Question: I’m planning on being at the 2013 hempfest with a couple of friends. My question is do the medications being sold requiring a medical card and what are the restrictions of the festivities based on marijuana?


Anwer: Hello!  There is no cannabis sales allowed at Seattle Hempfest.  We strictly enforce this policy.  Vendors caught selling cannabis or cannabis foods are required to tear down their vending space and leave the park immediately and they are disallowed from vending in the future.  


We also do not allow the public to sell cannabis or cannabis foods either. They have the choice of A. Leaving the park or B. having their medicated food destroyed with vinegar.


Sorry to seem so harsh but selling cannabis in a park is a felony and would violate our permit so significantly that we’d not exist as an event if we didn’t have rules like this.  We love cannabis and we’d love nothing more than to see a huge bud market with the dankest of the dank every where, but alas, we can’t.  Bummer huh?


So bring your own and be as civilly disobedient as you wish!   Circle up! Make new freinds! Hempfest is certainly a smoke friendly zone and you’ll love tokin’ with 100,000 of your new Hempfest friends.  


I do have to note that anyone smoking cannabis, medical patient or not, is breaking the law by smoking publicly and in a park.  You are subject to arrest but the rules we’ve put into place and our enforcement of them as helped create the magical environment we all cherish and that we all get to enjoy each August where we can come together and enjoy cannabis.


Happy tokin!