Does your business need an audience?


Seattle HEMPFEST® event advertising provides you with the most highly concentrated target audience available in the marketplace.

We have a variety of print and web advertising opportunities for your selection.

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Web Advertising


  • Please send all advertisement images to: [email protected]
  • The advertisement images needs to be
    – JPEG

Sold in 3 month increments only. 

Fixed web advertising on our home page. –
__ Header ½ Banner (234×60) – Appears on ALL our web pages $825/month

__ Skyscraper Section (238X520) $350/month

__ Upper Section (238X140) $199/month

__ Lower Section (260×145) $149/month

Web advertising on all other pages.

__ Upper Section  $250/month

__ Lower Section $149/month




For Event Program Ad Art & Content 


Each year Seattle HEMPFEST® creates a 40 page Event Program. The Event Program highlights the many exciting partnerships and opportunities for HEMPFEST® event  attendees. HEMPFEST ®  event goers preserve their programs as memorabilia, offering the advertiser a unique opportunity for long-term branding.  Now our Event Program is online you can view it HERE

  • Please send all advertisement images to: [email protected]
  • The advertisement images needs to be ‘print’ quality
    – Graphics (300 dpi, CMYK color)
    – PDF, EPS, TIFF, or PDF files acceptable

Event Program – Full Page Color Ad – $1400

Full Page Color Ad

W: 7 3/8″ – H: 9 3/4″

Event Program – 1/2 Page Ad – $700

1/2 Page Ad

W: 3 7/16″ – H: 9 3/4″ (Half Page Tall Ad)
W: 7 3/8″ – H: 4 5/8″ (Half Page Wide Ad)

Event Program – 1/4 Page Ad – $350

Quarter Page Ad.
W: 3 7/16″ – H: 4 5/8″

Event Program – 1/8 Page Ad – $225

This is a business card size Ad.
W: 3 3/8″ – H: 2

Your Event on our Events Page

List your festival, party, sale, event, or function on our Events page.  We’ll share it weekly on Facebook and Twitter leading to your event.

Cost $75.00/each event