Seattle Hempfest - Volunteer Powered  since 1991! 

Vivian working Sign Crew

Neal Storme and Jemily O

 Join us as we celebrate our 23rd annual Hempfest!

Four days of setting up, three days of the World’s largest Hempfest, and three days of packing it all up.  

YOU can have your pick from our 80 different Crews, experiencing all aspects of event production and choosing your own shifts.

Don’t want to miss a second of Hempfest?

Sign up for Set Up or Tear Down crews!

General Crews:  2014 Sign-ups open!

If a coordinator gave you a password for their Internal Crew 

Sign up here!

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Volunteer News:

For Hempfest 2013 we had 1,040 volunteers  signed up for 2,085 shifts. (Average of 2.00 shifts / volunteer.)


~ we could not have done it without you! We hope that you had fun working at Hempfest and will bring your friends to HF 2014



Hempfest Safety Patrol Wants You!


We’re a happy crew of trained problem-solvers with a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Hempfest Safety Patrol is here to hit the chill switch, not the kill switch. Our goal is to minimize risks to health and safety during the event. We watch the park entrances and stage gates 24 hours a day, looking out for prohibited items and malevolent forces.
When problems arise, HSP will strive to resolve them in a calm, friendly manner. For over two decades, Seattle Hempfest has never experienced a serious violent event, and we intend to keep it that way.
If you need us, just look for our distinctive shirts in black and grey.
Black Shirts act as team leads, using radios to coordinate an organized response.
Grey Shirts are empowered to deescalate and resolve issues in the field.
Hempfest Safety Patrol wants you!
Peacekeepers are recruited from the general volunteer staff if we think they can demonstrate the same high standard of performance that the public has come to expect from us. Peacekeepers receive an HSP laminate in addition to their regular staff shirt.


What We Do

Our mission is to protect the people, their possessions, and their movement. That means ensuring the health & safety of attendees and volunteers alike, protecting legitimate vendors from theft and unauthorized sales, and preventing mishaps before they occur.  During the off-season, we conduct quarterly training sessions on situation response, deescalation techniques, radio protocol, and more.
  • Too much fun? We’ll summon First Aid.
  • Lost child? We’ll locate their parents.
  • Menacing vibes? We can help.



We’re looking for volunteers who can present a calm, professional appearance while acting for the greater good. We are especially interested in people with backgrounds in:
  • Public safety
  • Event security
  • First aid
  • Using a radio
If you’d like to help out, email us at safetypatrol at hempfest.org. This is an internal crew, so you’ll need a password before you can volunteer for shifts. Please note that power trips are strictly forbidden.
Thanks for reading. Remember to apply sunblock, drink lots of water, and above all, enjoy the fest!

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Traffic Flaggers Needed

Seattle Hempfest Traffic Crew needs you!

Without our super amazing Traffic Crew Seattle Hempfest would not be able to manage the 30 suppliers & over 300 vendors that load in and out of the park each year.  This is a mission critical team that is crucial to our success!

What is Traffic Crew?  Traffic manages the flow of vehicles as well as pedestrians inside the park as well as  the loading in/out of suppliers & vendors outside the park.

















When would I be volunteering?  Shifts start Monday August 11, 2014 and run through Wed August 20, 2014.  We especially needs lots of help when we start loading in/out our vendors Thurs 8/14 through Sunday 8/17  We have round the clock shifts available.

Why should I volunteer?   Hempfest is a labor of love and lot of fun to be involved with. You get a Hempfest staff shirt as well as a meal for every shift that you work.  You’ll also get  the warm fuzzy glow that comes from working with others to change cannabis laws that is the spirit of Seattle Hempfest.  It’s catchy!  

Ok, I want to sign up.  What do I do?  Email traffic@hempfest.org  We’ll contact you and discuss the positions available.  We’ll also have staff meetings to explain exactly what you’ll be doing.


Volunteer powered since 1991

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Volunteer for Quartermonster

Quartermonster’s lookin’ for some muscle!

Want to become a part of Seattle’s greatest all volunteer event?  Seattle Hempfest needs you!  My name is Sharon and I am the Director of Operations for Seattle Events, A Non Profit Corporation, producers of Seattle Hempfest.  As Director of Operations I’m responsible for facilitating all the equipment it takes to support Seattle Hempfest.  I need material runners.

seattle hempfest volunteer for QM Quartermonster cannabis

We’re looking for able bodied people to help us move material around the park to set up Hempfest starting Monday August 11 running through event start on Friday August 15.  I also need folks to supply our six stages of music, speakers, and entertainment during the event which runs Friday August 15 through Sunday August 17.  Our hard core tear down crew runs Monday August 18 through Wed August 20.  Six hour, round the clock shifts available.  Hempfest is a labor of love and lot of fun to be involved with. You get a Hempfest staff shirt as well as a meal for every shift that you work.  There are tons of other volunteer opportunities too so if this isn’t your gig but you’d like to get involved anyway please email me at sharon@hempfest.org and let’s talk!  Volunteer powered since 1991

Seattle Hempfest Volunteer Quartermonster QM cannabis

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Q. Where is Seattle Hempfest?

Since 1995 Hempfest has been held on the 3rd weekend of August in Myrtle Edwards Park on the beautiful Seattle waterfront, just North of Pier 70 at the corner of Alaskan Way and Broad street. The event spans three Seattle waterfront parks: Centennial Park (North Entrance,) Myrtle Edwards Park (Central Entrance,) and Olympic Sculpture Park (South Entrance). Seattle is in Washington State, on the Northwest corner of the United States in North America. Interstate 5 runs North-South from Vancouver BC to San Diego, CA. From Interstate 5 North or South you can’t miss Seattle, and when you get to the city just take the Mercer street exit to Seattle Center. [Home of the Space Needle.] You will end up heading West on Broad street. When you hit the water [Puget Sound], you’re there! To beat the crowds, use the north entrance by crossing the Amgen Pedestrian Bridge off of W Prospect Street at Elliott Ave. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=qhl=enq=Elliott+Ave+W+%26+W+Prospect+St,+S… It has an elevator and is wheelchair accessible, placing the avid attendee just north of Seattle Hempfest’s North entrance. Our newest entrance, The Stephen Colbert Bridge To Somewhere, (a.k.a. the “West Thomas Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Overpass”) http://maps.yahoo.com/#tt=&q=3rd+Ave+W+%26+W+Harrison+St%2C+Seattle%2C+W… is accessible at 3rd Ave W & W Harrison Streets, just West of Seattle Center. This new entrance has great parking potential, being just 4 blocks West of Key Arena.  The bridge will take you right across the vehicle-filled Elliot & Western Avenues, and drop you right in Munchie Market! There is very little parking at W Prospect Street, some can be found on Elliott and on lower Queen Anne Hill, near the Steven Colbert Bridge. So your best bet is to walk, bike, or take a metro bus to those locations. Take metro bus 18 to North entrance, and 15 to South entrance. Downtown Seattle has several parking garages. You can find much more direction, transportation and lodging info here; http://www.hempfest.org/festival/attendees/

Q. Where can I park?

There in no parking at Myrtle Edwards Park. There are pay parking lots nearby in downtown and Queen Anne. Street parking is free after 6 p.m. in most areas [ http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/parking/paidparking_hours.htm ] and all day on Sundays. Access the North entrance from Elliott Avenue by crossing the DNA pedestrian bridge at Prospect Street. Limited unmetered parking can often be found along Elliott. We strongly suggest Carpooling, taking the Metro Bus, riding your bike, or walking to Hempfest!

Q. Can I get paid to work at Hempfest?

Nope. None of our staff gets paid a cent to work on Hempfest- not the general staff, not the coordinators, not the directors. We are all volunteers, and this is a labor of love! We’ve been busting our butts for 22 years to end the drug war, and we can’t put on such a huge show without the help of over 1,000 general staff volunteers who work the week of the ‘Fest, so please sign up to volunteer and encourage your friends and family to join us! We also have a Core Group of over 140 people who meet each and every month of the year to plan Hempfest.

Q. What do I get for volunteering?

Besides a sense of self-worth, a gallon of good karma, many new friends, and our undying gratitude you will also receive loads of Special Event Production experience, a highly-prized and attractive Staff T-Shirt, and a fabulous meal and free caffeine (and as much water as you can drink!) for each shift you work.

Q. How do I volunteer?

The best way to sign up to work Hempfest is to fill out the Online Volunteer Staff Application, located at: https://signup.hempfest.org/volunteer

After submitting your Volunteer Application and selecting your shifts, you will receive an email for EACH shift you’ve signed up for. Please write down or print your selected shifts- This is your reminder of your volunteer commitment!

If you need to change, add or delete any shifts, you can do so any time by logging into the website and going here;                                         https://signup.hempfest.org/myschedule                 …

You can also request a printable application by emailing; volunteer@hempfest.org if you will be under 18 years of age during Hempfest 2013. Please be sure to mail it in by August 1st.

The staff orientation meetings, directions to the park, and other information are below.

Q. Why is the Online Application so much BETTER than just showing up as a walk-in Volunteer?

1. Our busy Volunteers at Hempfest don’t have to type in your information when you do it yourself — this saves literally HUNDREDS of hours.

2. You get the shifts/crews you want, the earlier you sign up.

3. More time to ask and get your questions answered.

4. You don’t have to wait in the long line of “Walk-In Volunteers”, and your check-in goes super-fast when your application is already in the database. This saves the Staff Check-In crew many, many hours!

5. Some people are nervous about signing up online. The database we type you into on-site at Hempfest is the SAME database, protected by the same stringent security systems and firewalls. We don’t give or sell your info to ANYONE. Our database staff signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you’re still nervous about signing up as a volunteer, then don’t bother — Just enjoy the ‘Fest!

Q. How do I get a Password if my Crew is listed as "Internal" on the Volunteer Staff Application?

If the Crew you want is listed as “Internal”, please contact your Crew Coordinator for your Crew’s password, or email Staff Services at: volunteers@hempfest.org and we’ll get you in touch with your Coordinator.

Q. How do I know I've been accepted as a volunteer?

We need so many volunteers, we’re not in the habit of turning folks away! In the event that a particular shift is filled up, the Online Application will ask you to pick another shift. When you fill out the Volunteer Staff Application you are SCHEDULING YOURSELF for specific shifts that YOU choose. You are making a commitment to show up for those shifts, and we don’t have the person-power to call everyone and remind them of their shifts. Please write down your selected shifts in your calendar! This is your reminder of your volunteer commitment. After submitting your Volunteer Application and selecting your shifts, you will receive an email for EACH shift you’ve signed up for. If you need to change, add, or delete any shifts, you can do so any time by logging into the website and going here; http://signup.hempfest.org/myschedule

Q. When and Where are the Staff Orientation Meetings?
Q. What if I live far away and can't make it to either of those Orientation dates?

Please let us know at Staff Check-In and we will give you a hardcopy of the Staff Manual to read before you start!

Q. How do I find Staff Check-In?

The new Stephen Colbert Bridge to Somewhere – a.k.a. the “Thomas Street Pedestrian Overpass” http://maps.yahoo.com/#tt=&q=3rd+Ave+W+%26+W+Harrison+St%2C+Seattle%2C+W… starts at 3rd Ave. W. and W. Harrison st., on the South-West side of lower Queen Anne hill, and ends up right in Munchie Market at Myrtle Edwards Park. Main Staff Check-In is located about 1 block South of Munchie Market, East of the pumphouse.

When entering Myrtle Edwards Park from the South end (at the junction of Alaskan Way and Broad street, aka Olympic Sculpture Park), head North into the park and travel on the water-side path about 1/8 mile. Just after a small hill with several trees on it you will see a small building on your left, along the water [this is the Pumphouse] and a fenced-in area filled with tents on your right, on the East side of the park. That’s where you’re headed, to the tents. There will be a gate into the fenced area, with a large sign that reads; “Staff Check-In”.

When entering Myrtle Edwards Park form the North [Prospect St. Pedestrian Bridge,] walk South along the water-side path until you see a small building on your right, along the water [this is the Pumphouse,] and a fenced-in area filled with tents on your left, on the East side of the park. That’s where you’re headed, to the tents. There will be a gate into the fenced area, with a large sign that reads; “Staff Check-In”. Or ask anyone working in the park.

Q. My 1st shift starts during the event- How do I skip the attendee line?
Q. Why do I have to bring my Photo ID with me to Staff Check-In?

Two reasons: First, we must make sure that volunteers under the age of 18 have permission to volunteer from their parent or legal guardian. Second, we need to have your legal name on your volunteer application for liability and insurance reasons. We are the largest Hempfest in the world and one of the largest special events in the State of Washington, and we must adhere strictly to the laws in order to retain our status as a Constitutionally-Protected Free-Speech event. In other words, there wouldn’t BE a Hempfest if we didn’t follow all the rules and jump through all the hoops! So, all paranoia aside, we’re only looking at your ID to check your name and age.

Q. What if I'll still be under 18 years old by the time Hempfest rolls around?
Q. Can I work on multiple crews?

Sure! As long as your chosen shifts don’t overlap or conflict with each other. Lots of people work on two or more different crews.

Q. Can I work multiple shifts?

Sure! As long as you get enough breaks, sleep, showers, food and water you are welcome to fill as many shifts as you like.

Q. What should I bring to my shift?

Your Staff Manual has a list, but basically bring layers [it can be hot or cold on the Seattle Waterfront, and windy, and the weather can change rapidly,] snacks and water, flashlights for Night crews, hardhats, gloves, and safety shoes for Construction crews, your own coffee cup/water bottle/chopsticks, etc. to save disposable products. ALL Setup and Teardown Volunteers must wear CLOSED-TOE SHOES and a Hempfest Safety VEST while on site. This means ALL Volunteers onsite on Aug. 12-15 AND Aug. 19-21, 2013.

Q. Why can't I bring my pets?

1. You’ll be working.

2. Pets are not allowed at Hempfest.

3. Volunteers have had pets lost at Hempfest.

4. It’s gonna be busy, hot, and crowded, with lots of big trucks and heavy equipment.

5. There will be no safe place to tie up or leave your pet.

6. Dogs, especially, have been problematic in the past, and our special events permit requires us to BAN dogs from Hempfest. Washington State Service Animal laws are observed at Seattle Hempfest. No pets are allowed in any of our staff compounds.

Q. Why can't I bring booze?

Alcohol is NOT allowed at Hempfest. We do not have a permit for alcohol consumption or sales. Please wait until after you shift and after you’ve left the park.

Q. Why can't I smoke pot while on shift?

Marijuana is still illegal in the United States, despite legislation in the majority of states to change that! Myrtle Edwards Park is a City of Seattle Park, and all parks in Seattle are registered as DRUG FREE ZONES, meaning all penalties [jail time, fines] are DOUBLED. Anyone caught doing anything illegal while working for Hempfest [ie; on shift/wearing your staff shirt &/or pass] will be summarily dismissed from our staff.

Q. What if I'm a legal Medical Marijuana user in compliance with RCW 69.51A?

We still cannot have volunteers partaking of [Federally] illegal substances while working for Hempfest [ie; on shift/wearing your staff shirt &/or pass]. It is also a misdemeanor for a Medical Marijuana patient to use Marijuana in “public view.”

Q. What about I-502? I thought pot was legal in Washington State now?

Nope. Possession of 1 oz by adults had been decriminalized in the state, but not legalized. Smoking in public, buying, selling, or even sharing ["distributing"] pot is still illegal. Our special event permit and our internal policies require our staff to be legal and sober.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_Initiative_502_%282011%29

Q. Is it safe to buy drugs and ganja treats at Hempfest?

Nope. Here are some of the many reasons it’s best to take care of your own needs:

1. Hempfest is crawling with authority figures- local, state and federal. Many not in uniform, some posing as stoners, vendors, or fellow volunteers. Remember that all penalties are doubled in a park!

2. There is no quality control with illegal sales. Is there mold? Cat hair? Pesticides? Poison? Hep C? Swine Flu? Ecoli? Unexpected other drugs? No one can tell, and you might be one of the unlucky ones!

3. Illegal drug sales hurt Hempfest. Do you want Hempfest shut down?

4. People who sneak illegal stuff into Hempfest are making money off an all-volunteer event and NOT KICKING DOWN. The paying vendors bring in almost half the $$ it costs to produce the event, please spend your money on legal vendors.

Q. Can we camp at the park?

Nope. We wish! However, it’s illegal, and that’s a bummer! We ask that ALL staff not scheduled to work a Night Safety shift leave the park before dark. Here is a URL for info on local transportation, lodging and camping, and directions to Myrtle Edwards Park: http://www.hempfest.org/festival/attendees

Q. Any other questions? Want to receive the Hempfest Staff E-Newsletter?

Email Staff Services via: volunteers@hempfest.org

Q. Is Hempfest Free? Do I have to be over 21 to attend?
Q. Where Can I Park?

There in no parking at Myrtle Edwards Park. There are pay parking lots nearby in downtown and Queen Anne. Street parking is free after 6 p.m. in most areas [ http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/parking/paidparking_hours.htm ] and all day on Sundays. Access the North entrance from Elliott Avenue by crossing the DNA pedestrian bridge at Prospect Street. Limited unmetered parking can often be found along Elliott. We strongly suggest Carpooling, taking the Metro Bus, riding your bike, or walking to Hempfest!

General Crews:  2014 Sign-ups open in March!  Convince all your friends to join you… you can even sign up for the same crews and work together ;)

Internal Crews

Seattle Hempfest now has 80 “Internal” crews which require certain skills or certifications – you may be qualified, don’t be afraid to ask! email volunteers@hempfest.org with questions about any crew.

If a coordinator gave you a password for their Internal crew;

Sign up here in March!


6/29/14  Sunday, 1-6 pm. Our 1st Hempy Potluck of the 2014 Season!

YOU are invited, and you are welcome to bring your family :)

@ Meridian Park in Wallingford, Seattle.  Bring something to sit on, outside toys, friends and family and food to share- Hempfest will bring canopies, tables, grills, compostable utensils, and more  food.

Meridian park is located at N. 50th st. and Meridian Ave. N. in Wallingford. 

Via Metro, catch the #16 bus. If you are driving on I-5, North or South, take the 50th St. exit, and head West to Meridian. 

If you are driving on Hwy 99 (Aurora Ave.), take the 45th St. exit and head East to Meridian, turn Left and head North. The park entrance is between 48th and 50th streets on Meridian Ave. N.




Hempy Potluck July 20th, Sunday, 1-6pm, @ Meridian Park



Volunteer Orientations –> Please come to one of the 2 orientation meetings below. If you cannot make it, be sure to get a copy of the 2014 Staff Manual from Staff Check-In when you arrive for your 1st shift!

Saturday, Aug 9th, 5-6pm, @ Myrtle Edwards Park, at the West end of the Stephen Colbert Bridge to Somewhere [aka the Thomas St. Pedestrian overpass.]

Thursday, Aug 14th, 3-4pm, @ Myrtle Edwards Park, Main Staff Check-In, just south of the West end of the Stephen Colbert Bridge to Somewhere [aka the Thomas St. Pedestrian overpass.]



Staff Recognition Hempy Potluck September 14th, Sunday, 1-6pm, @ Meridian Park


Seattle Hempfest Minor’s Volunteer Policy:
Persons under the age of 18 years may volunteer for Seattle Hempfest only with parental permission
AND with parental supervision. This means one of your parents must be onsite at Hempfest with you
when you are volunteering for Hempfest, and you must be under their supervision.
Supervision will be defined as age-appropriate. Minors will only work daylight shifts. Minors will not be scheduled for Safety crews.
You and your parent(s) are encouraged to sign up together to work on the same crew!

Please email: volunteer@hempfest.org for the Minor’s Volunteer Application before August 1st.