Operational Crews

Operational Crews

We keep Hempfest moving

Operational Crews do a variety of tasks to make Hempfest happen and keep her flowing like the well-oiled machine she is!  These crews have volunteer opportunities during set up, festival days, and tear down.   Our always free Volunteer Kitchen serves 4 meals per day to keep hungry volunteers fueled and Caffedration team has water & coffee on hand to keep you going!  Your festival days shift comes with a Volunteer Staff Shirt and a feeling of accomplishment like nothing else!  Hempfest is family!

Ecology Team Eco helps assure that our footprint stays as close to zero as possible!  Lead by Dave, Team Eco empties recycling, compost, & landfill containers of their full bags and replaces them with new ones.  Stationed near our Food Vendors, where the most waste is produced, Team Eco helps the public sort their trash into the right containers, the first time.  This helps our special overnight crew, The Oregon Crew, that comes up from Eugene each, minimize the sorting they must do to assure that our waste is sorted properly and accepted into recycling & compost.  For your valiant efforts, you get not only the Volunteer Staff Shirt but a special Team Eco shirt as thanks for taking on this critical task!  Team Eco mostly works during the festival but also helps keep us clean while we are setting up and especially when we are tearing down as that’s when we do our micro cleaning to assure that we leave the park cleaner than we found it!   Want more information?  Email us at [email protected] or sign up HERE

Quartermonster: Team QM is responsible for facilitating all the equipment it takes to support the Hempfest event.  Jessica is the lead and she needs material runners & inventory clerks to help move materials like tables and chairs around the park during set up.  We start the Monday before Hempfest and do not end until the Wednesday after Hempfest.  This area is one of the hearts of Hempfest as we keep pumping out the supplies to keep her running!  Want more information?  Email us at [email protected] or sign up HERE

Sign Hanging Crew: It takes a lot of signs to produce Seattle Hempfest and you can be a part of the team that puts them up starting the Monday before Hempfest and takes them back down starting the Tuesday after the Hempfest event.  Pegi, Joey, & Michaella are the leads and they’d love your help with sorting the signs once we get on site them putting them up using zip ties at various locations throughout the 1.5-mile-long park. Don’t worry though, the team has a golf cart to help move the signs and you around!  Want more information?  Email us at [email protected] or sign up HERE

Traffic:  Without our super amazing Traffic Crew, lead by Charles, Seattle Hempfest would not be able to manage the 30 suppliers & over 300 vendors that load in and out of the park each year.  This is a mission-critical team that is crucial to our success!  What is Traffic Crew?  Traffic manages the flow of vehicles as well as pedestrians inside the park as well as the loading in/out of suppliers & vendors outside the park.  They also manage our northern parking area and keep it secure.  Shifts start on Monday and do not end until the Wednesday after Hempfest.  Traffic is especially busy during our busy vendor load-in and out on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  Want more information?  Email us at [email protected] or sign up HERE

Vendor Check-In, Ground Crew & Vending Communications:  We have just under 400 vendors at Seattle Hempfest each year and they are a super interesting group to work with.  You meet all sorts of ganjapreneurs from all over the world!  Vendor Check-In works all day Thursday & Friday morning greeting our vendors as they arrive and checking them in with booth materials & information.  Kat is the lead. You can sign up HERE Vendor Ground Crew works all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  At first, VGC meets vendors and helps assure they load into the correct space.  Booth flags are marked with booth numbers and we have maps, lists, etc to help this happen according to plan.  Nicole is the lead.  You can sign up HERE Vending Communications works the Tuesday before through Sunday night assuring that we are taking care of our vendors.  Vending Coms is the support center where vendors come for help.  Lydia is the lead. Vending is a great way to get exposure to the cannabis industry. You can sign up HERE Want more information?  Email us at [email protected]