Welcome Volunteers to our 28th Anniversary Hempfest!


Choose your 2019 Crews and Shifts here;    




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Seattle Events, a Non-Profit Corporation DBA Seattle Hempfest and Hempfest Central (“Hempfest”) comply with applicable Federal and State civil rights laws and do not discriminate, exclude people, or treat them differently on the basis of age, ancestry, color, creed, disability, gender identity, national origin, political identity, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Hempfest is committed in all areas to providing a work environment that is free from harassment. Harassment based upon an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion or any other legally protected characteristics will not be tolerated. All staff, including supervisors and volunteers, are expected and required to abide by this policy. No person will be adversely affected or retaliated against as a result of bringing complaints of unlawful harassment.

Sexual harassment is behavior of a sexual nature that is unwelcome and offensive to the person or persons it is targeted toward. Examples of harassing behavior may include unwanted physical contact, foul language of an offensive sexual nature, sexual propositions, sexual jokes or remarks, obscene gestures, and displays of pornographic or sexually explicit pictures, drawings, or caricatures.

If an employee or volunteer feels that they have been harassed on the basis of their sex, race, national origin, ethnic background, or any other legally protected characteristic they should immediately report the matter to their supervisor, human resources, Staff Services, or a Hempfest board member. Once the matter has been reported it will be promptly investigated and any necessary corrective action will be taken where appropriate. All complaints of unlawful harassment will be handled in as discreet and confidential a manner as is possible under the circumstances.


Folklife crew

MAY: Join us for volunteer recruitment at NW Folklife Festival over Memorial Day weekend  on Sunday, 5/26th – meeting at 2pm and 4pm on the back steps of the Armory building in Seattle Center. This is your chance to come get recruitment handbills and walk around as a group, or plant yourself in front of your favorite stage!


JUNE: Hempy Potluck for all volunteers and coordinators – Sunday June 9th, 1pm-6pm at Meridian Park in Wallingford, Seattle.



JULY: Hempy Potluck for all volunteers and coordinators – Sunday July 14th, 1pm-6pm at Meridian Park in Wallingford, Seattle.


AUGUST: When and Where are the Staff Orientation Trainings?

Please help us recruit more staff by bringing friends and family with you! Staff members are strongly encouraged to attend an Orientation meeting at Myrtle Edwards Park on one of the following dates:

Saturday, August 10th, 5-6:30 pm. at the tree by ‘Munchie Market’ – Myrtle Edwards Park is located on the Seattle Waterfront, just North of Pier 70 at the junction of Alaskan Way and Broad St. We will meet near the 3 Big Rocks Sculpture at the western end of the  West Thomas Street Overpass

If you can’t make it to the 1st Orientation, a second meeting is also scheduled for right before the ‘Fest, meeting at Staff Check-In: Thursday, August 15th, 3-4 pm.

Can’t make it to Orientation? Please read the Staff Manual, above!



Staff Recognition Hempy Potluck to thank our 2019 Volunteers!




· Fabulous Potluck Feast ~ Bring your special dish to share

· We bring the canopies, tables, compostable utensils and BBQ grills, as well as burgers, dogs, buns, salad, condiments vegan & GF burgers

· Bring outdoor toys and something to sit on

· Your friends and family are welcome




On Sunday, Sept. 15th we are celebrating the hard work of all the volunteers who helped with this year’s amazing Hempfest !

Meridian park is located at:

  N. 50th st. & Meridian Ave. N. in Wallingford. 

Via Metro, catch the #62 bus.

If you are driving on I-5, North or South, take the 50th st. exit, and head West to Meridian. 

If you are driving on Hwy 99 (Aurora Ave.), take the 45th st. exit and head East to Meridian, turn Left and head North. The park entrance is between 48th and 50th streets on Meridian Ave. N.


You will find us by the 10×20 canopies on the west side of Meridian park!


Seattle HEMPFEST® Event  Minor’s Volunteer Policy:
Persons under the age of 18 years may volunteer for the Seattle HEMPFEST® event only with parental permission
AND with parental supervision. This means one of your parents must be onsite at Hempfest with you when you are volunteering for Hempfest, and you must be under their supervision.
Supervision will be defined as age-appropriate. Minors will only work daylight shifts. Minors will not be scheduled for Safety, First Aid, or Operations crews. Minors will leave the Parks before dark.
You and your parent(s) are encouraged to sign up together to work on the same crew!

Please email: [email protected] for the Minor’s Volunteer Application before August 1st.


There is, unfortunately, NO CAMPING at Seattle Hempfest.

Please do not attempt to sleep in the parks, or in the surrounding streets.

Below is a list of campgrounds, hostels, hotels and bed & breakfasts.  

At campground

Camping is disallowed in Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks. There is no camping in vehicles, parking lots, sidewalks or streets allowed in Seattle City Limits. You are welcome to camp at one of the following campgrounds. We suggest making reservations a few weeks in advance as these campgrounds tend to fill up during summer time.

 At hostel

At hotel or motel

You might also check; 




or http://www.helpx.net/index.asp

We want to thank everyone who completed a Crowd Management Training Certification last year! There is a new certification training program we are using for this year- it’s free and it only takes a few minutes! Even though your certs are still good for a year or two, we want to ask everyone to please complete this new, additional certification process, because it is more detailed than the last one, even though it is still centered on an indoor crowd emergency.

We need to inundate the City with as many completed certs as possible, so we can glide through the permit process without any additional hassle. Also, good lifesaving information is contained in the training process, tools that you may use one day to save your own life, or the lives of others.

Please go to:

“Register New Account” the Agency User to choose is Department of Fire Services (DFS)

The course/program to choose is: Crowd Manager Certification

That should send an verification email to the applicant which should redirect to
Towards the bottom of the page is an “enroll me” button to press to enter the video course.
Each section following the last link above has a button to
Watch the video
Take the quiz
Display your certificate (this is to be copied from a screenshot or saved as PDF)
After getting a electronic copy of your certificate, send certificate copy through email to

Thanks! Safety is no accident!


NOT WORKING FOR YOU? Pop-up blockers may be an issue and you need an updated version of Adobe Flash. Here are the FAQ’s to help you:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

DFS Crowd Manager Training Program


EOPSS Training and Certification E-Learning Portal



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. The course does not play after I have clicked on Step 1

Your version of Adobe Flash Player needs to be updated. Most users accessing this training need to have the most up to date version of Adobe Flash Player.


You can download/update adobe flash for free over the internet at this website:

Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions


Follow the instructions on the website and click the download now button. After the new version of Adobe Flash Player is installed we recommend that you restart your internet browser and login to the On-Line Training again with your username and password.

After you click on Step 1 – With your Pop-Up Blocker disabled a new windows should appear and the training program should start playing automatically.


  1. I cannot print my certificate

Your version of Adobe Acrobat Reader needs to be updated or installed. Most users will need the most up to date version of Adobe Reader.


You can download/update adobe reader for free over the internet at this website:

Adobe Reader Install for all versions


Follow the instructions on the website and click the download now button. After the new version of Adobe Reader is installed we recommend that you restart your internet browser and login to the On-Line Training again with your username and password.

After you click on the Step 3 – Print your Certificate of Successful Completion – With your Pop-Up Blocker disabled a new window should appear with a picture of your Certificate. Look along the menu bar surrounding the certificate for a printer icon.


  1. I did not receive an e-mail after I registered

The return e-mail with the link and instructions to confirm your account after registration may be in your spam/junk folder or have been filtered by your e-mail provider. The message will be from an address at “Remote-Learner.net” and contain “EOPSS Training and Certification: account confirmation” in the subject line. Check the “Spam” or “Junk Folder” in your e-mail client for a message with the link to confirm your account. Additionally you can click the “Lost Password” link under the Login box to receive another email message.


  1. Can more than one user share the same login?

Each user that requires a Certificate for Crowd Manager Training will need to create an individual course registration with a unique e-mail address. In order to identify each participant and trained Crowd Manager using this On-Line Course a unique login and e-mail address is required to register for the training. The name that you supply for this registration will be the name that is printed on the certificate after successful completion of the test. If your company only has one e-mail address – employees will find various free services on the internet

where an e-mail account can be created.


  1. I don’t have an email account. How do I sign up to take the crowd manager


There are several sites that you can sign up for a free email account. A partial list of site are:

www.yahoo.com, www.google.com, and www.aol.com. If you search the web you can find other sites too.


  1. What software is required to take the Crowd Manager On-Line Course?

We recommend that you use one of the following Internet Browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox latest version – 36+ (PC and Mac)
  • Internet Explorer version 8.4 or later – preferably version 10 or 11+

Additionally the course requires –

Name Description

Adobe Acrobat Reader To view and print the certificate

Adobe Reader Install for all versions

Adobe Flash Player To view course and take the test



  1. Where can I go for help?

If you are unable to get the training program or test to function on your computer – You may need to try using another computer, perhaps at a Public Library or at your place of employment. Unfortunately the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Department of Fire Services is unable to provide technical support or assistance with issues on your personal/business computer. Additional resources and support may be obtained through commercial support vendors, computer retailers, or information technology support companies.

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions and Information 2019


Where is Seattle Hempfest?

Since 1995 Hempfest has been held on the 3rd weekend of August in Myrtle Edwards Park on the beautiful Seattle waterfront. The event spans three Seattle waterfront parks: Centennial Park (North Entrance,) Myrtle Edwards Park (Central Entrance,) and Olympic Sculpture Park (South Entrance.) Seattle is in Washington State, on the Northwest corner of the United States.


We recommend you use our Central entrance;  The West Thomas Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Overpass  which is accessible at 3rd Ave W & W Harrison Streets, just 4 blocks West of Seattle Center. The bridge will take you right across Elliot & Western Avenues, and drop you in  Munchie Market!

To beat the crowds during the event, use the north entrance by crossing the Amgen Helix Pedestrian Bridge off of W Prospect Street at Elliott Ave W;  Amgen Helix Pedestrian Bridge  which has an elevator and is wheelchair accessible, placing you one block north of Seattle Hempfest’s North entrance.

There is very little parking near Hempfest, some can be found on Elliott Ave and on lower Queen Anne Hill, near the The West Thomas Street Overpass. Your best bet is to walk, bike, or take a metro bus to those locations. Take metro bus 19, 24 or 33 to the Central entrance, 19, 24, 32, 33 or the D line to the North entrance. Downtown Seattle has several parking garages. You can find much more direction, transportation and lodging info here; Hempfest Attendees Info


Where can I park?

There is no parking at Myrtle Edwards Park. There are pay parking lots nearby in

downtown and Queen Anne – don’t be surprised if they have higher “event” rates. Street parking is free after 8 p.m. in most areas; http://web6.seattle.gov/SDOT/seattleparkingmap/

and free all day on Sundays. Access the North entrance from Elliott Avenue by crossing the DNA Helix pedestrian bridge at Prospect Street. Limited unmetered parking can be found along Elliott Ave. W., or on lower Queen Anne near the The West Thomas Street Overpass.

We strongly suggest Carpooling, taking the Metro Bus, riding your bike, or walking to Hempfest!


I’m from out of town, where should I stay?

Here is a URL for info on local transportation and lodging, and directions to Myrtle Edwards Park:Hempfest Attendee Info

And a list of Campgrounds, Hotels, Motels and Hostels is under the green CAMPING tab on the volunteer page; Hempfest Volunteers


Is Hempfest Free? Do I have to be over 21 to attend?

Seattle Hempfest is a constitutionally protected free-speech event, therefore Hempfest cannot restrict access based upon age or charge an admission fee. There are no age restrictions for attending Seattle Hempfest. We suggest that minors wishing to attend Hempfest discuss the matter with the appropriate parent or guardian. The passage of Initiative I-502 did not change the admission policy of Hempfest. Please encourage everyone to donate $$ at the gates- we have to pay for the event- the costs are astronomical and we have no large corporate sponsors!


Can I get paid to work at Hempfest?

Nope. None of our staff gets paid to work at Hempfest- not the General staff, Crew Coordinators, or Directors. We are all volunteers, and this is a labor of love! We’ve been busting our butts for 28 years to end the drug war, and we can’t put on such a huge show without the help of over 1,000 general staff volunteers who work the week of Hempfest, so please sign up to volunteer and encourage your friends and family to join us! We also have a Coordinator Group of 120 volunteers who meet every month of the year to plan Hempfest, and run our crews onsite.


What do I get for volunteering?

Besides a sense of self-worth, a gallon of good karma, new friends, and our undying gratitude you will also receive Special Event Production experience, and a highly-prized and attractive Staff T-Shirt, as well as a meal and coffee/tea/water. We also invite all our volunteers to 3 free staff picnics each summer, with sunny, hempy BBQ fun in a beautiful Seattle park.


How do I volunteer?

The best way to sign up for Hempfest is to fill out the Online Volunteer Staff Application, located at: https://www.hempfestvolunteers.org/   After submitting your Volunteer Application and selecting your shifts, you will receive an email for the shifts you’ve signed up for. Please print your selected shifts or add to your calendar- This is your reminder of your volunteer commitment! If you need to change, add or delete any shifts, you can do so any time by logging into the website and clicking “My Shifts” at the top of the page.

Minors can request a printable application by emailing; [email protected]  if you will be under 18 years of age during Hempfest 2019. Please be sure to snailmail, or scan & email the Minor’s app by August 1st. Your parent or Legal Guardian will need to be onsite while you are volunteering.

The staff orientation meetings, directions to the park, and other information are below.


What if I’ll still be under 18 years old by the time Hempfest rolls around?

  • You will need to fill out a Hardcopy Volunteer application (request one from [email protected] ) and have your parent or legal guardian sign where indicated under the “Your Info” section.
  • You will need to snailmail, or scan & email, your Hardcopy Application to us by August 1st.
  • NO minors will be allowed to sign-up as Walk-In volunteers, you need to sign up before Hempfest.
  • Persons under the age of 18 years may volunteer for Seattle Hempfest only with parental permission AND with parental supervision. This means one of your parents must be onsite at Hempfest with you when you are volunteering for Hempfest, and you must be under their supervision. ‘Supervision’ will be defined as age-appropriate.
  • Minors will only work daylight shifts. Minors will not be scheduled for Safety crews. Minors will leave the parks before dark.
  • You and your parent(s) are encouraged to sign up together to work on the same crew!


Can’t get your parents to come down while you volunteer? Don’t worry- you are still welcome to attend the show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as long as your parents are cool with it.


Why do I need to fill out a profile in the Volunteer Application?

That’s how our application program works, nobody volunteers anonymously.


What is Hempfest gonna do with my info?

Nothing except give you information about Seattle Hempfest events. We will not give, sell or trade your profile info to anyone. Our Database volunteers sign a binding Non-Disclosure agreement.


Do I need to fill out the volunteer app again if I volunteered in the past?

Yes, every year is a new application, with changes to Crews and Shifts- we need you to sign up for this year’s shifts, even if you are working the same Crew as last year. Please update your profile info every year!


What if I forgot my username and/or password?

If you cannot remember your password, go here to request a new password;


If you cannot remember your user name, email; [email protected] and we can look it up.


Why is the Online Application so much BETTER than just showing up as a walk-in Volunteer?

  • Your fellow Volunteers at Hempfest don’t have to type in your information when you do it yourself – this saves literally hundreds of hours.
  • You get the shifts/crews you want, the earlier you sign up. Last year we did not accept Walk-In volunteers for four out of the ten days!
  • You don’t have to wait in the slow line of “Walk-In Volunteers”, and your check-in goes super fast when your application is already in the database.


Some people are uncomfortable about signing up online.

The database we enter you into at Hempfest is the same as the Volly App, protected by the same stringent security systems and firewalls.

We don’t give or sell your info to ANYONE.

Our database volunteers sign a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement.


How do I get a Shift Password if my Crew is listed as INTERNAL on the Volunteer Staff Application?

If the Crew you want is listed as “Internal”, please contact your Crew Coordinator for your Crew’s password, or email Staff Services at: [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with your Coordinator, so we can make sure you have the skills or certification needed for that Crew.


The password I got for my Internal Crew last year is not working!

We change them every year! Contact your crew’s Coordinator or email; [email protected]


How do I know I’ve been accepted as a volunteer?

We need so many volunteers, we’re not in the habit of turning folks away! In the event that a particular shift is filled up, the Online Application will ask you to pick another shift. When you fill out the Volunteer Staff Application you are SCHEDULING YOURSELF for specific shifts that YOU choose. You are making a commitment to show up for those shifts. Please put your shifts in your calendar! After submitting your Volunteer Application and selecting your shifts, you will receive an email for the shifts you signed up for.

If you need to change, add, or delete any shifts, you can do so any time by logging in here; https://www.hempfestvolunteers.org and selecting“My Shifts” at the top of the page.


What if I find out I can’t make it there for my shift?

You can delete your shift, even at the last minute! Our event schedule is live in real-time, and your changes will be seen immediately, so we will know that we need to cover that shift with another body. You can add/change or delete shifts anytime by logging into the website https://www.hempfestvolunteers.org  and clicking “My Shifts” at the top of the page.


When and Where are the Staff Orientation Trainings?

Please help us recruit more staff by bringing friends and family with you! Staff members are strongly encouraged to attend an Orientation meeting at Myrtle Edwards Park on one of the following dates:

Saturday, August 10th, 5-6 pm. at Munchie Market – Myrtle Edwards Park is located on the Seattle Waterfront, just North of Pier 70 at the junction of Alaskan Way and Broad St. We will meet near the 3 Big Rocks Sculpture at the end of the The West Thomas Street Overpass;  West Thomas Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Overpass

Chances are, the weather will be pretty nice for these meetings, but if it’s POURING, come to the next scheduled Orientation meeting the day before Hempfest begins, at Staff Check-In: Thursday, August 15th, 3-4 pm.


What if I live far away and can’t make it to either of those Orientation dates?

Please read the Staff Manual here; Hempfest Volunteers

[Scroll down to the green STAFF MANUAL tab,] or pick up a Hardcopy of the Staff Manual at Staff Check-In.


How do I find Staff Check-In?

The closest entrance is the; West Thomas Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Overpass

Which starts at 3rd Ave. W. and W. Harrison st., on the South-West side of lower Queen Anne hill, and ends up right in Munchie Market at Myrtle Edwards Park. Staff Check-In is located 500 feet South of Munchie Market, East of the pumphouse.

When entering Myrtle Edwards Park from the South end (at the junction of Alaskan Way and Broad street, aka Olympic Sculpture Park), head North into the park and travel on the water-side path about 1,500 feet. Just after a small hill with several trees on it you will see a small building on your left, along the water [this is the Pumphouse] and a fenced-in area filled with tents on your right, on the East side of the park. That’s where you’re headed, to the tents. There will be a gate into the fenced area, with a large sign that reads; “Staff Check-In”.

When entering Myrtle Edwards Park from the North, through Centennial Park, [Prospect St. Pedestrian Bridge,] walk South ¾ of a mile along the water-side path until you see a small building on your right [this is the Pumphouse,] and a fenced-in area filled with tents on your left, on the East side of the park. That’s where you’re headed, to the tents. There will be a gate into the fenced area, with a large sign that reads; “Staff Check-In”. Or ask anyone working in the park.


My 1st shift starts during the event- how do I skip that super-long attendee line?

The closest and quickest entrance is the;  West Thomas Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Overpass

Which starts at 3rd Ave. W. and W. Harrison st., on the South-West side of lower Queen Anne hill, and ends up right in Munchie Market at Myrtle Edwards Park. Staff Check-In is located 500 feet South of Munchie Market, East of the pumphouse.

If you are entering from the South, go to the fountain at Alaskan Way and Broad St., where you will see a booth for Members/Staff/ADA. If someone tries to redirect you just tell them you are staff and you Pre-registered online.


Why do I have to bring my Photo ID with me to Staff Check-In?

  • Proof of age; People under the age of 18 must have permission to volunteer from their parent or legal guardian.
  • We need to have your legal name on your volunteer application for liability and insurance reasons.


Can I work on multiple crews?

Sure! As long as your chosen shifts don’t overlap or conflict with each other. Lots of people work on two or more different crews.


Can I work multiple shifts?

Yes, please! As long as you get enough breaks, sleep, showers, food and water you are welcome to fill as many shifts as you like.


What should I bring to my shift?

Your Staff Manual has a list, but basically bring layers [it can be hot or cold on the Seattle Waterfront, and windy, and the weather can change rapidly,] snacks and water, flashlights for Night crews, hardhats, gloves, and safety shoes for Construction crews, your own coffee cup/water bottle/chopsticks, etc. to save disposable products. ALL Setup and Teardown Volunteers must wear CLOSED-TOE SHOES and a Hempfest Safety VEST while on site. This means ALL Volunteers onsite on Aug. 12-15 AND Aug. 19-21, 2019.


What can I leave at Staff Bag Check?

You can leave a bag with your extra clothes and stuff at Staff Check-In while you are on shift. [Safety Crews have their own Bag Checks at Draper and Helix.] We need you to pick up your bag on your way out of the park, even if you are coming back the next day, so that we will have room for other Volunteer’s stuff. You will need to show your ID to the Bag Check staff, and you will be given a numbered ticket to claim your bag. Please check out the Limits below!


Staff Bag Check Limits:

Weight limit 30 lbs.max

Item length/width 3 ft. max

No hazardous or illegal items, no weapons

No camping equipment

No protruding items [sticks, poles, etc.]

Not responsible for loss or damage

Keep valuables with you

Please take your stuff home when you  leave!


Why can’t I bring my pets?

  • You’ll be working.
  • Pets are not allowed at Hempfest.
  • It’s gonna be a busy, hot, and crowded construction site, with lots of big trucks and heavy equipment, and there will be no safe place to tie up or leave your pet.



Washington State Service Animal laws are observed at Seattle Hempfest.

No pets are allowed in any of our staff compounds.


Why can’t I bring booze?

Alcohol is NOT allowed at Hempfest, it’s illegal to bring it into the parks. We do not have a permit for alcohol consumption or sales. Please wait until after you’ve left the park to chillax with a cold one.


Why can’t I smoke pot while on shift?

Marijuana is still illegal in the United States, despite legislation in the majority of states to change that! Myrtle Edwards Park is a City of Seattle Park, and all parks in Seattle are registered as DRUG FREE ZONES, meaning all penalties [jail time, fines] are DOUBLED. Anyone who insists on doing anything illegal while working for Hempfest [ie; on shift/wearing your staff shirt , wristbands &/or passes] will be summarily dismissed from our staff.


Discretion is the better part of valor.


What if I’m a legal Medical Marijuana user in compliance with RCW 69.51A?

We still cannot have volunteers partaking of [Federally] illegal substances while working for Hempfest [ie; on shift/wearing your staff shirt, wristbands &/or passes]. It is also a misdemeanor to use Marijuana in “public view.”


What about I-502? I thought Recreational pot was legal in Washington State now?

Nope. Possession of 1 oz by adults had been decriminalized in the state, but smoking in public, buying, selling, or even sharing [distributing] pot is still illegal. Our special event permit and our internal policies require our staff to be legal and not impaired. Educate yourself about I-502;  https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_Initiative_502


Is it safe to buy drugs and ganja treats at Hempfest?

Nope. Here are some of the many reasons it’s best to take care of your own needs:

  • Hempfest is crawling with authority figures- local, state and federal. Many not in uniform, some posing as stoners, vendors, or fellow volunteers. Remember that all penalties are doubled in a park!
  • There is no quality control with illegal sales. Is there mold? Cat hair? Pesticides? Poison? Hep C? Norovirus? Ecoli? Rodent droppings? Unexpected drugs?
  • Illegal drug sales hurt Hempfest. Do you want Hempfest shut down?
  • People who sneak illegal stuff into Hempfest are making money off an all-volunteer event and NOT KICKING DOWN. The paying vendors bring in almost half the $$ it costs to produce the event, so please spend your money on legal vendors. 


Closest 21+ Recreational Marijuana stores;






Is it OK if I use the Seattle HEMPFEST®, Hempfest, Seattle Events, or Hempfest Central names, logos, or images for anything, without prior express written permission from the Hempfest Steering Board?

No, sorry, that would not be ok.


Can we camp at the park?

Nope. We wish! However, it’s illegal. We ask that ALL staff not scheduled to work a Night Safety shift leave the park at sundown. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CAMP IN THE SURROUNDING STREETS! Here is a URL for info on local transportation, lodging and directions to Myrtle Edwards Park: Hempfest Attendees Info

And a list of Campgrounds, Hotels, Motels and Hostels is under the green CAMPING tab on the volunteer page;   Hempfest Volunteers


Any other questions? Want to receive the Hempfest Staff e-Newsletter?

Email Staff Services via: [email protected]


Seattle Hempfest 2019 Staff Manual



Thank you for volunteering to help produce the 28th annual Seattle Hempfest. We come from an incredible variety of backgrounds to produce the largest and most respected

drug policy reform event in the country.





Welcome                                                                                                   2

Staff Services                                                                                           3

Stuff to Bring                                                                                           4

Lost & Found                                                                                           6

Important Stuff for Everyone to Know                                          7

Hempfest Evacuation Management Plans “HEMP-VAC”       7

Volunteers Issued a Radio                                                                  9

Lost Child Protocol; Code Adam                                                      10

First-Aid Information                                                                           13

Crisis Guidelines                                                                                    14

Overnight                                                                                                  16

Vendor Load-In/Out                                                                             17

Stage Crews                                                                                              18

Frequently Asked Questions                                                              18

Gratitude                                                                                                   20

Open Book Quiz                                                                                      23



Welcome Hempfest Staff


 Hempfest is a Non-Profit Organization produced by volunteer efforts.  All the money taken in at Hempfest goes directly into paying the bills. Speaking for the Core group; Thanks for joining us- we couldn’t pull this off without your volunteer efforts!


Please strive to be friendly and kind to everyone.

 Remaining calm is always our goal! We want to fix problems, not make mountains out of molehills.  If you feel grumpy or angry you are probably tired or dehydrated; please take a break and drink water!


 Take care of yourself: Don’t put yourself in physical danger.

Get back-up in stressful situations.

Drink LOTS of water and carry snacks with you.

Wear closed-toe shoes and our provided safety VESTS.  

Take a break!


Staff Shirts

Wearing your staff shirt indicates that you are on duty. Wear it during your shift. Take it off when you are off shift and keep it in a safe place!


The ONE RULE to Rule Them All:

Don’t do anything illegal while wearing your

Hempfest staff shirt, wristbands or passes.

Smoking pot in public is still illegal; please be discrete and keep away from Hempfest booths/compounds, and please remove your Staff Shirt/Wristband/Passes before consuming.


Staff Services


Staff Services is located North of the Hemposium Stage, next to Operations – take the Thomas St. Pedestrian Overpass! The Staff Services compound houses Staff Check-In, Staff Bag Check, Staff Lounge and Staff Kitchen.  NO smoking is allowed inside Staff Services Compound or in any other designated smoke-free areas. Please smoke away from entrances. Ashtrays are available outside.


Staff Check-In

We require PHOTO ID at Staff Check-In. We need to have your legal name and we need to make sure all volunteers under age 18 have parental permission to volunteer. Minors must have a parent onsite with them while volunteering, and must leave the park before dark.

It’s super important to check in before you start working at Hempfest! Please come to Staff Check-In 30 minutes before your shift starts. You might have to wait in line. Closed-Toed shoes are required for all Construction and Deconstruction days. We also have wristbands for all staff; designating SET-UP, SHOW, and TEAR-DOWN shifts…collect all three at Staff Check-In.

Check-In is much faster if you sign up for your shifts online!   https://hempfestvolunteers.org


Staff Kitchen                                                                                               

Coffee, tea and water should be available 24 hours at Caffidration, and at Draper Safety compound and Stages.


Our Staff Kitchen serves four meals per day at approximately:                                                    

  • Breakfast: 8:30-10:30 a.m.                                                                                  ·       
  • Lunch:       1-3 p.m.                                                                 ·       
  • Dinner:      7-9 p.m.                                                                  ·       
  • Supper:      11 p.m.-4 a.m.


If the Kitchen is closed and you need food, please come to Staff Check-In; we have snacks. For those unable to leave their posts, your Coordinator can call in meals needed and send a runner or request delivery.  Most meals have a vegan option.


Please volunteer for a shift in our Staff Kitchen! You should also totally bring yourself some snacks, and your water bottle.


We do our best to make substitutions in our meals for people with food sensitivities,

but if you have severe allergies please bring your own food with you.



Wristbands are only available at Staff Check-In, they let Crew Coordinators know you are checked in!

Volunteers are entitled to a meal at our Staff Kitchen. You need your volunteer wristband to access the Kitchen.


Staff Bag Check

Staff Bag Check is next to Staff Check-In. Hold on to the little blue ticket we give you; it helps us find your stuff again! You may have In/Out privileges. Safety Crews have their own Bag Check at Draper Safety compound.


Staff Bag Check Limits:
Weight limit 30 lbs. max
Item length/width 3 ft. max
No hazardous or illegal items, no weapons
No camping equipment
No protruding items [sticks, poles, etc.]
Not responsible for loss or damage
Keep valuables with you

Please take your items home when you leave!


Stuff for Staff to Bring


 Seattle Hempfest has many folks doing different things. This List is what we suggest you bring with you regardless of position or shift.

You could be asked to switch positions. Please come prepared!

ALL Set-Up and Tear-Down Staff must be wearing CLOSED-TOED SHOES & SAFTEY VESTS at all times.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (i.e. hearing protection, eye protection, falling object protection, fall protection) is available at Quartermonster or stages.  If there is any question as to whether there may be a hazard, please talk to your supervisor and procure the proper protective equipment.  Individual crews are briefed as to any hazards may be present in the course of your duties. They will suggest PPE that may be appropriate.


 All volunteers must wear vests onsite during set-up & tear- down. A safety vest will be provided for you. Please return vests at the end of your shift. These vests are vital to our safety while in the park during set up and tear down, and are not souvenirs.

Don’t overlook the small items that can keep you safe.  Sunscreen is a must and provided at Staff Services and First Aid, put it on early before you get busy. 


Keep water with you and remember to drink it.


Stuff to Bring if You are Going to Work Outside in the Hot Sun

  • Water Bottle!
  • Hat
  • Shades
  • Sunscreen
  • Appropriate Clothing, According to the weather. [Remember it gets very chilly at night, and this is Seattle. It could rain at any time.]
  • Food for Shift, remember you may be at your station for a while. Bring trail mix, power bars, or something to keep your energy up. Drink at least a quart of water per shift. Dehydration saps your energy!
  • Your cool Staff Shirt, [Staff Check-In has these.] Passes, [if your position requires a pass, your Coordinator has them] and your PHOTO ID [Golf cart drivers and Radio users will be required to leave copies of their driver’s license at Quartermonster or Operations.]
  • This Manual and an Event Program for quick access to information.


Stuff to Bring if you Work on a Night Shift It gets very cold at the Waterfront at night. Come Prepared.

  • Headlamp or Flashlight, and extra batteries.
  • Water and Munchies, keep hydrated and energy up.
  • Coats, hats and other outerwear to keep warm and dry.


Some Additional Stuff you might Want to Bring with you

  • Your reusable Coffee cup/Water bottle
  • Small Notebook and pen
  • Your Family and Friends [we want more staff!]
  • If you bring your bike, remember your lock & helmet. Bike rack in Staff Services.
  • If working any type of Construction position (i.e.: Stage Construction) please bring the following items with you:

Work Gloves, Closed -Toed Shoes, & If you wish; Tool Belt, Tools, Hardhat, 9/16deep socket wrench-WRITE YOUR NAME ON YOUR STUFF!


Seattle Hempfest is not responsible for loss or theft of

personal items. Please label and keep track of your stuff.


Stuff that Should be Left Behind

Your Vehicle cannot be parked on site. Seattle parking meters are free after 8pm on Saturday and all day Sunday. Carpool or take the bus, ride your bike! Park free on Elliot Ave W. and walk over the Prospect St. Bridge, or the W. Thomas St. Overpass, at 3rd Ave W. and W. Harrison Streets.


Your Pets need to stay at home or at the babysitter’s. Hempfest is not a safe place for critters, too much activity and way too many people. In addition, PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED at Hempfest on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as per our Special Events Permits.  Pets left in cars can easily die. Service animals trained for assistance with a disability are exempt.


Service Animal vests are highly recommended.


Our event is in a City Park and therefore a “Drug Free Zone,”  so all penalties and/or fines are DOUBLED.

No torches. No alcohol. No weapons of any kind.


Variety is the Spice of Life Stuff We welcome differences of opinion, ethnicity, gender, orientation, dress, physical abilities, etc.  We practice inclusion at Hempfest, we are all here for a larger purpose and need to work together. Please read our Anti-Harassment/Non-Discrimination policy on the Volunteer page, the Volunteer app, or on signage at Staff Check-In, Stages and Safety compounds.


Lost and Found Stuff

During Hempfest, items should be taken to the nearest Info booth. Before/After show hours, take them to Operations.

After Hempfest, email:    [email protected]

Hempfest will make every effort we can to reunite items with their owners. After 30 days, unclaimed items are donated to charity.



Important Stuff for Everyone to Know


Remember, your safety and the safety of the attendees is our first concern!

We are committed to safety. Please read and carry with you these instructions on how to recognize and handle a crisis or emergency situation.


An emergency is a situation where there will be immediate,

strong negative consequences unless decisive action is taken.


Examples of an Emergency

  • Potentially violent or hazardous situations: Belligerent drunks, heat exhaustion, loud arguments, sexual harassment.
  • Dangerous or hazardous situations: Brandished weapons, physical altercation or assault, fires.
  • Medical Emergencies: Head injuries, heavy bleeding, broken limbs, and life-threatening injury.
  • Earthquakes: In the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, remember to Drop, Cover, & Hold.  DO NOT RUN! This is how most injuries occur! Please stay where you are, and help those around you to stay calm, we don’t need a stampede.  If folks see someone in a staff shirt running, the crowd may panic.

Operations will pass on information and instructions on what to do via the radios and stages.


Hempfest Evacuation Management Plan “HEMP-VAC”


There may come a time when the immediate evacuation of Hempfest

is necessary. Only if guests and attendees are in imminent

physical danger will such action be taken.


How will you know an evacuation has been called?                                      

There will be an evacuation announcement from all stages, and on all radios. Safety Patrol will be making announcements via bullhorn.


What will you do in the event of an evacuation?

  • Seattle Hempfest event staff is instructed to leave their posts and begin to assist in an orderly public evacuation using the nearest exit, unless otherwise instructed.
  • No vehicles or people may enter the park, except for emergency vehicles and emergency workers.
  • All vehicle traffic must stop to make way for emergency response vehicles coming in or out.
  • All stages stop regular programming and will immediately begin broadcasting the evacuation scripts provided in the HEMP-VAC as directed by Operations and Draper Safety radio dispatch, unless other instructions have been dictated by Hemp-Vac or Evac-Man.
  • All barricades that impede exit of foot traffic from the park are removed.
  • Stay out of the way of emergency first responders (Police / fire / medics) and follow all reasonable instructions.


“Shelter In Place” Procedures          

In the event that an emergency dictates that those present hunker down and stay put, a “Shelter In Place” command will be issued by the Evac-man. All present will remain where they are in the park(s) until the Shelter In Place command has been rescinded. At this time either an Evacuation Order will be issued or an “Event Clear, Emergency Over” command will be issued. 


How will I know if the evacuation is over?

There will be an “Event Clear, Emergency Over” announcement


If there is an evacuation where do I go?

 Evacuation Meeting Locations:

  • All staff evacuated from the South exits will meet up immediately at the Edgewater Hotel parking lot at 2411 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98121, directly up Alaskan Way from the Broad Street exit.
  • All staff evacuated from the North exit will meet at Centennial Park Parking Lot. Great attention will be put into maintaining a clear vehicle access lane into the parking lot in anticipation of emergency vehicles. Spotters with radios will be placed to monitor Alaskan Way West / Amgen Way to identify emergency vehicles coming in to enter Centennial Park, and Crowd Management Team will assist in clearing way of pedestrians for vehicle access and maintain positions until crisis over or staff is dispersed. 
  • All staff evacuated from the Thomas Street Overpass exit will meet up immediately at the parking lot behind the Church of Scientology at 349 West Harrison by 3rd Ave West.
  • If those areas are in emergency zone all staff meets on the Broad St. Lawn at Seattle Center, on Broad Street at 4th Ave.


Staff Reminders:

  • STAY CALM. DO NOT PANIC. DO NOT RUN. Your professionalism will instill calm in the Attendees and will mean the difference between an orderly evacuation and induced panic.
  • Reiterate to Attendees the directions and instructions given by the Evac-Man, but do not make any comments or give out any information other than as provided by your supervisor (or a Board of Directors member.) Never spread a rumor.
  • Assist Attendees with a quick and orderly evacuation and provide them with assurance that actions are taken for their safety.
  • Do not let the crowd congregate near the entrance gates… keep them moving. The crowd should exit the event site in accordance with instructions given by Emcees and Evac-Man.
  • Keep any entrance ramp and emergency lane clear to allow access for fire equipment. Anticipate emergency vehicles coming through the Hempfest and be ready to assist them or direct them to the threat location if necessary.
  • Assist disabled Attendees, the elderly, and lost children off of festival grounds. Stay with a lost child until handed off to parent or authorities.


After an Evacuation

When the emergency has passed, and after consulting police/fire and the determination has been made that the event is safe for staff and attendees to be present, an “Event Clear, Emergency Over” command will be issued by the Evac-man. At this time, Hempfest returns to normal functions. Special care   will be taken by ADA staff to assist the disabled that may be returning to Hempfest. Coordinators will check in on all staff possible to assess their composure levels and provide moral support in the event of a serious emergency.


Special Notes for Volunteers Who are Issued a Radio


Radio check Out/In will be out of Operations. Operations or Safety dispatch staff will check them out/in and train us all on Radio Protocol. Your ID will be copied at Operations when you have a radio. About 50 Hempfest Coordinators, Safety teams, all Stages, Info Booths, and First Aid booths have radios. Also, Homeland Security, SPD and Port of Seattle Police have their own radios and they monitor our channels, so remember: Always be Concise, Polite, and Discrete on the Radios-watch what you say! The radios are tools, not toys!

    Hardcopies of Radio protocols will be passed out at Radio Check In/Out at Operations & Draper. Please read these protocols carefully and follow them. Always identify yourself and your location. At the start of your transmission- always repeat your call-out 2x- i.e. “This is Ecology calling Kitchen, Ecology calling Kitchen.”

    Use cell phones, text messaging or Skype to communicate whenever possible, as it is often difficult to hear the radios. Please set your phone on ‘vibrate’ if you are near stages.


Emergency Radio Procedures

  • In the event of an emergency, Operations may restrict radio use.
  • All non-emergency traffic on the radios will cease immediately.
  • All communications on that channel will be directed by Operations.
  • Operations may assign you to another channel – if so, please do so immediately.
  • Operations will declare the emergency over and normal radio traffic can resume at that point.


Lost Child Protocol

a.k.a. Code Adam


Draper Safety Compound is in charge of missing kids and parents

If you find a Missing child please bring them to the Safety Compound (The public bring missing children to the Information booth.)


If you find a Parent with a child missing carefully follow the instructions below.


When a child is reported missing:

Draper Safety Compound is contacted. Draper contacts SPD, then immediately contacts and informs Operations that there is a Code Adam in place and that the 911 center has been notified.


Code Adam is dispatched over the radio and all radio traffic ceases on selected (Safety Patrol) channels. Non-Safety Patrol radio traffic remains operational, with the exception of occasional Code Adam related announcements. 


The radioed staff member with the Parent of the child missing will accurately fill out the Code Adam Questionnaire, and then calmly and clearly dispatch the description of the missing child and their last known whereabouts.


Personnel with radios are to take out their Code Adam Questionnaire and write down information dispatched over the radio. 


All non-essential staff will then be directed to the last known location of the missing child to begin a Code Adam Sweep.


Leads look around and prompt all extra non-essential personnel to go to where the child was last seen.  Staff Services prompt all personnel who are on break to proceed to the last known location of the child.


North and South gates undergo immediate focused observation of children leaving the event until SPD arrive at the gates to assist in the Code Adam. Adults leaving the event with child / children matching Code Adam Description may be politely asked to remain until authorities arrive.


All Stages proceed with a full sweep of the backstage area, the Stage Safety Lead will then radio to dispatch that their stage is clear.


All personnel dispatched to the area where the child was last seen will split into 2 groups with a Radioed Lead leading each group.  Begin the Code Adam Sweep from where the child was last seen outward toward each gate.


If the Child is Not Found by the time each Search Team reaches the North and South Gates SPD will then be notified by Safety OPS that the Child has not been found.

We will then proceed with a crossing sweep.  All available Staff will gather at each gate and begin a cross sweep and search.  Pay special attention to the Waterline and Bushes.  This will be a final search and every single place, even places a kid would not fit has to be searched.


If a Child is found accompanied by someone other than a parent or guardian reasonable efforts should be made to delay them from leaving the park without putting the child, staff, or park visitors in harm’s way.  Contact Draper Safety Compound as soon as you can.  Draper will contact SPD.  Make sure that you get an accurate description of the person taking the child to give to law enforcement. Do not attempt to restrain anyone, ever.


Code Adam Questionnaire


Name  First ____________________ Last___________________

Race _______________

Age __________

Eyes _______________

Hair Color _____________Length of Hair____________

Height & Weight _______________________________

Last Wearing __________________________________

Shoes (type & color)_____________________________

Distinguishing Features___________________________

Last Seen Location  ______________________________

Last Seen How long ago __________________________

Parental Code Word _____________________________




After the missing child info has been dispatched bring the parent of the missing child to the Draper Safety Compound.


Railroad Tracks

If at any time you see folks about to cross the railroad tracks and jump the fence into the park, please yell at them to Stop! Don’t go on the Tracks! Getting hit by a train is usually fatal. If they make it over the fence, report to Safety so we can escort them to the Chutes to come through the right way.


First Aid Information

The health and safety of our volunteers, attendees, civil servants and anyone else in the park during our event is important to Seattle Hempfest and its staff. Please help each other prevent injuries, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. Always ask for help if you need it! We have a First Aid Booth at Munchie Market north of the Pump house, on 420 Highway/Railroad side path. We also have an ambulance and EMTs onsite.


How to Handle a First Aid Incident

If you encounter a situation where an injury occurs;

Assess, Call, and Stabilize.

Assess the situation. If position of victim is placing the victim in greater danger, move the victim to safety as carefully as possible.  Do not place yourself in danger to do so.

Call for help. Find the nearest radio and call first aid to come to you.  If the victim’s complaints seem minor, you can take them to a first aid booth if feasible.  First aid booths are at map grids B-19 (HF first aid @ Draper Compound); A-22(Medic One/Red Cross) and E-58 (HF north end first aid booth, limited hours).  Make sure to accompany them to the booth to ensure their safe arrival.

If you cannot find a radio or the affliction appears to be life-threatening, call 911 immediately. Always Call Hempfest Operations at (206)348-5436 immediately after calling 911. If the injuries do not seem to be life-threatening but you need a responder, call Operations at the number above to get first aid.

Stabilize the victim.  If you are certified in first aid and are confident you can handle the situation then do so while waiting for help. If you do not know first aid, or are not confident you can do what is needed to treat the victim, seek help from the crowd. Ask loudly if anyone knows first aid or is a medical professional.

DO NOT leave the victim until help arrives. Try to identify the victim and find out if they are with anyone.


Heat Exhaustion

 It is important to keep hydrated.  Hempfest happens in August which can be very hot.  If you come upon someone that is flushed, seems disoriented or is complaining of heat or thirst, call for first aid.  After you call First Aid, offer them water.  Water is available for free for anyone that is in need at the water sales booths and at Staff Hydration (A-17) Draper (B-19) First-Aid (A-22) and Operations (A-18). The water truck is located on Blueberry Hill (A-22) for everyone to fill their water bottles. Be aware of exposure.  Sun can lead to sunburn.  If you see someone that is getting pink or perhaps full-on red, send them to First Aid or Operations to get sunscreen.  Better yet, keep sunscreen on you so that you can offer.


Hempfest is mostly very warm.  Sometimes, especially at night, it can become downright cold.  If you come upon someone who is shivering, complaining of being cold, or displaying obvious signs of being cold, take them to Draper or Staff Services to get warm.


Crisis Intervention Guidelines


 A crisis is an emotionally stressful situation, like an argument, harassment, or a theft. Intervening in a stressful situation with the intent of changing the outcome in the situation is called a crisis intervention.


Crisis Intervention:

  1. Grounding: Use before entering crisis – Relax – Breathe – Get centered
  2. Show Respect: Introduce yourself – Ask them their name – Show some respect to them.
  3. Don’t corner a person, don’t surround them. – Don’t stand behind them – Always leave an ‘out’, for you and the person in crisis.
  4. Do the Business: Politely do the business at hand – If needed, separate the ‘trigger’ from ‘reactor’ – Give cold water to ‘trigger’ – Let others talk to ‘reactor’.
  5. Understand how the other person is feeling: Everyone has their own point of view. Try to be empathetic.
  6. Have Fun: We are all here to have a good time, not a bad time.
  7. Safety First: Keep yourself safe first in a crisis – Walk, don’t run to a crisis – Know your limits
  8. Notify Hempfest Staff (with radios) as soon as possible or call Draper Safety Compound – (20)6 866 9742
  9. Let the Seattle Police deal with real emergencies
  10. Separation: 2 arms length rule (so they can’t hit you) – 21 foot rule (weapons) -Make them comfortable – Don’t stand with arms folded – Take your sunglasses off while talking to people who are upset.


Event Contacts

If you need to contact someone for guidance, please go first to your crew Coordinator or supervisor.  Please remember to ask when you come on shift who it is that you report to.  If you are unable to find your supervisor, find someone with a radio and contact Staff Services.  As it is often difficult to hear the radios, set your phone on ‘vibrate’ if near stages and use cell phones, text messaging or Skype to communicate whenever possible.

For emergencies call Draper Safety Compound – (206) 348-5258



   SPD: Will have officers on patrol throughout the park on horses, bikes, and on foot. Their Mobile Command Unit will be close to the South entrance of the park.  We have spent 25 years building a good relationship with the Seattle Police Department. Please be respectful and stay out of their way. Please remember that unjust laws are our enemy, not the Police Officer. These are real people in a difficult position and many of them support our principles.

The police are here to protect us and respond to emergencies. They have broad authority to perform a wide variety of operations in the park during Hempfest.  Seattle Hempfest Staff are prohibited from interfering in the operations of uniformed or non-uniformed police officers. If you feel that something is amiss, do not interfere! Write down any pertinent information and talk with Operations. Remember, the SPD officers are here because they requested Hempfest for overtime work. They usually have a great time, and often pose for photos!

   Port Police: Port of Seattle Police also has broad authority on Park property. They are responsible for the North end of our event [Centennial Park.]

Please treat them as you would SPD officers. They will probably have a mobile command unit in the parking lot close to the grain elevator [North Centennial Park].

    Burlington Northern Police: Burlington Northern Police control the train tracks to the East of the park.

    Department of Homeland Security: Positioned at our North Gate, on the East side by the Grain Terminal. Please stay away from them.

Remember not to do anything illegal and be careful what you say- we are being observed 24/10.



Medic One will be on Highway 420, North of the Pump house, next to the First Aid booth (A-22). If a patient is transported, help clear the paths to let the golf cart through safely.



In case of fire please get a hold of anyone with a radio and report the fire. There will be radios at all Info booths, First Aid, Staff Check-In, OPS, Draper & all Stages. Be specific: How large a fire? Exactly where is the fire? What is on fire? If the fire is huge, or if people are on fire, call 911 immediately, then Operations.

All Stages + Operations/Staff Services/Draper Safety Compound have fire extinguishers.

Incident Reports

After ANY type of emergency, injury, altercation, or disturbance, please fill out an Incident Report as soon as possible. They are available from your Crew Coordinator, all Stages, Info Booths, Staff Services, Draper, and Operations. The information you have on the situation may be VERY important later. Incident reports communicate any issues to the leadership of the event and protect you and Seattle Hempfest and prevent any issues in the future. Please turn in the Incident report right away. Take pictures if you can. We also have Incident Report Cards, which fit in your pocket and are quicker to fill out, and

Online Incident Reports in the Volunteer App; Login and go here: https://www.hempfestvolunteers.org/node/add/incident-report


In and Out and Overnight


Hempfest is permitted between 8:30am Monday, Aug. 12th to Wednesday August the 21st at 6pm.  Vendor Load-in will start at 8:30 am on Thurs., 8/15.  Load-in will follow the 2019 Traffic Plan. Load-out starts at 8:45 pm on Sunday the 18th.

Load In/Load Out Info Please help keep vehicles OFF the sprinklers- breakable and expensive! Please replace any sprinkler-flags that get pulled up.

ALL cars parked on grass MUST have WOOD UNDER THEIR TIRES!



NEW: This year all Traffic is coming in the South entrance, staying RIGHT, heading North on HWY 420 (railroad side,) turning around and heading South on Lunday Way (water side.) No vehicular entry from the North entrance from 4am-7pm daily. There is no vehicle entry between 4:00 AM and 8:30 AM through any entrance.

We have TRAFFIC FLAGGERS, and hired SPD officers-please do as they say. Vendors/Bands/Deliveries help them stay off the grass as much as possible, watch those trees and bushes and sprinklers, and people!

All vehicles must be out of the park by 11 am on Fri and 9 am Sat and Sun – unless they have an All Access Vehicle Pass.

The speed limit is [Very, Very SLOW] 5 MPH in all parts of all parks! There are lots of people, equipment & fragile plants/sprinklers everywhere. On Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursday, the parks are still open to the public—joggers, bikes and kids all over the place!

Bikes must dismount in the Parks on Fri/Sat/Sun during event hours.

Hempfest Staff riding bikes during the event absolutely MUST wear a Safety vest – get one at Staff Check In. Please return vests at end of shift.


Bicycle Commuter Hour is Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursday from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m. During this hour we will have NO VEHICULAR TRAFFIC,  to allow the bulk of bike commuters to travel safely through the parks.


Band Load In

All Bands should have their passes and vehicle passes- if not, they can get them from the Band Check-In booth.


Vendor Load In/Out Times

Thursday:  8:30am – 7:30pm

Friday:  6am – 10:15am / 9pm – Midnight.

All vehicles must be out of the park by 11:00 am on Friday!

Saturday & Sunday: 7am – 8:45am / 9pm – Midnight.

All vehicles must be out of the park by 11:00 am Fri & 9:00 am Sat & Sun!


The 3 Event Entrances or “Chutes”

South Gate / Thomas Street Bridge / North Gate

What can’t come in and why:

No vehicles of any kind [except police, fire, parks or emergency] after 9:00 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Not until the Sweep clears the Park of the public after the show [around 9pm.] Our permit only allows a very few vehicles left in the park during the show, these will have All-Access Vehicle Passes on their dashboard.


Booze, glass containers, or weapons. This is why we have the safest event in the City of Seattle- Staff Pro Security checks for these items at the Chutes.

Sellable merchandise without purchase of a vending pass, and placement by the Vending crew. Unauthorized vending is grossly unfair to our paying vendors [who pay for about half of Hempfest’s budget,] and folks who try to sell or sample any drugs or ganja treats are committing a felony.


DOGS.  No pets are allowed at Hempfest, as required by permit.

 Service animals are NOT required to be documented or wear any certification. We must take people’s word for it, but if necessary we can eject “problem” service animals. It is illegal to ask about a person’s medical condition, but Safety may ask what service their Service Animal is trained to provide. Puppies and other immature animals, or animals “in training” are not legal Service Animals. Hempfest Safety Team will deal with animals. In all cases, show respect. Not violating the rights of people with disabilities is more important to Hempfest than keeping dogs out of the event.


The Sweep

The Sweep is the human chain that “sweeps” the park of the public at the end of the show. At 7:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights the Sweep Crew gathers at the Grain Silos and walk slowly towards the chutes at the south end of the parks. This is a gentle way of assisting the public out of the park to allow us to prepare for the night. Vendors and Staff will have Staff Shirts or wristbands that allow them to stay in. We always need more bodies for Sweep! Sign up at Staff Check-In or just join in at the Grain Silos at 7:30pm.


Nightlife at Hempfest

Except for the Friday night VIP Membership party, nothing will be happening. No one should be onsite except for Night Safety, Traffic, and Hempfest Coordinators.  Staff working Night Safety should remain alert and keep it quiet; sound carries at night to the nearby neighbors, and authority figures. No Minors onsite after dark.


Special Notes for Stage Crews

Please Keep in mind that the space on and behind the stages is tight! If you hear the “All-Clear” call, get your butt out of the way. The stages are an excellent place to watch the crowd for medical or other emergencies. Please make way for First Aid staff and report any emergencies in the crowd immediately to the Stage Manager, First Aid, or Operations.

Remember- NOTHING may ever be tossed from any stage or mosh pit!

Even something tiny that wouldn’t hurt a fly could cause a “crowd crush” that could end up with people getting trampled. Keep all pathways clear at all times. If you don’t absolutely need to be onstage or backstage, please vacate the space.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions the public may ask you the second

you put on that staff shirt, and some helpful answers:

What is Hempfest? The Seattle Hempfest is the premier drug policy reform event in the nation. Now in our 28th year, we have 3 stages, 100 bands, 90 speakers, 350 vendors, 500 volunteers and about 130,000 guests.

When do you open? Hempfest opens the gates at Noon Fri. & 10 am Sat/Sun.

When do you close? Hempfest closes at 8PM.  At 7:30 Hempfest Staff and Safety members begin a crowd sweep starting at the Rose Garden and sweeping both north and south to the ends of Centennial Park and Olympic Sculpture Parks. People who are not Vendors or Staff are asked to leave at       this time. >> We always need extra bodies on Sweep! <<

Where are the Info booths? There are two Info Booths: The Main one is South of Hemposium Stage; Red 14-A. #2 is at Bud of Seattle; Yellow 33-C.

Where is the water? We have 3 water and pop booths where we sell fluids to make $$ to pay for Hempfest. Free water? There is one water fountain at Blue F-56, and we have a 4,000 gal water truck- at the junction by Munchie Market.  If you find yourself or others suffering from heatstroke or dehydration get to shade and water, or go to First Aid, or call for First Aid help. Carry an extra bottle of water for folks you come upon in the crowd.

What do I do with lost kids/grownups/car keys/etc? Lost Kids and Found Parents are reported to Draper Safety Compound. (See the section on “Code Adam” p. 12 in this manual)  If you find a Lost Parent or Kid, please contact Draper Safety via radio (if you don’t have a radio, find someone who does) and wait for further instructions.

 If there’s any item you’ve lost or found, you’ll want to check in with the closest Info booth.  We always make a point of announcing lost people at the stages so folks know how to connect. At closing on Fri/Sat/Sun, lost items go to Operations. After Hempfest, email: [email protected].

Where are the ATMs? We have 4 ATM clusters; one at the South entrance, one at Hemposium Stage, one at Munchie Market, one in the Bud of Seattle-North of Liberty Lighthouse, and one in Ganja Gardens behind Seeley Black Stage

Can we camp here? No. Camping is illegal in Seattle City Parks.

How about over there? Please don’t bum out our neighbors and the police by camping on their property, or in the streets.  If you’d like to camp safely and legally, there are plenty of resources outside Seattle City limits. A list is provided at; http://www.hempfest.org/festival/attendees/

Where can I get official Hempfest souvenirs? You can find Hempfest merchandise at the 420 Store in Stone Village- Orange B-21 and Hempfest Central Info Booths; The Main one is South of Hemposium Stage- Red 14-A. Central is at the Bud of Seattle- Yellow 33-C. All kinds of shirts, hats, hemp twine, lighters, local art glass, posters, water bottles and other collectibles are offered!

Can I volunteer? Like, right now? Do you have your Photo ID? Clean clothes on? Are you sober? If so, then you sure can!  If you’re under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics, we can’t use you. Otherwise, we’ve got over 5,000 shifts to fill this year and we need all the help we can get!  Get your hempin’ booty over to Staff Services, located North of Hemposium Stage, and get ready to be part of our team. TEARDOWN shifts always need more bodies!

Do I have to fill out an application? You guys know me, I’ve worked the last 20 Hempfests, you know, I just show up and help Viv out…. YES, everyone must fill out a 2019 Volunteer Staff Application for three reasons:

  1. Our Special Events Permit requires that we prove how many staff members we have on site. 2. We must have a legal document with your contact information and “signature” so that you will be covered by our insurance, and we can’t tell which crews need help if people don’t check in.
  2. You won’t get a staff shirt/wristband until you fill out the app and check in!

What about wheelchair users? Most of the ‘Fest site is wheelchair accessible. Operations or the First Aid crew can help anyone who needs assistance. If wheelchairs need charging, media Check-In and Staff Check-In have power.

Where is first aid? Medic One First Aid is located on Highway 420 at the end of the Bridge, just East of Munchie market, next to the Ambulance.

Where are the bathrooms? We’ve got more Honey buckets than you can shake a stick at.

When’s my brother’s girlfriend’s roommate’s cousin’s band playing? (Where can I find a program?) You can find out when and where your [favorite band / personal hero] is [playing / speaking] by checking out our handy-dandy Event Program.  These can be found at any Hempfest booth like Staff Services and Info Booths, and at all 3 entrance chutes.

Can you sell me some weed? The sale of marijuana is still illegal, and we’re in a “Drug Free Zone” where penalties are doubled. Hempfest staff members are changing the law, not breaking it.  Sorry, dude! 

When do they throw out the free joints? What joints?

Do you know where to buy any weed? There are two 21+ Recreational stores within ½ mile.

Can I buy your staff shirt? You’ve got to earn this staff shirt by kicking down your time and energy for the cause as a Volunteer. This shirt is not for sale.

Can I smoke weed here? Keep in mind that smoking marijuana in public is still illegal.  There is no safety umbrella at Hempfest.  If you choose to smoke out of civil disobedience, be aware of the potential consequences.  We are in a “Drug Free Zone”, and penalties are doubled if you’re busted.

Would you like to smoke this weed with me? No thanks, I’m working! Remember: anyone asking to buy/sell/smoke weed with you at Hempfest is possibly an undercover agent looking to bust you.

Where can I buy some brownies? Please don’t buy any food from anyone who is not a Hempfest Licensed Food Vendor.  If the food is not professionally packaged in a Commercial kitchen, it may not be what the seller promises, and it could be unsafe. No vendors are allowed to sell or sample marijuana or foods with marijuana.


Our gratitude goes out to all of you who give us your valuable time,

and work so passionately for justice and freedom.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, we could not produce

the world’s largest Hempfest without you!

  ~Your Seattle Hempfest Core Group




Open-book Quiz



Can we camp here?     Y / N


Name 2 things required to volunteer; 



Should you buy/sell pot or edibles at Hempfest?   Y/ N


Name 2 things you should bring with you for your shift;



What is a Code Adam? Where do you report one?



Name 2 signs of heat exhaustion;



List the 3 “chutes” to enter/exit Hempfest;



What’s the name of the emergency evacuation document? ____________________________________


Can you bring your dog, cat, snake, rat, pig, bird, monkey, llama or other pet with you to Hempfest?   Y / N


Why does everyone need to Check-In once a day?








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