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Drawing & Sketch Books, Hemp Heritage

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Drawing & Sketch Books, Hemp Heritage
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Drawing & Sketch Books, a Green Field Paper Company Hemp Heritage line.

This book creates a contemporary look from a fiber that has been used to make paper for nearly 2,000 years!

Suitable for a wide range of media including pastel, charcoal, watercolor, gouache, pen and ink.

The mini book measures 3" x 4.25" and features 15 pages of 70# (180 gsm) Hemp Heritage® paper.
The small book measures 4.25" x 6.5" and features 35 pages of 70# (180 gsm) Hemp Heritage® paper.
The medium book measures 7" x 7" and features 40 pages of 70# (180 gsm) Hemp Heritage® paper. 
The large book measures 8.5" x 11" and features 40 pages of 70# (180 gsm) Hemp Heritage® paper.

The front cover is printed using soy inks on Green Field Paper Co's 110# Hemp Heritage® paper and the back cover is a heavy recycled chipboard.
Bound with natural stainless steel wire.


Hemp is a fast-growing alternative to trees and its sinewy fibers have been used to make rope and paper for thousands of years. This historical plant holds great promise as a renewable tree-free source of fiber for the future. Green Field Paper Companies Hemp Heritage® paper is made in the USA by pulping Canadian-grown hemp fiber blended with post consumer waste. This paper is state-of-the-art in style and environmental responsibility. They are proud to be the only US manufacturer of paper made with North American hemp fiber and we're happy to offer you their exclusive Hemp Heritage products. This is the future of recycled paper: combining the best of tree-free and recycled fiber and the result is a premium quality paper with an elegant laid finish.