29th Annual Seattle Hempfest

The 29th Annual Seattle HEMPFEST® 


Seattle HEMPFEST, the undisputed King of Protestivals, and the largest cannabis convocation in the world.


Our official 2020 event will be held on Saturday, October 10th, and Sunday October 11th from 12 Noon to 8 PM PT each day. Please note that this is different from our original event dates.

UPDATE: Please visit our Seattle Hempfest YouTube channel to view all of the 2020 performer and speakers panel videos. (CLICK HERE)

Seattle HEMPFEST, the premier flagship event of the global cannabis culture, is celebrating its 29th year in an online live stream format.  Hempfest’s crown jewels of achievement include its designation as the largest annual cannabis policy reform event in the world.  Seattle HEMPFEST is the most sophisticated and socially responsible cannabis rally in history, and perhaps the largest annual free speech event in the nation.


With a laser focus on political content and a deep commitment to community values, Seattle’s HEMPFEST event has influenced regional and national public policy while being an economic generator in its community. Seattle’s HEMPFEST event paved the way and tilled the soil for Washington State citizens to legalize cannabis before any other state.  




Seattle HEMPFEST entered its 28th year with a volunteer event staff of 800 and operating 3 stages of non-stop speakers and music & 400 arts, crafts, food, and informational vendors. This Year will be much different than other HEMPFEST events as we have been forced to move online due to the Covid19 Coronavirus. 


Even though we are moving our event online, we aim to deliver a quality and informative experience to our viewers similar to that of what we have provided for many years, but with the global reach of an online event.

Bringing quality information and resources about hemp and cannabis culture to the public is a major goal for our organization. Our stages have for years served as a platform for cannabis reform advocates and allies alike. Some of Seattle’s former mayors have spoken from HEMPFEST’s  Main Stage, along with U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, former U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper, actor Woody Harrelson, and a cadre of notable reform movement luminaries and celebrities.

Our Ric Smith Memorial Hemposium tent featured press conferences, panel discussions, and keynote speakers during the free 3-day waterfront event. For 2020 we will be emulating our stages in a livestream format similar to that of our regular event, but in the comfort of your home!


A Seattle Special Event with traditional status, the Seattle HEMPFEST in the parks required hundreds of pages of planning. The city granted permit was obtained after organizers worked cooperatively with many city agencies and community stakeholders to guarantee that safety, health, and other community concerns are met. Despite the unfortunate situation that the Covid19 pandemic has brought upon the world, we strive to give the public quality information and resources in an online event, much like we have done for nearly 30 years onstage and in person.

We’re proud to usher in our 29th year with you and hope that you may partake in the event with us! Cannabis law won’t reform itself! 


See our official HEMPFEST platform to learn more about what we are advocating for!  

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Take care and stay healthy! And we’ll see you the 3rd weekend of August!