top 3 vape pens

When a marijuana smoker finally gets fed up with pipes and bongs and the lung damage that comes with them, they begin to show a deep interest in portable vape pens as a solution for their current dilemma.  Many newcomers find it extremely challenging to select the right products when they are first getting started due to the overwhelming amount of information that is scattered throughout the internet on this topic.  For this very reason we have decided to put together this short guide in order to reveal to you which products are the best for users who are just getting their feet wet in the vape community.  Please read through our recommendations and our short reviews on each product before making your selection.  The following products are listed in order of which ones we liked best, so keep that in mind when you are making your decision.


1)  G Pro Herbal  by Grenco Science


Our first selection for the best vape pen for beginners is the G Pro Herbal by Grenco Science.  This stylish and easy to use pen is available in regular black along with the Snoop Dogg version as well.  The main reason we chose this pen as our number 1 selection is because quite honestly this is the product that we use to vaporize our dried herbal blends.  This pen is easy to use, reliable, and the battery lasts a very long time.  Simply grind up your dried herbs into a fine powder, load them up into the chamber ensuring to fill it all the way up, and then press the button and vape away.  This pen even comes with a mouthpiece extension tip to allow the vapor a chance to cool down before hitting your lips.  The vapor quality on this pen is above average, and overall it is a very solid choice for beginners.  We highly recommend this pen to newcomers and experts alike because of it’s ease of use and maximized efficiency.


2) Vaporite Budy Pen 3 in 1 Pen


Ranking it at number 2 we have the Vaporite Platinum 3 in 1 style pen.  The great thing about this pen is that it has 3 separate attachments, one for each type of material.  This pen can be used with dried herbs, waxes, and oils…offering the customer true versatility and multi-functional usage.  If you are interested in vaping but aren’t sure what type of material you are going to enjoy then this pen is perfect for you.  You can test out each material with each separate attachment and find out if you are a dried herb type of person or if you might lean a bit more towards concentrates and oils.  Regardless of what type of smoker you are, this vape has you covered.  Simply charge up the battery, press the power button five times to unlock it, load up your chosen material and vape away!


3) Pulsar Supernova Vaporizer Pen


Ranking in at number 3 in our lineup is the Pulsar Supernova.  The Supernova is a great pen for beginners who absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that they only want to vape dried herbs and then want to vape them in a stealth like manner.  The Supernova is extremely compact and can fit inside a pocket or handbag easily to allow for maximum stealth and convenience.  This powerful pen is capable of producing extremely thick clouds of vapor and even has a small LCD display on the battery to keep track of how many draws you have taken.  The price on the Supernova is about as cheap as you will find in the dry herb market, and it has all of the features that higher priced models offer as well so you aren’t losing out.  Overall this is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable option to vape dried herbs quickly and effectively.


So that sums up our list of the top 3 vaporizer pens for beginners.  We hope that you were able to gain some valuable insights into these products and figure out which one is right for you.  We know how confusing it can be when you first begin researching these products, which is why we presented you with this list so that you could at least narrow down your selection to these three products.  No matter which one you choose, ultimately we think you will end up a satisfied customer, or at the very least gain some valuable experiences that you can then apply to your next vape pen purchase.  Good luck and we truly hope that you have nothing but lasting success in your vaping adventures!


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