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Cannabis Basics, Love Yourself Healing Oil

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Love Yourself Healing Oil

Ideal for massage. Great for daily after-shower use. This magical medicinal is a blend of Premium Cannabis Flower, Organic Hempseed Oil, vitamin E and nourishing fruit and nut oils. Organic Hempseed Oil penetrates the epidermis and carries healing properties of Premium Cannabis Flower to medicate sore, tired muscles and joints. Tested and loved by massage therapists and patients alike. This magical topical has amazing viscosity and continues to soothe long after application. The aromatherapy of lavender and tangerine will relax and calm while it refreshes and invigorates.

Aromatherapy blend of Lavender and Tangerine with Olive Oil and Vitamin E.

We carry both the 1 oz roll-on and the 4 oz bottle!


**Sold for legal use per Washington State law only.  Products cannot ship out of state.**