Speakers 2014

Seattle HEMPFEST® is proud to present our 2014 Speakers:  

Wes Abney Owner and Editor of Northwest Leaf Magazine
Betty Aldworth Executive Director Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Jared Allaway    
David Allen  ECS teacher
Diego Barriga Implementation Consultant Viridian Sciences Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition LArche PDX Sharehouse
Ngaio Bealum    
David Bearman Physician SCCAACM
Russ Belville Executive Director 420RADIO.org
Leland Berger  Oregon CannaBusiness Compliance Counsel LLC
Allison Bigelow event coordinator ASAWA
Magic Black Founder of Gramma’s for Ganja
Kurt Boehl    
Kari Boiter  CoChair Washington Chapter of Americans for Safe Access
Cyril Bouanna Board of Directors Seattle Hempfest
AC Braddock CEO Eden Labs WOW NCIA Womens Alliance Win With Women PAC
Jake Browne  The Cannabist and HempBox
Bruce Buckner Agitator and Troublemaker Medical Marijuana Movement
Laura Bugni    
David Camp    
Reverend Cannabis    
Greta Carter    
Jorge Cervantes  Van Patten Publishing
Sam Chapman    
Fritz Chess Founder  
Michael Cindrich Attorney San Diego NORML LEAP California Cannabis Coalition
Chris Conrad Internationally recognized cannabis expert Family Council on Drug Awareness
John Conroy Queens Counsel NormlCanadaStoptheViolenceSensible BCUSNorml Legal Committee
Alex Cooley CoFounder and Vice President Solstice
Marcie Cooper MSN, RN, AHN-BC American Cannabis Nurses Association and Mary’s Medicinals
Dominic Corva Dr. Cannabis and Social Policy Center
William Courtney    
Rick Cusick Associated Publisher NORML Director High Times NORML
Dawn Darington    
John Davis    
Jeremy Daw Professor of Economics Oaksterdam University
Troy Dayton Founder and CEO of The ArcView Group
Andrew DeAngelo Director of Operations Harborside Health Center
Shawn DeNae Owner Washington Bud Company Active Member Natl. Cannabis Industry Asso Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics Hemp Industry Asso Marijuana Business Asso. and Women of Weed cofounder
Alison Draisin CEOFounder of Ettalews Medibes and A Marijuana Maven Women of Weed WA NormL Womens Alliance MJBA Womens Alliance
Ben Droz Legislative Liaison for industrial Hemp in Washington DC Vote Hemp
Adam Eidinger  DC Cannabis Campaign
Adela Falk  POW420 Nug Radio
Jake Felice    
Doug Fine Solarpowered goat herder NeoRugged Individualist and Bestselling Author
Billy Fisher  The Fight for Lilly Foundation
Kristin Flor National Leader The Human Solution International
Edward Forchion Founder of legalize marijuana party Legalize marijuana party
Serra Frank  Moms for Marijuana International
Dale Gieringer Director California NORML
Debby Goldsberry Ambassador Magnolia Wellness of Oakland CA and Bloom Well in Bend OR & board member at Coalition for Cannabis Poilcy Reform working to legalize in CA
Scott Gordon Urb Age Designs Cannabusiness owner and 420Radio show host
mathew gordon medical strain creator
Katrina Haffner Campus Coordinator SFL Students For Liberty Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Douglas Hiatt    
Alison Holcomb Criminal Justice Director ACLU of Washington
Peter Holmes Seattle City Attorney City of Seattle
Melissa Hysom    
Gov. Gary Johnson  Former Governor  New Mexico
Gloria Kalteich Reverend Continuum Fellowship of Universal Understanding
Michael Keysor    
Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles    
Ellen Komp Deputy Director California NORML
Michael Krawitz    
Brandon Krenzler  Brave Mykaylas Dad Parents 4 Pot
Rachel Kurtz    
Kyle Kushman    
Christopher Larson Former Executive Director Lost Coast Botanical Cooperative Inc
Martin Lee    
casper Leitch Father of Marijuana Television Time 4 Hemp
Steve Levine HIA Director Vote Hemp Director & Dr. Bronners Director of Cannabis
Monte Levine Coordinator for the Ostrich Bay Exchange in Bremerton and board member of the Peoples’ Harm Reduction Alliance
Ben Livingston Director Center for Legal Cannabis
Philippe Lucas VP Patient Research and Services Tilray Tilray
Joy Beckerman Maher President WA State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association President Hemp Ace International Hemp Industries Association Washington Farmers Union International Hemp Building Association NW EcoBuilding Guild
Jahan Marcu Ph.D  
Madeline Martinez Board of Directors of NORMLNWA Owner of the first US World Famous Cannabis Cafe NORMLNWA
Martin Martinez    
Dutch Masters  DMOG and Medical Relief Organic
Mayor Mike McGinn Former Mayor of Seattle
Joanna McKee Founder of Green Cross
Justin McMahon    
Vivian McPeak    
Doug McVay Editor of Drug War Facts Board of Directors Common Sense for Drug Policy
Kitty Miller    
Adam Mintz President Steep Hill Halent Lab
Courtney Moran  EARTH Law LLC
Elvy Musikka    
Danica Noble Washington Coordinator NORML Women of Washington
Mikki Norris Director Copublisher Cannabis Consumers Campaign TheLeafOnline.com
Laura Notini Organizer NYC Cannabis Parade
Trista Okel  Empower a topical cannabis remedy company
Kevin Oliver Executive Director Washington NORML
Aaron A Pelley    
Lindsey Rinehart Founding Director Undergreen Railroad Medical Patients For Clackamas County
Dale Rogers  Cannabis Research Collective
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Congressman United States of America
Ed Rosenthal The Guru of Ganja
Rick Rosio Public Advocate… Veterans for Compassionate Care
Craig rubin Pot head WEEDS Super High ME the Union Totally Baked American Drug War How Weed Won the West
Dan Rush Director Cannabis Workers Rising of North America United Food and Commercial Workers International Union UFCW Cannabis Workers Rising of North America
Keith Saunders Dr. NORML Board of Directors & Host of the Boston Pot Report
Cheryl Schuman    
David Seber President Hemp Shield Company Hemp Shield Company LLC
Christian Sederberg  Vicente Sederberg Amendment 64 Campaign
michelle sexton Dr. Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy Phytalab
DJ Short    
Don Skakie    
Nicole Smith CEO and Founder Marys Medicinals Marys Medicinals
Hamilton Souther  Blue Morpho Club
D. Paul Stanford FounderExecutive Director THCF & CRRH HEMP.org The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation THCF Medical Clinics Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp
Jeffrey Steinborn  NORML Board of Directors and NORML legal committee
Rick Steves Travel writer and host on public television and radio Rick Steves Europe
Brian Stone  Medical Cannabis Patient Advocate
DeMaris StrohmHughes  the wormhole
Keith Stroup NORML Founder and Legal Counsel NORML
Lisa Taylor Owner Wicked Wick of the West
Mark TaylorCanfield Independent Journalist
Ah Warner Founder of Cannabis Basics and Women of Weed HIA NCIA CCSE Norml Women Of Washington and MJBA
Sean Whitcomb Sergeant Public Affairs Director Seattle Police Department
Sharon Whitson General Manager Seattle Hempfest
Don E. Wirtshafter