Best Vape Pens 2015!

In recent years, marijuana vaporizers pens have been exploding in popularity, and a wide range of brands are currently being advertised with all sorts of fancy features. However, despite many vape pens claiming to be vaporize loose leaf herb, only a select few can do so effectively without scorching your herb. This reviews takes a lot at some of the better weed vape pens currently on the market in 2015 and explains the pros and cons of each.

1. Atmos Boss

Based in the USA, Atmos is well known for making quality vaporizers and vape pens, and their latest product the Atmos Boss certainly delivers. Unlike most vape pens which burn loose leaf, the Boss can handle it with ease. After loading a full bowl with some good quality product, I was able to get quite a few puffs and each had a great amount of vapor. When my session was finished, the loose leaf was quite dark and evenly cooked, signs that the heating provides a steady and even heat. With a thirty second warm up time, the heating element in the Boss reaches about 400F and maintains that temperature while in use. The Boss is also highly portable and discreet (it resembles an e-cigarette), making it great for medical users who need something while they’re on the go. The battery is rated for 1200mAH, so it should last the entire day with medium use.

2. Atmos Orbit


Yet another product from Atmos, the Orbit is one of the hottest pen vapes currently on the market. Not only does it boast rapid heating times, the Orbit’s heating chamber is ceramic, providing a clean tasting vapor and even heat. One of the best features of the Orbit is a clear herb chamber, that way you can always tell exactly when your session is finished. The unit stands about seven inches in height and is extremely lightweight and feels durable to hold. The battery life is quite good, and you should anticipate getting about a day worth of vaping if you aren’t a power user. You can also use the Orbit while the battery is charging which is another plus.


3. T-Vape 2.0


Developed by Squaresmoke, the T-Vape 2.0 is another excellent vape pen which also has loose leaf vaporization capabilities. The 2.0 boasts a temperature range of between 390F and 420F (selected via presets), ensuring that you get a full vaporization experience while using loose leaf. In the T-Vape kit you get a small herb chamber, a large chamber, a small battery, and one large battery, giving you some flexibility in customizing your setup. The kit feels well made and the button has a firm press to it. On a full charge the small unit can vape about three to four full bowls on a single charge, whereas the large batter can get around six on average. Although the T-Vape 2.0 is a great unit (especially for the price!), it is not as user-friendly as the Orbit or Boss in addition to having a longer heat-up time.


4. V2 Pro Series 3


The first entry in VMR’s hot new line of loose leaf vaporizers, the V2 Pro Series is a 3-in-1 vape pen designed to function with loose leaf, oil, and e-liquid (cartridges are available for each different function). One of the coolest things about the Series 3 is that it uses a magnetic system for charging as well as holding the different cartridges in place. This system also detects automatically which cartridge has been inserted, and adjusts the power level to compensate. The loose leaf mode works great, and there’s three heat settings which can be selected when using loose leaf. The battery life is quite good, but due to its smaller size it is not as long lasting as the Boss or Orbit batteries. Unfortunately the Series Pro 3 cannot be used while charging, but it charges quite rapidly. Both the e-liquid and oil cartridges produced good vapor, and at a price point of only $69 the Series Pro 3 is an excellent low priced way to see what vaping is all about.


As we’re still quite early in 2015, expect to see even more new weed pen vapes being released in the near feature with superior technology. However, for now these are some of the best options currently out there!

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