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Cannabis Basics, The Remedy Pain Stick


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The Remedy Pain Stick

Just close your eyes, breathe deep, and relax.

The terpenes from the cannabis and the essential oil blend will help with your headache or nausea before applying topically. Don’t forget to apply a little under your nose to get an ongoing aromatherapy treatment. Apply liberally to the temples, back of the neck, joints, muscles, anywhere you feel pain, stress or inflammation.  Recap and continue to apply pressure using the contours of this container as a massage tool.

Our first product utilizing  CBD, THCA and THC along with Arnica Montana and other therapeutic botanicals is already being celebrated because “it works so well”. The Remedy is the perfect all-purpose pain relief stick conveniently carried in your briefcase, backpack or purse.


**Sold for legal use per Washington State law only.  Products cannot ship out of state.**