UPDATED 5/5/2015: The schedule below is for last year (2014). We are currently working on the 2015 schedule and will have a final schedule by July 1, 2015. Please check back on a weekly basis to see updates.

The Seattle HEMPFEST® Protestival is the world’s largest annual cannabis protest rally. Celebrating its 23rd anniversary, Seattle Hempfest® features six stages of music, world renowned speakers, hundreds of food, arts, crafts and political booths.

Friday 8-15-2014 Saturday 8-16-2014 Sunday 8-17-2014
10:00am Park Closed Until 12 Noon 10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
11:00am 11:00am House Music 11:00am House Music
11:35am 11:35am Steve Levine 11:35am Casper Leitch
11:40am 11:40am Kevin Oliver 11:40am Kitty Miller
11:45am 11:45am Magic Black 11:45am Dr. David Bearman
Noon Park Opens 11:50am Katrina Haffner 11:50am Doug McVay
Tim Pate Opens with National Anthem Noon Cloud Person Noon Project Lionheart
12:35pm  Rick Rosio 12:35pm David Camp 12:35pm Martin Lee
12:40pm  Danica Noble 12:40pm Bruce Buckner 12:40pm Shawn Denae
12:45pm  Russ Belville 12:45pm Alison Draisin 12:45pm AC Braddock
12:50pm  Elvy Musikka 12:50pm Diego Barriga 12:50pm Lee Berger
1:00pm Keegan Smith and The Fam 1:00pm Rich Hinrichsen 1:00pm Spittin Images
1:35pm Nicole Smith 1:35pm Jeremy Daw 1:35pm Chris Conrad
1:40pm Monte Levine 1:40pm Dr. William Courtney 1:40pm Kurt Boehl
1:45pm Keith Saunders 1:45pm Dawn Darington 1:45pm Martin Martinez
1:50pm Kristin Flor 1:50pm Lindsey Rinehart 1:50pm Dale Rogers
2:00pm The Mothership 2:00pm Blue Lotus 2:00pm Alice Stuart
2:35pm Greta Carter 2:35pm Alex Cooley 2:35pm Adela Falk
2:40pm Ben Livingston 2:40pm Joy Beckerman Maher 2:40pm Dale Gierenger
2:45pm Joe Grumbine 2:45pm Peter Holmes 2:45pm John Davis
2:50pm Adam Mintz 2:50pm Jorge Cervantes 2:50pm Courtney Moran
3:00pm Sol Seed 3:00pm The Good Husbands 3:00pm MoneyPenny
3:35pm Douglas Hiatt 3:35pm Ah Warner 3:35pm Kyle Kushman
3:40pm Madeline Martinez 3:40pm Doug Fine 3:40pm Troy Dayton
3:45pm Ngaio Bealum 3:45pm Rick Steves 3:45pm Betty Aldworth
3:50pm Cong. Dana Rohrabacher 3:50pm TBA 3:50pm Gov. Gary Johson
4:00pm Goodybag / Draze 4:00pm Throw Logic 4:00pm Chief Greenbud
4:35pm NJ Weedman 4:35pm Andrew DeAngelo 4:35pm Mayor Mike McGinn
4:40pm DJ Short 4:40pm Dan Rush 4:40pm Mikki Norris
4:45pm Alison Holcomb 4:45pm Dutch Masters 4:45pm D. Paul Stanford
4:50pm Vivian McPeak 4:50pm Vivian McPeak 4:50pm Vivan McPeak
5:00pm CannabiDroids 5:00pm UniteOne 5:00pm Heart By Heart
5:35pm Cyril Bouanna 5:35pm Jeff Steinborn 5:35pm Debbie Goldsberry
5:40pm Justin McMahon 5:40pm Cheryl Schuman 5:40pm Michael Krawitz
5:45pm Sam Chapman 5:45pm Christian Sederberg 5:45pm Kari Boiter
5:50pm Ed Rosenthal 5:50pm Ed Rosenthal 5:50pm Aaron Pelley
5:55pm The Bad Tenants 6:00pm Ever So Android 6:00pm Bong Hits For Jesus
6:35pm Wes Abney 6:35pm Don E. Wirtshafter 6:35pm Rick Cusick
6:40pm John Conroy 6:40pm John Conroy 6:40pm Jeremy Daw
6:45pm Keith Stroup 6:45pm Trista Okel 6:45pm Fritz Chess
6:50pm Aaron Pelley 6:50pm Michael Keysor 6:50pm Sharon Whitson
7:00pm Live Beatmaker, DJ, B-boy/girl cyphers
featuring B-Girl Naj and BYC and
Filthy Fingers United hosted by Julie C
and Performances by Sista Hailstorm
and Black Aries (Yirim Seck and LaRue)
7:00pm Lil Eazy E & Dj Yella / Bingx 7:00pm The Herbivores
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes



Friday 8-15-2014 Saturday 8-16-2014 Sunday 8-17-2014
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
Moderator: Philippe Lucas Moderators: Don E. Wirtshafter
Noon Park Opens 11:00am Know Your Rights: Can I Still be Arrested for Marijuana?
Aaron Pelley, Jeff Steinborn, Douglas Hiatt, Kurt Boehl
10:45am Cannabis as Medicine: What are the Latest Developments and Who is Being Affected?
Michael Krawitz, Nurse Marcie Cooper, John Conroy, Brandon Krenzler, Lindsey Rinehart
Moderator: Don E. Wirtshafter
12:30pm Industrial Hemp: Is It the Next Green Rush?
Steve Levine, Ben Droz, Joy Beckerman Maher, Dave Seber, Don E. Wirtshafter
11:50am Securing the Rights to Genetics For All: What Strains Will be Left in the Future?
DJ Short, Dr. Michelle Sexton, Michael Gordon, Adam Mintz
11:35am Victims of the Drug War: Haven’t We Won Yet?
Kari Boiter, Douglas Hiatt, Kristin Flor, NJ Weedman, Billy Fisher
1:20pm Activism How-To: Can One Person Really Make a Difference?
Jared Allaway, Meliss Hysom, Michael Krawitz, Debbie Goldsberry, Adam Eidinger
12:40pm Home Cultivation: Tips from the Pros
DJ Short, Jorge Cervantes, Kyle Kushman
12:15pm Commercial Production of Industrial Hemp and Cannabis: Is Opportunity Knocking?
Ah Warner, Troy Dayton, Jeremy Daw, Doug Fine, Fritz Chess
2:10pm Report Card 502: How is Legalization Going?
Dr. Dominic Corva, Kevin Oliver, Shawn Denae, Reverend Cannabis , Don Skakie
1:20pm Medical Marijuana in Washington State: How Do We Save It?
Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Kari Boiter, Michael Keysor, Allison Bigelow, Rachel Kurtz
1:05pm The New Business of Cannabis: Expert Advice Before You Take the Plunge
Andrew DeAngelo, Alex Cooley, John Davis, David Camp, Dan Rush
3:00pm Ask Your Doctor if Cannabis is Right for You: How to Use Cannabis Effectively
Dr. David Bearman, Dr. Jake Felice, Dr. William Courtney, Dr. David Allen
2:10pm The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy Presents: CBD – It’s Time for a Conversation
Dr. Michelle Sexton, Dr. Dominic Corva, Chrisoper Larson, Martin Lee, Allison Bigelow
1:55pm Time, Place, Manner and Safety: Defining Responsible Use
Alison Draisin, Lisa Taylor, Cyril Bouanna, Mikki Norris, Adam Mintz
3:35pm Media in the New Cannabis Age: How Can People Tell Fact from Fiction?
Wes Abney, Ben Livingston, Jake Browne, Rick Cusick, Casper Leitch
3:00pm The Future of the Movement: Has the Legalization Train Left the Station?
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Christian Sederberg, Alison Holcomb,Doug McVay, Betty Aldworth
2:45pm Women in a Cannabis World: Is There a Glass Ceiling?
Ah Warner, Sharon Whitson, Trista Okel, AC Braddock, Madeline Martinez
4:00pm  Hemposium Closed 4:00pm Cheatin’ River 4:00pm The Crush
5:00pm  for VIP Party setup 5:00pm Crossroads Exchange 5:00pm Twang Junkies
6:00pm 6:00pm GAEA 6:00pm Jake Nannery
7:00pm Speakers Social 7:00pm Duke Evers 7:00pm Boris Budd
8:00pm Speakers & VIP Party
Become a VIP
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
Friday 8-15-2014 Saturday 8-16-2014 Sunday 8-17-2014
10:00am Park Closed 10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
11:00am Tribal Voices 11:00am Tribal Voices
11:45am Laura Liberty 11:45am TBA
11:50pm Adela Falk 11:50am Dr. William Courtney
11:55pm Brandon Krenzler 11:55am Gloria Kalteich
Noon Park Opens Noon Selassie I soldier & The special forces Noon Mack & Dub and The Smokin Section
House Music
12:35pm Martin Martinez 12:35pm Dave Seber 12:35pm Joanna McKee
12:40pm Courtney Moran 12:40pm David Allen 12:40pm Dr. Jake  Felice
12:45pm Magic Black 12:45pm Reverend Cannabis 12:45pm Ed Rosenthal
12:50pm Lisa Taylor 12:50pm Sam Chapman 12:50pm Scott Gordon
1:00pm Rik Wrights Fundamental Forces 1:00pm Low Hums 1:00pm Runaway Symphony
1:35pm Gloria Kalteich 1:35pm Dr. David Bearman 1:35pm Dawn Darington
1:40pm Diego Barriga 1:40pm Kristin Flor 1:40pm Don Skakie
1:45pm Doug McVay 1:45pm Danica Noble 1:45pm Christopher Larson
1:50pm Dale Rogers 1:50pm Russ Belville 1:50pm Bruce Buckner
2:00pm The Junebugs 2:00pm Twice Baked 2:00pm Elizabeth Cable & Annie ONeill
2:35pm AC  Braddock 2:35pm Jared Allaway 2:35pm Allison Bigelow
2:40pm Dan Rush 2:40pm Kitty  Miller 2:40pm Elvy  Musikka
2:45pm Mathew Gordon 2:45pm Shawn Denae 2:45pm Adam Eidinger
2:50pm Katrina  Haffner 2:50pm John Conroy 2:50pm Alison Draisin
3:00pm Ari Joshua Band 3:00pm Endangered Species Funk Band 3:00pm Deadly D
3:35pm Nicole  Smith 3:35pm Dutch Masters 3:35pm Monte Levine
3:40pm TBA 3:40pm Greta Carter 3:40pm Kevin Oliver
3:45pm Alison  Draisin 3:45pm D. Paul Stanford 3:45pm Aaron Pelley
3:50pm Mayor Mike McGinn 3:50pm Sharon Whitson 3:50pm Joy Beckerman Maher
3:55pm  Cheryl  Schuman 3:55pm NJ Weedman 3:55pm Ben Livingston
4:00pm Christian Sederberg 4:00pm Michael Krawitz 4:00pm Cheryl Schuman
4:05pm Ah  Warner 4:05pm Chris Conrad 4:05pm Keith Stroup
4:10pm Troy  Dayton 4:10pm Mikkie Norris 4:10pm Ngaio  Bealum
4:20pm Jim Page   4:20pm Joanne Rand 4:20pm Neal Storme and the Band of Amazing Friends
4:55pm Martin  Lee 4:55pm Rick Cusick 4:55pm Justin McMahon
5:00pm Michelle Sexton 5:00pm John Davis 5:00pm Alison Holcomb
5:05pm TBA 5:05pm Dale  Gierenger 5:05pm Ben Droz
5:10pm Willie and The Whips 5:10pm Whiskey N’ Rye 5:10pm Zombie Jihad
5:40pm Lindsey Rinehart 5:40pm Fritz Chess 5:40pm Joe  Grumbine
5:45pm Doug Fine 5:45pm Sara Frank 5:45pm Russ Belville
5:50pm Nurse Marcie Cooper 5:50pm Ed Rosenthal 5:50pm Brian Stone
6:00pm Speaker Minds 6:00pm The Stein Project 6:00pm Home Sweet Home
6:35pm Hamilton Southern 6:35pm Adam  Mintz 6:35pm Casper Leitch
6:40pm Mark TaylorCanfield 6:40pm DeMaris StrohmHughes 6:40pm Laura Notini
6:45pm Adam Mintz 6:45pm Jake Browne 6:45pm Melissa Hysom
6:50pm Rick Rosio 6:50pm Keith Saunders 6:50pm Brian Stone
7:00pm Jolo Jupiter
7:00pm The Chance Brothers Band 7:00pm The High Council
Friday 8-15-2014 Saturday 8-16-2014 Sunday 8-17-2014
Noon Clear The Chaos Noon When Vanity Kills Noon Jobe Himself
12:35pm Serra Frank 12:35pm Rick Rosio 12:35pm Laura Notini
12:40pm Billy Fisher 12:40pm Casper Leitch 12:40pm Laura Liberty
12:45pm Adela Falk 12:45pm Brandon Krenzler 12:45pm DeMaris Strohm Hughes
12:50pm Bruce Buckner 12:50pm Lisa Taylor 12:50pm Allison Bigelow
1:00pm Marca Luna 1:00pm Hellbelly 1:00pm Cellar Door
1:35pm Courtney Moran 1:35pm Dave Seber 1:35pm Katrina Haffner
1:40pm Laura Liberty 1:40pm Michael Krawitz 1:40pm Danica Noble
1:45pm Dawn Darington 1:45pm Dutch Masters 1:45pm Jared Allaway
1:50pm Jeff Steinborn 1:50pm Nurse Marcie Cooper 1:50pm Ed Rosenthal
2:00pm Tyranny Theory 2:00pm Darklight 2:00pm BES
2:35pm Kitty Miller 2:35pm Debbie Goldsberry 2:35pm Joanna McKee
2:40pm Lee Berger 2:40pm Ben Droz 2:40pm Matthew Gordon
2:45pm Jeremy Daw 2:45pm Lindsey Rinehart 2:45pm Magic Black
2:50pm Laura Notini 2:50pm Martin Martinez 2:50pm Russ Belville
3:00pm Amanda Hardy 3:00pm Chrysalis 3:00pm The Sharp Five
3:35pm Kyle Kushman 3:35pm Jake Browne 3:35pm Steve Levine
3:40pm Cyril Bouanna 3:40pm Dale Rogers 3:40pm Gloria Kalteich
3:45pm Cheryl Schuman 3:45pm Elvy Musikka 3:45pm Alison Holcomb
3:50pm Dan Rush 3:50pm Justin McMahon 3:50pm TBA
4:00pm TBA 4:00pm Chimaira 4:00pm TBA
4:35pm Kari Boiter 4:35pm Ngaio Bealum 4:35pm Urb Thrasher
4:40pm Doug Fine 4:40pm Madeline Martinez 4:40pm Diego Barriga
4:45pm Mayor Mike McGinn 4:45pm Adam Eidinger 4:45pm Keith Saunders
4:50pm Trista Okel 4:50pm Joe Grumbine 4:50pm Christopher Larson
5:00pm Mosley Wotta 5:00pm Everybody Panic! 5:00pm Acoustic Minds
5:35pm John Davis 5:35pm Greta Carter 5:35pm Joy Beckerman Maher
5:40pm Michelle Sexton 5:40pm Dr. Jake Felice 5:40pm David Allen
5:45pm David Camp 5:45pm Keith Stroup 5:45pm Ben Livingston
5:50pm Christian Sederberg 5:50pm D. Paul Stanford 5:50pm Douglas Hiatt
6:00pm Real One / Sleep 6:00pm Queen City Heist 6:00pm Under Sin
6:35pm Alex Cooley 6:35pm Dale Gierenger 6:35pm Wes Abney
6:40pm Ellen Komp 6:40pm Chris Conrad 6:40pm Don Skakie
6:45pm Brian Stone 6:45pm Hamilton Souther 6:45pm Monte Levine
6:50pm Urb Thrasher 6:50pm Nicole Smith 6:50pm Mark Taylor-Canfield
7:00pm Soul Provider 7:00pm December in Red 7:00pm A Lien Nation
Friday 8-15-14 Saturday 8-16-14 Sunday 8-17-14
10:00am Carlos Ruiz 10:00 am Xan Lucero
11:00am 11:00am Joel Pryde
11:00am TBA
11:45am TBA 11:20am TBA
11:50pm TBA 11:50am TBA
11:55pm TBA 11:55am TBA
Noon Noon Tyler Morrison Noon Karl Kamakahi
12:35pm TBA 12:35pm TBA 12:35pm TBA
12:40pm TBA 12:40pm TBA 12:40pm TBA
12:45pm TBA 12:45pm TBA 12:45pm TBA
12:50pm TBA 12:50pm TBA 12:50pm TBA
1:00pm TBA 1:00pm Cody Morrison 1:00pm
1:35pm TBA 1:35pm TBA 1:35pm TBA
1:40pm TBA 1:40pm TBA 1:40pm TBA
1:45pm TBA 1:45pm TBA 1:45pm TBA
1:50pm TBA 1:50pm TBA 1:50pm TBA
2:00pm TBA 2:00pm Gato Negro 2:00pm Manos
2:35pm TBA 2:35pm TBA 2:35pm TBA
2:40pm TBA 2:40pm TBA 2:40pm TBA
2:45pm TBA 2:45pm TBA 2:45pm TBA
2:50pm TBA 2:50pm TBA 2:50pm TBA
3:00pm Dane Garfield Wilson 3:00pm Adlib 3:00pm J-Sun
3:35pm TBA 3:35pm TBA 3:35pm TBA
3:40pm TBA 3:40pm TBA 3:40pm TBA
3:45pm TBA 3:45pm TBA 3:45pm TBA
3:50pm TBA 3:50pm TBA 3:50pm TBA
3:55pm TBA 3:55pm TBA 3:55pm TBA
4:00pm TBA 4:00pm Joe Bellingham 4:00pm Night Train
4:05pm TBA 4:05pm TBA 4:05pm TBA
4:10pm TBA 4:10pm TBA 4:10pm TBA
4:20pm Contents 4:20pm TBA 4:20pm TBA
4:55pm TBA 4:55pm TBA 4:55pm TBA
5:00pm TBA 5:00pm Deepvibez 5:00pm Nordic Soul
5:05pm TBA 5:05pm TBA 5:05pm TBA
5:10pm 5:10pm TBA 5:10pm TBA
5:30pm Zachariah 5:40pm TBA 5:40pm TBA
5:45pm TBA 5:45pm TBA 5:45pm TBA
5:50pm TBA 5:50pm TBA 5:50pm TBA
6:00pm TBA 6:00pm Ramiro 6:00pm Michael Manahan
6:35pm TBA 6:35pm TBA 6:35pm TBA
6:40pm TBA 6:40pm TBA 6:40pm TBA
6:45pm Rob Noble 6:45pm TBA 6:45pm TBA
6:50pm TBA 6:50pm TBA 6:50pm TBA
7:00pm TBA 7:00pm Tait Collins 7:00pm Pezzner
Friday 8-15-2014 Saturday 8-16-2014 Sunday 8-17-2014
10:45am TBA 10:45am Mesca 10:45am Mustrash
Noon Enzo Noon Kozmo Noon Subaqueous
12:55pm P-Zo 12:55pm Ramiro 12:55pm Omarvelous
2:00pm Paul Wheeler 2:00pm Glitch & Swagga 2:00pm Sonny Chiba
3:05pm Splatinum 3:05pm Jameson Just 3:05pm HZ Donut
4:10pm Jeremy Daw 4:10pm Hamilton Souther 4:10pm Rick Cusick
4:15pm Special Performers 4:15pm Special Performers 4:15pm Special Performers
4:20pm Blacklist 4:20pm Physix 4:20pm Dirty Byrdz
5:25pm McFunkBros 5:25pm Bizzara 5:25pm Dot Digger
6:30pm Adela Falk 6:30pm NJ Weedman 6:30pm Ben Livingston
6:35pm Trista Okel 6:35pm DJ Short 6:35pm Ngaio Bealum
6:40pm DJ Wheelz 6:40pm 2CBeatz 6:40pm Ganjaology
7:09pm 710 Shoutout 7:09pm 710 Shoutout
7:09pm 710 Shoutout
7:11pm DJ Wheelz 7:11pm Astronomar 7:11pm Ganjaology