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Jimmy Romans Billboard Campaign #freejimmyromans

Jimmy Romans appeal has been scheduled for the week of October 5, 2015. The appeal is being held in the 5th district which is located in New Orleans. We are looking for as much support as possible to attend, but prior to this we have signed a contract to have a billboard up the week prior to Jimmys appeal in order to bring awareness that Life sentences are still being given for cannabis. Please donate and share this link!

A $500 cash donation has also been provided so $567 is remaining to be raised.

You can write jimmy personal at the contact info below:


James Romans 10195028

Terre Haute Federal Prison

Federal Bureau of Prisons


Terre Haute, IN 47808


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Elizabeth Bishop

Jimmy Romans First Blog Post (POW420 Sponsored)

jimmy and aliciaI was able to see my parents & my oldest daughter last Sat. It is always great to see them. I love my family so much. My parents just recently returned from visiting my sister in California for the Holidays. I remember when all of the family would get together at my house to celebrate birthdays & holidays. What good times we have had. The last time was over 5 years ago. Now, I can only enjoy my families company in a short visit in a strict visiting room in the High Security Federal Penitentiary that I am currently being housed at. I am blessed to even be able to see them, so I do count my blessings daily. I have been able to see my oldest daughter, who is 17 yrs. old, about 12 times since 2011. My youngest daughter is almost 9 & my son will be 8 in August. I have not talked or seen either one of them since June, 2011. My sister is such a big part of my life. I love her so much. She is my sweet angel. She lives in California & I have only been able to see her about 5 times since 2010. Other family members & friends frequently visit me, & for that I am also blessed. I am so very blessed to have many, many people in my corner during this rough season in my life. Family, friends, loved ones, churches, total strangers (who I consider family now), & especially God. It tears me up inside to see how my incarceration has ripped apart my family & friends. I miss the times we have had daily with each other. What I would do to know then what I know now. Everything happens for a reason. I really have grown from this experience. I just don’t understand why I was so harshly penalized for exercising my constitutional right to take my case to trial. I received a LIFE sentence for conspiracy to deal marijuana & am now housed at a Maximum Security Federal Prison. I do thank everyone for all of the on-going support through e-mails, letters, cards, phone calls, visits, & prayers. My Appeal is going forward now. It has been held up for the last 2 years, but it is finally proceeding forward. I anticipate great things to happen in my future. I will continue to fight this un-just Justice System we have here in the United States. I will never give up!!  Thanks again for all of your on-going support. Keep me in your thoughts & prayers.

Sincerely,   James “Jimmy” Romans

Inmate # 10195028

Terre Haute Federal Prison

Terre Haute, IN

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