Share Parker Main Stage

Band, Girl on Fire, Greg Shaw-23-1925x924

Friday 8-18-2017 Saturday 8-19-2017 Sunday 8-20-2017
    10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
    11:00am Canned Music 11:00am Canned Music
Noon Park Opens Noon General Mojo’s Noon The Queen Annes
  Sacred Water Opening Ceremony        
12:35pm Danielle Muggli 12:35pm Dr. Jake Felice 12:35pm Shawn Denae Wagenseller
12:40pm Joelle Puccio 12:40pm David Seber 12:40pm Aaron Augustis
12:45pm Regina Nelson 12:45pm John Novak 12:45pm Jamie Shaw
12:50pm Mitzi Vaughn 12:50pm Elvy Musikka 12:50pm Brian Stone
1:00pm Swamp Meat 1:00pm Cannabis! The Hip Hop Musical featuring Soul Inscribed 1:00pm Tommy Gantt
1:35pm Doug McVay 1:35pm  Lisa Buchanan 1:35pm Pete Holmes
1:40pm Dr. Jeffrey Raber 1:40pm Martin Martinez 1:40pm Meagan Holt
1:45pm Farmer Tom Lauerman 1:45pm Dr. Jim MacRae 1:45pm Stacy Bloch
1:50pm Dr. David Bearman 1:50pm Michael Krawitz 1:50pm  Patrick Seifert
2:00pm Foreign Talks 2:00pm Andy Coe Band 2:00pm Charlie and the Rays
2:35pm Leah Maurer 2:35pm Leland Berger 2:35pm Kat Bohnsack
2:40pm Dr. Mollie Fry 2:40pm Serra Frank 2:40pm Ellen Brown
2:45pm  Don Stevens 2:45pm Jeff Steinborn 2:45pm Stinkbud
2:50pm   2:50pm Crystal Oliver 2:50pm  Jared Allaway
3:00pm King Khazm 3:00pm Golden Toads 3:00pm Naomi Wachira
3:35pm John Conroy 3:35pm  Danica Noble 3:35pm Renee Gagnon
3:40pm Russ Belville 3:40pm George Martarano 3:40pm Wes Abney
3:45pm Grandma Cat Jeter 3:45pm Betty Aldworth 3:45pm Joy Beckerman
3:50pm   3:50pm   3:50pm  
4:00pm Everybody Panic 4:00pm Herbivores 4:00pm Clinton Fearon Boogie Brown Band
4:35pm Danielle Rosellison 4:35pm Mikki Norris 4:35pm Ah Warner
4:40pm  Lori Duckworth 4:40pm Chris Conrad 4:40pm Danny Danko
4:45pm Tim Pate 4:45pm Kari Boiter 4:45pm Ngaio Bealum
4:50pm Ben Livingston 4:50pm Jerry Whiting 4:50pm  Rachel Kurtz
5:00pm Barz 5:00pm Charlie Drown 5:00pm Shyan Selah & The Republic of Sound
5:35pm Allison Bigelow 5:35pm Ophelia Chong 5:35pm Matt Stang
5:40pm Benjamin Cassidy 5:40pm Kevin Oliver 5:40pm John Davis
5:45pm Bailey Hirschburg 5:45pm Dr. Jade Stefano 5:45pm Susan Squibb
5:50pm AC Braddock 5:50pm Alison Draisin 5:50pm Katie Morse
6:00pm Cannabis! The Hip Hop Musical 6:00pm Tim-Me 6:00pm NOUR
6:35pm Sara Batterby 6:35pm Martin Lee 6:35pm Phil Charles
6:40pm Reverend Cannabis 6:40pm Dr. Frank Lucido 6:40pm Yvonne Snyder
6:45pm Aaron Pelley 6:45pm  Sage Amdahl 6:45pm Madeline Martinez
6:50pm Mac McGregor 6:50pm Douglas Hiatt 6:50pm Sharon Whitson
7:00pm Bread & Butter 7:00pm Standing Rock Tribute w/Mista Chief and the Rising Buffalo Tribe, featuring Ray Kingfisher.  7:00pm Eastern Sunz
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 7:45pm Sacred Water Closing Ceremony
        8:00pm Park Closes