Who To Contact – What…

Visit the House of Representatives website and find your Representative. 

Visit Congress.gov and do the same thing. 

Follow them on Twitter & Facebook. 

Find their contact information and send them an email, Twitter & Facebook them.

Some even list phone numbers and you can leave very detailed messages.

Let them know that by their own admission Cannabis has medicinal values and that you’d like the Federal Scheduling of Cannabis to be lifted. 

Let them know that you’d like them to respect the citizens of the states who have voted to legalize cannabis both recreationally and medically.  Ask them to formally declare that they will allow the systems to be implemented without Federal interference. 

Let them know that you’re tired of hearing about Federal letters being sent to medicinal cannabis providers. 

It’s time to use our resources, our tax dollars, on things that benefit society and not against policies the citizens have overwhelmingly voted in.

Make sure they understand that you won’t vote for them again and that you’ll encourage everyone you can to follow suit unless they start honestly dealing with cannabis as an issue.

We can do this!  We have started to create real legalization but we won’t really have it till we end the Federal Scheduling of Cannabis. 

Join us and let’s tilt the scales of justice in cannabis’s direction. 

Be polite, engage in conversation, share your knowledge with everyone around you, get others involved, and remember to write your Representative frequently and ask them what they are doing about correcting the Federal Scheduling of Cannabis.