The Seattle HEMPFEST™ Protestival is the world’s largest annual cannabis protest rally. Celebrating its 23rd anniversary, Seattle Hempfest features six stages of music, world renowned speakers, hundreds of food, arts, crafts and political booths.

Friday 8-15-2014 Saturday 8-16-2014 Sunday 8-17-2014
10:00am Park Closed Until 12 Noon 10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
11:00am 11:00am House Music 11:00am House Music
11:35am 11:35am Steve Levine 11:35am Casper Leitch
11:40am 11:40am Kevin Oliver 11:40am Kitty Miller
11:45am 11:45am Magic Black 11:45am Dr. David Bearman
Noon Park Opens 11:50am Katrina Haffner 11:50am Doug McVay
Tim Pate Opens with National Anthem Noon Cloud Person Noon Project Lionheart
12:35pm  Rick Rosio 12:35pm David Camp 12:35pm Martin Lee
12:40pm  Danica Noble 12:40pm Bruce Buckner 12:40pm Shawn Denae
12:45pm  Russ Belville 12:45pm Alison Draisin 12:45pm AC Braddock
12:50pm  Elvy Musikka 12:50pm Diego Barriga 12:50pm Lee Berger
1:00pm Keegan Smith and The Fam 1:00pm Rich Hinrichsen 1:00pm Spittin Images
1:35pm Nicole Smith 1:35pm Jeremy Daw 1:35pm Chris Conrad
1:40pm Monte Levine 1:40pm Dr. William Courtney 1:40pm Kurt Boehl
1:45pm Keith Saunders 1:45pm Dawn Darington 1:45pm Martin Martinez
1:50pm Kristin Flor 1:50pm Lindsey Rinehart 1:50pm Dale Rogers
2:00pm The Mothership 2:00pm Blue Lotus 2:00pm Alice Stuart
2:35pm Greta Carter 2:35pm Alex Cooley 2:35pm Adela Falk
2:40pm Ben Livingston 2:40pm Joy Beckerman Maher 2:40pm Dale Gierenger
2:45pm Joe Grumbine 2:45pm Peter Holmes 2:45pm John Davis
2:50pm Adam Mintz 2:50pm Jorge Cervantes 2:50pm Courtney Moran
3:00pm Sol Seed 3:00pm The Good Husbands 3:00pm MoneyPenny
3:35pm Douglas Hiatt 3:35pm Ah Warner 3:35pm Kyle Kushman
3:40pm Madeline Martinez 3:40pm Doug Fine 3:40pm Troy Dayton
3:45pm Ngaio Bealum 3:45pm Rick Steves 3:45pm Betty Aldworth
3:50pm Cong. Dana Rohrabacher 3:50pm TBA 3:50pm Gov. Gary Johson
4:00pm Goodybag / Draze 4:00pm Throw Logic 4:00pm Chief Greenbud
4:35pm NJ Weedman 4:35pm Andrew DeAngelo 4:35pm Mayor Mike McGinn
4:40pm DJ Short 4:40pm Dan Rush 4:40pm Mikki Norris
4:45pm Alison Holcomb 4:45pm Dutch Masters 4:45pm D. Paul Stanford
4:50pm Vivian McPeak 4:50pm Vivian McPeak 4:50pm Vivan McPeak
5:00pm CannabiDroids 5:00pm UniteOne 5:00pm Heart By Heart
5:35pm Cyril Bouanna 5:35pm Jeff Steinborn 5:35pm Debbie Goldsberry
5:40pm Justin McMahon 5:40pm Cheryl Schuman 5:40pm Michael Krawitz
5:45pm Sam Chapman 5:45pm Christian Sederberg 5:45pm Kari Boiter
5:50pm Ed Rosenthal 5:50pm Ed Rosenthal 5:50pm Aaron Pelley
5:55pm The Bad Tenants 6:00pm Ever So Android 6:00pm Bong Hits For Jesus
6:35pm Wes Abney 6:35pm Don E. Wirtshafter 6:35pm Rick Cusick
6:40pm John Conroy 6:40pm John Conroy 6:40pm Jeremy Daw
6:45pm Keith Stroup 6:45pm Trista Okel 6:45pm Fritz Chess
6:50pm Aaron Pelley 6:50pm Michael Keysor 6:50pm Sharon Whitson
7:00pm Live Beatmaker, DJ, B-boy/girl cyphers
featuring B-Girl Naj and BYC and
Filthy Fingers United hosted by Julie C
and Performances by Sista Hailstorm
and Black Aries (Yirim Seck and LaRue)
7:00pm Lil Eazy E & Dj Yella / Bingx 7:00pm The Herbivores
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes



Friday 8-15-2014 Saturday 8-16-2014 Sunday 8-17-2014
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
Moderator: Philippe Lucas Moderators: Don E. Wirtshafter
Noon Park Opens 11:00am Know Your Rights: Can I Still be Arrested for Marijuana?
Aaron Pelley, Jeff Steinborn, Douglas Hiatt, Kurt Boehl
10:45am Cannabis as Medicine: What are the Latest Developments and Who is Being Affected?
Michael Krawitz, Nurse Marcie Cooper, John Conroy, Brandon Krenzler, Lindsey Rinehart
Moderator: Don E. Wirtshafter
12:30pm Industrial Hemp: Is It the Next Green Rush?
Steve Levine, Ben Droz, Joy Beckerman Maher, Dave Seber, Don E. Wirtshafter
11:50am Securing the Rights to Genetics For All: What Strains Will be Left in the Future?
DJ Short, Dr. Michelle Sexton, Michael Gordon, Adam Mintz
11:35am Victims of the Drug War: Haven’t We Won Yet?
Kari Boiter, Douglas Hiatt, Kristin Flor, NJ Weedman, Billy Fisher
1:20pm Activism How-To: Can One Person Really Make a Difference?
Jared Allaway, Meliss Hysom, Michael Krawitz, Debbie Goldsberry, Adam Eidinger
12:40pm Home Cultivation: Tips from the Pros
DJ Short, Jorge Cervantes, Kyle Kushman
12:15pm Commercial Production of Industrial Hemp and Cannabis: Is Opportunity Knocking?
Ah Warner, Troy Dayton, Jeremy Daw, Doug Fine, Fritz Chess
2:10pm Report Card 502: How is Legalization Going?
Dr. Dominic Corva, Kevin Oliver, Shawn Denae, Reverend Cannabis , Don Skakie
1:20pm Medical Marijuana in Washington State: How Do We Save It?
Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Kari Boiter, Michael Keysor, Allison Bigelow, Rachel Kurtz
1:05pm The New Business of Cannabis: Expert Advice Before You Take the Plunge
Andrew DeAngelo, Alex Cooley, John Davis, David Camp, Dan Rush
3:00pm Ask Your Doctor if Cannabis is Right for You: How to Use Cannabis Effectively
Dr. David Bearman, Dr. Jake Felice, Dr. William Courtney, Dr. David Allen
2:10pm The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy Presents: CBD – It’s Time for a Conversation
Dr. Michelle Sexton, Dr. Dominic Corva, Chrisoper Larson, Martin Lee, Allison Bigelow
1:55pm Time, Place, Manner and Safety: Defining Responsible Use
Alison Draisin, Lisa Taylor, Cyril Bouanna, Mikki Norris, Adam Mintz
3:35pm Media in the New Cannabis Age: How Can People Tell Fact from Fiction?
Wes Abney, Ben Livingston, Jake Browne, Rick Cusick, Casper Leitch
3:00pm The Future of the Movement: Has the Legalization Train Left the Station?
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Christian Sederberg, Alison Holcomb,Doug McVay, Betty Aldworth
2:45pm Women in a Cannabis World: Is There a Glass Ceiling?
Ah Warner, Sharon Whitson, Trista Okel, AC Braddock, Madeline Martinez
4:00pm  Hemposium Closed 4:00pm Cheatin’ River 4:00pm The Crush
5:00pm  for VIP Party setup 5:00pm Crossroads Exchange 5:00pm Twang Junkies
6:00pm 6:00pm GAEA 6:00pm Jake Nannery
7:00pm Speakers Social 7:00pm Duke Evers 7:00pm Boris Budd
8:00pm Speakers & VIP Party
Become a VIP
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
Friday 8-15-2014 Saturday 8-16-2014 Sunday 8-17-2014
10:00am Park Closed 10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
11:00am Tribal Voices 11:00am Tribal Voices
11:45am Laura Liberty 11:45am TBA
11:50pm Adela Falk 11:50am Dr. William Courtney
11:55pm Brandon Krenzler 11:55am Gloria Kalteich
Noon Park Opens Noon Selassie I soldier & The special forces Noon Mack & Dub and The Smokin Section
House Music
12:35pm Martin Martinez 12:35pm Dave Seber 12:35pm Joanna McKee
12:40pm Courtney Moran 12:40pm David Allen 12:40pm Dr. Jake  Felice
12:45pm Magic Black 12:45pm Reverend Cannabis 12:45pm Ed Rosenthal
12:50pm Lisa Taylor 12:50pm Sam Chapman 12:50pm Scott Gordon
1:00pm Rik Wrights Fundamental Forces 1:00pm Low Hums 1:00pm Runaway Symphony
1:35pm Gloria Kalteich 1:35pm Dr. David Bearman 1:35pm Dawn Darington
1:40pm Diego Barriga 1:40pm Kristin Flor 1:40pm Don Skakie
1:45pm Doug McVay 1:45pm Danica Noble 1:45pm Christopher Larson
1:50pm Dale Rogers 1:50pm Russ Belville 1:50pm Bruce Buckner
2:00pm The Junebugs 2:00pm Twice Baked 2:00pm Elizabeth Cable & Annie ONeill
2:35pm AC  Braddock 2:35pm Jared Allaway 2:35pm Allison Bigelow
2:40pm Dan Rush 2:40pm Kitty  Miller 2:40pm Elvy  Musikka
2:45pm Mathew Gordon 2:45pm Shawn Denae 2:45pm Adam Eidinger
2:50pm Katrina  Haffner 2:50pm John Conroy 2:50pm Alison Draisin
3:00pm Ari Joshua Band 3:00pm Endangered Species Funk Band 3:00pm Deadly D
3:35pm Nicole  Smith 3:35pm Dutch Masters 3:35pm Monte Levine
3:40pm TBA 3:40pm Greta Carter 3:40pm Kevin Oliver
3:45pm Alison  Draisin 3:45pm D. Paul Stanford 3:45pm Aaron Pelley
3:50pm Mayor Mike McGinn 3:50pm Sharon Whitson 3:50pm Joy Beckerman Maher
3:55pm  Cheryl  Schuman 3:55pm NJ Weedman 3:55pm Ben Livingston
4:00pm Christian Sederberg 4:00pm Michael Krawitz 4:00pm Cheryl Schuman
4:05pm Ah  Warner 4:05pm Chris Conrad 4:05pm Keith Stroup
4:10pm Troy  Dayton 4:10pm Mikkie Norris 4:10pm Ngaio  Bealum
4:20pm Jim Page   4:20pm Joanne Rand 4:20pm Neal Storme and the Band of Amazing Friends
4:55pm Martin  Lee 4:55pm Rick Cusick 4:55pm Justin McMahon
5:00pm Michelle Sexton 5:00pm John Davis 5:00pm Alison Holcomb
5:05pm TBA 5:05pm Dale  Gierenger 5:05pm Ben Droz
5:10pm Willie and The Whips 5:10pm Whiskey N’ Rye 5:10pm Zombie Jihad
5:40pm Lindsey Rinehart 5:40pm Fritz Chess 5:40pm Joe  Grumbine
5:45pm Doug Fine 5:45pm Sara Frank 5:45pm Russ Belville
5:50pm Nurse Marcie Cooper 5:50pm Ed Rosenthal 5:50pm Brian Stone
6:00pm Speaker Minds 6:00pm The Stein Project 6:00pm Home Sweet Home
6:35pm Hamilton Southern 6:35pm Adam  Mintz 6:35pm Casper Leitch
6:40pm Mark TaylorCanfield 6:40pm DeMaris StrohmHughes 6:40pm Laura Notini
6:45pm Adam Mintz 6:45pm Jake Browne 6:45pm Melissa Hysom
6:50pm Rick Rosio 6:50pm Keith Saunders 6:50pm Brian Stone
7:00pm Jolo Jupiter
7:00pm The Chance Brothers Band 7:00pm The High Council
Friday 8-15-2014 Saturday 8-16-2014 Sunday 8-17-2014
Noon Clear The Chaos Noon When Vanity Kills Noon Jobe Himself
12:35pm Serra Frank 12:35pm Rick Rosio 12:35pm Laura Notini
12:40pm Billy Fisher 12:40pm Casper Leitch 12:40pm Laura Liberty
12:45pm Adela Falk 12:45pm Brandon Krenzler 12:45pm DeMaris Strohm Hughes
12:50pm Bruce Buckner 12:50pm Lisa Taylor 12:50pm Allison Bigelow
1:00pm Marca Luna 1:00pm Hellbelly 1:00pm Cellar Door
1:35pm Courtney Moran 1:35pm Dave Seber 1:35pm Katrina Haffner
1:40pm Laura Liberty 1:40pm Michael Krawitz 1:40pm Danica Noble
1:45pm Dawn Darington 1:45pm Dutch Masters 1:45pm Jared Allaway
1:50pm Jeff Steinborn 1:50pm Nurse Marcie Cooper 1:50pm Ed Rosenthal
2:00pm Tyranny Theory 2:00pm Darklight 2:00pm BES
2:35pm Kitty Miller 2:35pm Debbie Goldsberry 2:35pm Joanna McKee
2:40pm Lee Berger 2:40pm Ben Droz 2:40pm Matthew Gordon
2:45pm Jeremy Daw 2:45pm Lindsey Rinehart 2:45pm Magic Black
2:50pm Laura Notini 2:50pm Martin Martinez 2:50pm Russ Belville
3:00pm Amanda Hardy 3:00pm Chrysalis 3:00pm The Sharp Five
3:35pm Kyle Kushman 3:35pm Jake Browne 3:35pm Steve Levine
3:40pm Cyril Bouanna 3:40pm Dale Rogers 3:40pm Gloria Kalteich
3:45pm Cheryl Schuman 3:45pm Elvy Musikka 3:45pm Alison Holcomb
3:50pm Dan Rush 3:50pm Justin McMahon 3:50pm TBA
4:00pm TBA 4:00pm Chimaira 4:00pm TBA
4:35pm Kari Boiter 4:35pm Ngaio Bealum 4:35pm Urb Thrasher
4:40pm Doug Fine 4:40pm Madeline Martinez 4:40pm Diego Barriga
4:45pm Mayor Mike McGinn 4:45pm Adam Eidinger 4:45pm Keith Saunders
4:50pm Trista Okel 4:50pm Joe Grumbine 4:50pm Christopher Larson
5:00pm Mosley Wotta 5:00pm Everybody Panic! 5:00pm Acoustic Minds
5:35pm John Davis 5:35pm Greta Carter 5:35pm Joy Beckerman Maher
5:40pm Michelle Sexton 5:40pm Dr. Jake Felice 5:40pm David Allen
5:45pm David Camp 5:45pm Keith Stroup 5:45pm Ben Livingston
5:50pm Christian Sederberg 5:50pm D. Paul Stanford 5:50pm Douglas Hiatt
6:00pm Real One / Sleep 6:00pm Queen City Heist 6:00pm Under Sin
6:35pm Alex Cooley 6:35pm Dale Gierenger 6:35pm Wes Abney
6:40pm Ellen Komp 6:40pm Chris Conrad 6:40pm Don Skakie
6:45pm Brian Stone 6:45pm Hamilton Souther 6:45pm Monte Levine
6:50pm Urb Thrasher 6:50pm Nicole Smith 6:50pm Mark Taylor-Canfield
7:00pm Soul Provider 7:00pm December in Red 7:00pm A Lien Nation
Friday 8-15-14 Saturday 8-16-14 Sunday 8-17-14
10:00am Carlos Ruiz 10:00 am Xan Lucero
11:00am 11:00am Joel Pryde
11:00am TBA
11:45am TBA 11:20am TBA
11:50pm TBA 11:50am TBA
11:55pm TBA 11:55am TBA
Noon Noon Tyler Morrison Noon Karl Kamakahi
12:35pm TBA 12:35pm TBA 12:35pm TBA
12:40pm TBA 12:40pm TBA 12:40pm TBA
12:45pm TBA 12:45pm TBA 12:45pm TBA
12:50pm TBA 12:50pm TBA 12:50pm TBA
1:00pm TBA 1:00pm Cody Morrison 1:00pm
1:35pm TBA 1:35pm TBA 1:35pm TBA
1:40pm TBA 1:40pm TBA 1:40pm TBA
1:45pm TBA 1:45pm TBA 1:45pm TBA
1:50pm TBA 1:50pm TBA 1:50pm TBA
2:00pm TBA 2:00pm Gato Negro 2:00pm Manos
2:35pm TBA 2:35pm TBA 2:35pm TBA
2:40pm TBA 2:40pm TBA 2:40pm TBA
2:45pm TBA 2:45pm TBA 2:45pm TBA
2:50pm TBA 2:50pm TBA 2:50pm TBA
3:00pm Dane Garfield Wilson 3:00pm Adlib 3:00pm J-Sun
3:35pm TBA 3:35pm TBA 3:35pm TBA
3:40pm TBA 3:40pm TBA 3:40pm TBA
3:45pm TBA 3:45pm TBA 3:45pm TBA
3:50pm TBA 3:50pm TBA 3:50pm TBA
3:55pm TBA 3:55pm TBA 3:55pm TBA
4:00pm TBA 4:00pm Joe Bellingham 4:00pm Night Train
4:05pm TBA 4:05pm TBA 4:05pm TBA
4:10pm TBA 4:10pm TBA 4:10pm TBA
4:20pm Contents 4:20pm TBA 4:20pm TBA
4:55pm TBA 4:55pm TBA 4:55pm TBA
5:00pm TBA 5:00pm Deepvibez 5:00pm Nordic Soul
5:05pm TBA 5:05pm TBA 5:05pm TBA
5:10pm 5:10pm TBA 5:10pm TBA
5:30pm Zachariah 5:40pm TBA 5:40pm TBA
5:45pm TBA 5:45pm TBA 5:45pm TBA
5:50pm TBA 5:50pm TBA 5:50pm TBA
6:00pm TBA 6:00pm Ramiro 6:00pm Michael Manahan
6:35pm TBA 6:35pm TBA 6:35pm TBA
6:40pm TBA 6:40pm TBA 6:40pm TBA
6:45pm Rob Noble 6:45pm TBA 6:45pm TBA
6:50pm TBA 6:50pm TBA 6:50pm TBA
7:00pm TBA 7:00pm Tait Collins 7:00pm Pezzner
Friday 8-15-2014 Saturday 8-16-2014 Sunday 8-17-2014
10:45am TBA 10:45am Mesca 10:45am Mustrash
Noon Enzo Noon Kozmo Noon Subaqueous
12:55pm P-Zo 12:55pm Ramiro 12:55pm Omarvelous
2:00pm Paul Wheeler 2:00pm Glitch & Swagga 2:00pm Sonny Chiba
3:05pm Splatinum 3:05pm Jameson Just 3:05pm HZ Donut
4:10pm Jeremy Daw 4:10pm Hamilton Souther 4:10pm Rick Cusick
4:15pm Special Performers 4:15pm Special Performers 4:15pm Special Performers
4:20pm Blacklist 4:20pm Physix 4:20pm Dirty Byrdz
5:25pm McFunkBros 5:25pm Bizzara 5:25pm Dot Digger
6:30pm Adela Falk 6:30pm NJ Weedman 6:30pm Ben Livingston
6:35pm Trista Okel 6:35pm DJ Short 6:35pm Ngaio Bealum
6:40pm DJ Wheelz 6:40pm 2CBeatz 6:40pm Ganjaology
7:09pm 710 Shoutout 7:09pm 710 Shoutout
7:09pm 710 Shoutout
7:11pm DJ Wheelz 7:11pm Astronomar 7:11pm Ganjaology