On 5/28/2020-

After remaining hopeful that the 29th annual Seattle Hempfest could take place in the parks this year, it has become apparent that the event cannot be safely produced in its traditional venue. Therefore Seattle Hempfest 2020 is being relocated to a new venue, on-line. This year’s Seattle Hempfest will be an exciting worldwide livestreamed event addressing the role that cannabis can play in a more sustainable, just, and equitable post-Covid world, and will take place on our usual dates of the third weekend in August.
Like many businesses, Seattle Hempfest faces significant hardships associated with the Covid-19 viral pandemic. Hempfest has endured many challenges over the past 29 years, including a massive reduction in revenue in due to the State Legislature restricting 502 cannabis businesses from commercially advertising at events such as Seattle Hempfest.
As with thousands of events and business, the global pandemic has created a massive lack of revenue unlike anything we have encountered before. And when our state legislature restricted advertising in 2015, and the subsequent enforcement standards were promulgated by the WSLCB, the cost to Hempfest was several hundred thousand dollars in annual revenue. Hempfest is currently challenging the constitutionality of those cannabis business advertising restrictions in Superior Court.
Regardless, our primary obligations are the safety of our community and honoring our financial commitments in keeping with our longstanding core principles. Honoring these commitments is more important to us than even then survival of the organization. However, we believe that our best ability to accomplish honoring those commitments is through the survival of our organization and the creation of new revenue generating projects, philanthropic opportunities, and fundraising strategies.
We remain committed to honoring our financial commitments and obligations. We ask our supporters and participants to stand with us, and for the support and assistance of our community as we work to adjust to this unprecedented environment.

We will be sharing more information about our plans for Hempfest in the coming weeks, and ways that our community can support Hempfest in this transition.
We encourage everyone to stay safe, observe social distancing protocols, and take the measures necessary so that this pandemic can be over sooner than later so that we all can return to public spaces, enjoy each other’s presence, and support the music community and local businesses.


On 3/19/2020-

Seattle Hempfest organizers are regularly monitoring directives issued by state and local authorities related to the Covid-19 Virus outbreak. We have taken several precautions concerning our day to day operations.


OUR TRADITIONAL April 4/20 FEST IN SEATTLE however (our 2nd biggest Membership fundraiser), is canceled, and will instead take to the internet with a first-of-its-kind live Multicast event, joined by members globally from the safety of their homes.

We recognize that the Covid-19 Novel Virus outbreak is not a short term event and is likely going to have implications into the spring, we expect that HEMPFEST, which is scheduled for late summer, will be a safe event. This is a fluid situation and we are prepared to honor all official directives issued by state and local authorities.

Seattle HEMPFEST has taken these actions proactively, early on in this health crisis:

Released our staff from most in-office duties. (we are periodically checking voicemail)

Closed our HEMPFEST Central storefront (our online store and vending sales are still in operation)

Moved our monthly Core Group meetings online, successfully adapting the use of online multicast.

Stay safe and follow the directives of local, state, and federal authorities. We will get through this if we stay calm, be sensible, and act responsibly.