:45pm Dr. David Ostrow
2:50pm Theresa Knox 2:50pm Greta Carter 2:50pm Liana Held
3:00pm Jordon Biggs 3:00pm Meal Frog 3:00pm Br’er Rabbit
3:35pm Wes Abney 3:35pm Danny Danko 3:35pm Jeremy Miller
3:40pm Kevin Black 3:40pm John Davis 3:40pm Michael Krawitz
3:45pm Kari Boiter 3:45pm Keith Stroup 3:45pm Rep. Roger Goodman
3:50pm DJ Short 3:50pm NJ Weedman 3:50pm Stinkbud
3:55pm Douglas Hiatt 3:55pm Henry Wykowski 3:55pm Alison Holcomb
4:00pm Andrew DeAngelo 4:00pm Jodie Emery 4:00pm Dan Rush
4:05pm Ngaio Bealum 4:05pm Rick Cusick 4:05pm Cheryl Shuman
4:10pm Mikki Norris 4:10pm Aaron Houston 4:10pm Ed Rosenthal
4:20pm Katipzade with Kali Taal 4:20pm Marmalade 4:20pm KRSNA
4:55pm Chris Conrad 4:55pm Ben Livingston 4:55pm Kevin Oliver
5:00pm Dr. William Courtney 5:00pm Madeline Martinez 5:00pm Paul Stanford
5:05pm Jeff Steinborn 5:05pm Sgt. Sean Whitcomb 5:05pm Rachel Kurtz
5:10pm Sum People 5:10pm Funk Fire Five 5:10pm Stay Grounded
5:40pm TBA 5:40pm TBA 5:40pm TBA
5:45pm Sam Chapman 5:45pm Allison Bigelow 5:45pm Adam Eidenger
5:50pm Marcus Sutherland 5:50pm Doug McVay 5:50pm Cody Ternes
6:00pm Thornton Creek 6:00pm Spyn Reset 6:00pm Stoning Giants
6:35pm Steve Elliotti 6:35pm Cyril Bouanna 6:35pm Philip Dawdy
6:40pm Alec Dixon 6:40pm Mike Corral 6:40pm C. Michael Pickens
6:45pm Cody Ternes 6:45pm Matthew R. Abel 6:45pm Pam Haley
6:50pm Mike Hyde 6:50pm Rebecca Forbes 6:50pm Dawn Darington
7:00pm Jacob Merlin Band 7:00pm Kalico 7:00pm Indigitize
Friday 8-16-13 Saturday 8-17-13 Sunday 8-18-13
Noon Station to Station Noon Dem Zaing Noon The Twitch
12:35pm 12:35pm Kitty Miller 12:35pm Dr. David Ostrow
12:40pm 12:40pm Carl Prothman 12:40pm Ah Warner
12:45pm 12:45pm Todd Dalotto 12:45pm Don Skakie
12:50pm 12:50pm Lynette Shaw 12:50pm Grand Daddy Mike
1:00pm Valley Green 1:00pm Death By Stars 1:00pm The Purrs
1:35pm Jared Allaway 1:35pm Martin Martinez 1:35pm Greta Carter
1:40pm Dr. Jahan Marcu 1:40pm Gloria Kalteich 1:40pm Dale Gieringer
1:45pm Brandy Zink 1:45pm Dr. Frank Lucido 1:45pm Steve Elliott
1:50pm Sen. Mike Gravel 1:50pm Dave Seber 1:50pm Aaron Pelley
2:00pm AKA and the Heart Hurt Goods 2:00pm Letzter Geist 2:00pm Stravinsky Riots
2:35pm Magic Black 2:35pm Allison Bigelow 2:35pm Adam Assenberg
2:40pm Serra Frank 2:40pm Clint Werner 2:40pm Alison D-Ray
2:45pm Cody Ternes 2:45pm Oscar Velasco-Schmitz 2:45pm Sharon Whitson
2:50pm Urb Thrasher 2:50pm Jeremy Miller 2:50pm Tim Pate
3:00pm Hitchkick 3:00pm Arisen From Nothing 3:00pm Angie and The Car Wrecks
3:35pm Michael Krawitz 3:35pm Paul Stanford 3:35pm Casper Leitch
3:40pm Rebecca Forbes 3:40pm Kevin Oliver 3:40pm TBA
3:45pm Jodie Emery 3:45pm Mickey Martin 3:45pm Kevin Black
3:50pm Rick Cusick 3:50pm Alex Cooley 3:50pm Bill Esbensen
4:00pm Longstride 4:00pm December In Red 4:00pm Strikes At One
4:35pm Martin Lee 4:35pm Ngaio Bealum 4:35pm Madeline Martinez
4:40pm Alison Holcomb 4:40pm Dawn Darington 4:40pm Marcus Sutherland
4:45pm John Novak 4:45pm David Nott 4:45pm Keith Stroup
4:50pm Monte Levine 4:50pm Ed Rosenthal 4:50pm Matthew R. Abel
5:00pm Arden Park Roots 5:00pm Riot In Rhythm 5:00pm Necktie Ki
5:35pm John Conroy 5:35pm Steve Levine 5:35pm Dr. Keith Saunders
5:40pm Dr. Jake Felice 5:40pm Mendo Bruce 5:40pm Alec Dixon
5:45pm Philip Dawdy 5:45pm Jude Newbergher Renaud 5:45pm Pam Haley
5:50pm Jason Clark 5:50pm Sharon Ravert 5:50pm  Roger Goodman
6:00pm Vividal 6:00pm Black Beat Blue 6:00pm Zombie Ji
6:35pm Leland Berger 6:35pm Shilo Murphy 6:35pm Mike Corral
6:40pm  Elvy Musikka 6:40pm Dominic Corva 6:40pm Cyril Bouanna
6:45pm Casper Leitch 6:45pm Radical Russ 6:45pm Sean Rettie
6:50pm Liana Held 6:50pm Mike Hyde 6:50pm Melissa Hysom
7:00pm Amadon 7:00pm Trip Madam 7:00pm Sky Pilot
Friday 8-16-13 Saturday 8-17-13 Sunday 8-18-13
10:00am Uniting Souls 10:00am DJ Ipod 10:00am Makedon
11:30am Sean Imagina 11:30am Manos 11:30am Rob Noble
12:00pm David Nott 12:00pm James Flaming Eagle Mooney 12:00pm Dominic Corva
1:00pm Jeromy Nail 1:00pm Darek Mazzone 1:00pm Julian O’keefe
2:00pm Ngaio Bealum 2:00pm Kevin Oliver 2:00pm David Piller
2:30pm Deepvibez 2:30pm Future Nurses 2:30pm Kozmo
4:00pm Sam Chapman 4:00pm Shilo Murphy 4:00pm Don Skakie
4:00pm DJ Mercedes 4:00pm Selecta Gro 4:00pm Joe Bellingham
5:30pm Ramiro 5:30pm Karl Kamakahi 5:30pm Michael Manahan
6:00pm Monte Levine 6:00pm Ben Livingston 6:00pm Rachel Kurtz
7:00pm Crystal Birds 7:00pm Jason Baker 7:00pm Phidelity
Friday 8-16-13 Saturday 8-17-13 Sunday 8-18-13
10:00am Paul Wheeler 10:00am Charlie Eon
11:00am Hello Gritty 11:00am Shock da Shiva 11:00am Get Excited
Noon Beauflexx Noon Nefarious Noon Kid Kaboom
1:00pm Marq 1:00pm Skape 1:00pm Sonny Chiba
2:00pm Wheelz 2:00pm Physix 2:00pm Glitch & Swagga – DJ Welfed & Flying Mike
3:00pm Sean Majors 3:00pm Sir Kutz x Aaron Simpson 3:00pm Northstar
4:15pm Guest speakers Jared Allaway & Ben Livingston & Special 4:20 Celebration 4:15pm Guest speakers Magic Black & Elvy Musikka & Special 4:20 Celebration 4:15pm Guest speakers Liana Held & Douglas Hiatt & Special 4:20 Celebration
4:30pm Dirty Byrdz – Shiver & Hexidecibel 4:30pm Hyperfunk x Myk 4:30pm McFunk Bros – Thomas McFunk & Nick MC
6:00pm Kat1lyst 6:00pm Dot Diggler 6:00pm Jameson Just
7:00pm BizZaRa 7:00pm Hz Donut 7:00pm Pressha