Stage Schedules & Info

Seattle Hempfest 2017- Stage Schedules

2018 will start going up next June

The Share Parker Main Stage is located at the Thomas Street Overpass entrance to Seattle Hempfest.  Main Stage features top musical acts, speakers and is primarily MC’d by Vivian McPeak, our Executive Director.  Share Parker was a long time Hempfest volunteer who was the steam in the engine that kept Hempfest going for much of its first 16 years.  She passed in 2006 of cancer.  Main Stage was dedicated to her the following year. 

The Ric Smith Hemposium Stage is just south of the Thomas Street Overpass entrance. ric Hemposium is the big white tent on the hill behind our operations complex.  This is where the important conversations happen between panels of speakers and the public.  This is also where our annual VIP Party is held the Friday night of Hempfest.   Ric Smith was a long time Hempfest volunteer as well as an out spoken AIDS patient who credited his life being saved by medical cannabis.   We lost Ric in 20012.  His passion for this life saving plant lives on in the spirit of the Hemposium Stage which spreads knowledge far and wide via the exceptional panels it hosts. 


kevinThe Seeley Black Stage was created in 2017 when we combined the Ralph & Judith Seeley Stage with the Kevin Black Memorial Stage.  This Stage had previously been the .  The Seeley Black Stage features a variety of music genres and speakers.  Located just south of the Caviar Gold Stage and our Prospect Street “Helix” Bridge entrance, you’ll hear everything from heavy metal to rap and everything inbetween!   Ralph & Judith Seeley were high profile medical cannabis patients standing up for medical cannabis rights seeleyin the 90’s.  Ralph passed away in 1997 shortly after speaking at Hempfest.  We dedicated a stage to him.  His wife Judith followed him the next year and was memorialized as well.   Kevin Black was a much loved Hempfest Safety Volunteer who served for many years on our Board of Directors.  He tragically passed in 2015.  The loss of beloved staff who have put their blood, sweat, & tears into Seattle Hempfest is never an easy one for our tight knit staff.  It was not lightly that we chose to rename the stage previously dedicated to Peter peterMcWilliams to Kevin.  Peter was a poet, author, and medical cannabis activist who died in 2000 while awaiting trial for growing and sharing medical cannabis with sick people.  He was true hero as is every activist this stage has held the name of.

caviThe Caviar Gold Stage is located at the Prospect Street “Helix” Bridge entrance.  Launched in 2016, Cavi Gold Music brings its unique brand of musical talent to Hempfest framed with Hempfest’s world renowned speakers.  The Caviar Gold Stage is a great place to start your Hempfest adventure being easily accessed at the north.



Friday 8-18-2017 Saturday 8-19-2017 Sunday 8-20-2017
Noon Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
Moderator: Dr Dominic Corva Moderator:  Chris Conrad Moderator: Kari Boiter
12:30 – 1:05pm Twenty-Two Too Many: Veterans Finding Hope.  Michael Krawitz, Patrick Seifert, Aaron Augustis, Ellen Brown 10:45-11:30am Community Organizing: How to Effect Change.  Lori Duckworth, Serra Frank, Mikki Norris, Danica Noble, Shango Los 10:45-11:30am Growing the Best Cannabis: Advice from the Experts.  Stinkbud, Danny Danko, Jesce Horton, Farmer Tom Lauerman, Dr. Jade Stefano
1:10 – 1:50pm  Hemp: The Super Crop on the Horizon.  Joy Beckerman, Dave Seber, Bradford Beckerman, Ah Warner 11:35am-12:20pm From Barely Surviving to Thriving: Saving Terminally Ill Children with Cannabis.  Meagan Holt, Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Cat Jeter, Regina Nelson 11:35am-12:20pm The Endocannabinoid System: Ask Your Doctor if Cannabis is Right for You.  Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Dr. David Bearman, Dr. Jake Felice, Lisa Buchanan, Dr. Frank Lucido
1:55-2:30pm Washington Cannabis Industry: Report Card.  Danielle Rosellison, Douglas Hiatt, John Novak, Neil Juneja 12:25-1:05pm Inclusion & Privilege: How Do We Make Sure No One is Getting Left Behind?  Jerry Whiting, Ophelia Chong, Rene Gagnon, Betty Aldworth 12:25-1:10pm Cannabigotry: How Stigma Still Hurts Cannabis Consumers in Legal States.  Joelle Puccio, Madeline Martinez, Leland Berger, Phil Charles, Betty Aldworth
2:35-3:30pm Terpenes: What’s that Smell? Understanding the Effects.  Ben Cassidy, Alison Draisin, Martin Lee, Danielle Rosellison, Reverend Cannabis, Dr. Jeff Raber 1:10-1:55pm Preserving Genetics: Ensuring the Survival of Crucial Cultivars.  Jerry Whiting, Danny Danko, Stinkbud, Shawn Denae Wagenseller, Allison Bigelow 1:15-2:00pm Industry Standards: Is the Testing Keeping Consumers Safe?  Kevin Oliver, Jim MacRae, Cyril Bouanna, Steven McNalley
3:25-4:20pm Cannabis Extracts & Infused Products: Beyond the Flower.  Ah Warner, AC Braddock, Reverend Jeff, Sage Amdahl, Drew Dillon 2:00-2:45pm Cannabis & Media: Beyond Stereotypes.  Wes Abney, Doug McVay, Ophelia Chong, Susan Squibb 2:05-2:50pm Washington’s Cannabis Industry: Where We Are, Where We Need to Be.  Aaron Pelley, Pete Holmes, Jim MacRae, Don Stevens, Crystal Oliver
7:00pm Speakers Social 2:50-3:35pm Surviving Legalization: Cannabis Industry Leaders Share Their Advice.  John Davis, Rene Gagnon, Sara Batterby, Matt Stang, AC Braddock 2:55-2:35pm Cannabis POWs: Stories from the Front Lines.  Dr. Mollie Fry, Kristin Flor, George Martorano
8:00pm Park Closes 4:00pm Gold Bar 4:00pm The Insinuators
8:00pm VIP Party 5:00pm Jordyn Cooper 5:00pm Tim-Me
6:00pm One Sultry Day 6:00pm The Requisite
7:00pm Bongquistadors 7:00pm Theories Of Flight
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes



Friday 8-18-2017 Saturday 8-19-2017 Sunday 8-20-2017
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
11:00am Tribal Voices 11:00am Tribal Voices
Noon Park Opens Canned Music Noon Oceans of Mars Noon Elu the Dust
1:00pm Honor Hall 12:35pm Speaker 12:35pm Speaker
1:35pm Leah Maurer 12:40pm Danielle Muggli 12:40pm Martin Martinez
1:40pm Brian Stone 12:45pm Aaron Augustis 12:45pm Michael Scott
1:45pm Jamie Shaw 12:50pm Ellen Brown 12:50pm Regina Nelson
1:50pm Meagan Holt 1:00pm Lee Eisenstein 1:00pm Slime Kings
2:00pm What Thou Wilt 1:35pm Sage Amdahl 1:35pm Elvy Musikka
2:35pm Kevin Oliver 1:40pm Stacy Bloch 1:40pm Benjamin Cassidy
2:40pm Lori Duckworth 1:45pm Michael Zabrek 1:45pm Michael Krawitz
2:50pm Phil Charles 1:50pm Dr. Mollie Fry 1:50pm  Dr. Jade Stefano
3:00pm She Thinks I’m Alex 2:00pm Blue Lotus 2:00pm Smashie Smashie
3:35pm Susan Squibb 2:35pm Joelle Puccio 2:35pm Magic Black
3:40pm Danica Noble 2:40pm Dr. David Bearman 2:40pm Bradford Beckerman
3:45pm George Martarano 2:45pm  Don Stevens 2:45pm Grandma Cat Jeter
3:50pm 2:50pm Vivian McPeak 2:50pm Sara Batterby
4:00pm Tiffany Wilson 3:00pm Kundalini Theater 3:00pm The High Council
4:35pm Jerry Whiting 3:35pm  John Novak 3:35pm John Conroy
4:40pm Renee Gagnon 3:40pm Farmer Tom Lauerman 3:40pm Lisa Buchanan
4:45pm Danny Danko 3:45pm Ngaio Bealum 3:45pm
4:50pm Dr. Jim MacRae 3:50pm Ah Warner 3:50pm Martin Lee
5:00pm Lizzy Rose 4:00pm Neal Storme and Amazing Friends 4:00pm Jesus Wears Armani
5:35pm Wes Abney 4:35pm Joy Beckerman 4:35pm Douglas Hiatt
5:40pm Kari Boiter 4:40pm Jeff Steinborn 4:40pm Monte Levine
5:45pm  Speaker 4:45pm Rachel Kurtz 4:45pm Alison Draisin
5:50pm Matt Stang 4:50pm Giana Lampreda 4:50pm Ben Livingston
6:00pm AirportWay 5:00pm One Step from Everywhere 5:00pm Woodland West
6:35pm Stinkbud 5:35pm AC Braddock 5:35pm Dr. Jake Felice
6:40pm Madeline Martinez 5:40pm John Davis 5:40pm Allison Bigelow
6:45pm Ben Droz 5:45pm Kat Bohnsack 5:45pm Doug McVay
6:50pm Jared Allaway 5:50pm Sharon Whitson 5:50pm Mac McGregor
7:00pm Chamber 6 6:00pm CobraHawk 6:00pm LiL Nate Dogg & Chucky Chuck
8:00pm Park Closes 6:35pm Leland Berger 6:35pm Bailey Hirschburg
6:40pm Betty Aldworth 6:40pm  Kristen Flor
6:45pm Serra Frank 6:45pm Patrick Seifert
6:50pm Shawn Denae Wagenseller 7:00pm Four Finger Ring
7:00pm It Gets Worse 8:00pm Park Closes
8:00pm Park Closes

CaviarGold Stage

Friday 8-18-2017 Saturday 8-19-2017 Sunday 8-20-2017
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
DJ Famous DJ O.B.1.
11:00am DJ Famous 11:00am ZeroPoint
Noon Park Opens Noon Noon
12:10pm Zeta 12:05pm SL-51 12:05pm TheSkyeMonkey
12:45pm Speaker 12:40pm Speaker 12:40pm Speaker
12:50pm Speaker 12:45pm Speaker 12:45pm Speaker
12:55pm Speaker 12:50pm Speaker 12:50pm Speaker
1:00pm Speaker 12:55pm Speaker 12:55pm Speaker
1:05pm Midnight Lights 1:00pm One Gun Shy 1:00pm Space4Lease
1:40pm Speaker 1:35pm Speaker 1:35pm Speaker
1:45pm Speaker 1:40pm Brian Stone 1:40pm Sage Amdahl
1:50pm Danica Noble 1:45pm Don Stevens 1:45pm Regina Nelson
1:55pm Kevin Oliver 1:50pm Patrick Seifert 1:50pm Vivian McPeak
2:00pm Method 13 1:55pm Syko 1:55pm Anti☆Hero
2:35pm Elvy Musikka 2:30pm Jared Allaway 2:30pm Martin Lee
2:40pm  Mitzi Vaughn 2:35pm Ellen Brown 2:35pm Stacy Bloch
2:45pm Speaker 2:40pm Mac McGregor 2:40pm Ben Cassiday
2:50pm Martin Martinez 2:45pm Bradford Beckerman 2:45pm Michael Krawitz
2:55pm Locust Grove 2:50pm M-Eighty and CRUMBZILLA 2:50pm Rapper Kush
3:25pm Meagan Holt 3:25pm Joelle Puccio 3:25pm Bailey Hirschburg
3:30pm Jerry Whiting 3:30pm Kat Bohnsack 3:30pm Monte Levine
3:35pm Rene Gagnon 3:35pm Lisa Buchanan 3:35pm Doug McVay
3:40pm Wes Abney 3:40pm John Conroy 3:40pm Allison Bigelow
3:45pm Dead Horse Trauma 3:45pm BARZ! 3:45pm Mac Duna
4:15pm Clinton Dogger Mullins 4:20pm Madeline Martinez 4:20pm Sharon Whitson
4:40pm Stinkbud 4:25pm John Davis 4:25pm  Dr. Jake Felice
4:45pm Ngaio Bealum 4:30pm Ah Warner 4:35pm Grandma Cat Jeter
4:50pm Thunderhound 4:35pm  Lori Duckworth 4:40pm Ubiquitous of Ces Cru & Strange Music
5:20pm Phil Charles 4:40pm Swisher Sleep 5:15pm  Kristen Flor
5:25pm  John Novak 5:15pm Farmer Tom Lauerman 5:20pm Jeanne Black
5:30pm George Martarano 5:20pm Betty Aldworth 5:25pm
5:35pm Danny Danko 5:25pm Aaron Pelley 5:30pm Alison Draisin
5:40pm Yoshi Gish 5:30pm Russ Belville 5:35pm Trick Candles
6:15pm Dr. Jim MacRae 5:35pm JL of Strange Music 6:10pm Douglas Hiatt
6:20pm Susan Squibb 6:10pm Joy Beckerman 6:15pm Kari Boiter
6:25pm 6:15pm Aaron Augustis 6:20pm Ben Livingston
6:30pm Michael Scott 6:20pm Giana Lampreda 6:25pm Rachel Kurtz
6:35pm Lust Punch 6:25pm Danielle Muggli 6:30pm Chucky Chuck
7:10pm Speaker 6:30pm MotaMouth Jones 7:05pm Matt Stang
7:15pm Speaker 7:05pm Dr. David Bearman 7:10pm Speaker
7:20pm Speaker 7:10pm David Seber 7:15pm Speaker
7:25pm American Music 7:15pm Jamie Shaw 7:20pm Speaker
8:00pm Park Closes 7:20pm Rachel Kurtz 7:25pm Hellderado
7:25pm Jesse James 8:00pm Park Closes
7:40pm Chris Crayzie
8:00pm Park Closes