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Katie Morse

Seattle Hempfest’s greatest strength is also our greatest challenge!

Hempfest runs on Volunteer power!

This Protestival has been staffed by Volunteers for 25 years, and as we grow larger and more mainstream it’s harder to fill all the shifts…

Folklife crew

YOU can make a difference this season by helping us recruit more volunteers at fun events like the Northwest Folklife Festival

For over 20 years our crew has enjoyed wandering through Folklife at Seattle Center with Hempfest signs and handbills, and getting people excited about volunteering at the Protestival in August!

Meet us on Saturday or Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend – 5/27 & 5/28 – at 2pm or 4pm.

We will be meeting on the steps outside the Armory building [formerly the Center House] on the North side, the side you enter from the Harrison St. entrance– past the EMP and the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum– accessed from 5th Ave N. [East side of Seattle Center.]  The back steps of the Center House face Memorial Stadium and the First-Aid tent/Ambulance.

The bigger the crew, the more fun we have, but you can also just check in with us to pick-up some handbills and take off to your favorite stage! Feel free to wear your Hempfest shirt 😉


Folklife 2915 by Joshua Boulet


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About THCF, our Presenting Sponsor

THCF Medical Clinics (THCF) is the presenting sponsor of Seattle Hempfest for the 5th consecutive year!
Hempfest is literally brought to you by its sponsors every year (we couldn’t pay the bills without their help), and THCF is our biggest benefactor, year after year.


And Hempfest isn’t the only legalization event or effort supported by THC Foundation. THCF organizes the Portland Hempstalk Festival in 3 weeks, September 7th and 8th. Vendors should get a booth at Hempstalk. THCF funded the initiative to legalize marijuana in Oregon last November, though it lost in Oregon with 47 percent of the vote, and their clinics are sponsoring new cannabis and freedom initiative petition campaigns in Oregon for the 2014 vote. THCF is a proud member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, and THCF is directly affiliated with the Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH). Also, THCF Medical Gardens has won many Oregon medical marijuana awards for its quality medicinal flowers, and THCF supplies sick and dying patients with hundreds of pounds of free cannabis, free of charge, every year. Look for them online at


THCF Medical Clinics have helped certify over 150,000 patients in 10 states. Even Willie Nelson gets his medical marijuana permits through THCF.
They work hard for all of us. If you have a medical certification, we recommend THCF.


Visit THCF at Booths # 439 / 440 to get regstered as a medical patient, and to thank them for supporting us!

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sharon whitson

Pssst, There’s Snot in the Brownies!

Each year Seattle Hempfest fights a weird battle, the battle of unauthorized vending. As a 100% volunteer driven event, we are  dependent upon revenue generated by the vendors who pay to sell their wares at our event. These vendors, along with your donations, are the life’s blood of Seattle Hempfest that keeps our heart tokin’and our vision rollin’ along.


When you fill your backpack up with little pipes, jewelry you’ve made, or even worse; brownies or other food you intend to sell, you’re really hurting Hempfest. It hurts our vendors, without whom there would be no Seattle Hempfest. When they have to compete with some guy who is not supporting the cause but instead siphoning potential revenue away from the vendors, they lose money. When they lose, Hempfest loses too.


It’s weird to be the ganja food police at Seattle Hempfest but we find ourselves in that position. Who’d of thunk? We realize that not everyone has access to delicious edible treats but when you buy a brownie out of some guys backpack you really are taking a risk.


A few years back we heard a rumor that people ate brownies dosed with heroin at Seattle Hempfest and ended up in Harbor View. Thank the ganja gods that it was just a rumor but it really snapped us up to the reality that hey, you DON’T know what you are buying from some dude in a park, and wow what a health risk this backpack brownie business is.


Not to mention, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone busted selling brownies at Fest, back stepping about how there’s not even any cannabis in the brownies. Pisses me off even more! Now you’re admitting to selling bunk in our event?


The health department actually requires each of our real food vendors to have a health permit and follow safety guidelines to assure that no one gets sick. If someone does get sick they can say what food booth they ate at verses some random guy selling bunk brownies with snot and e-coli in them spreading his ass wiped handmade diarrhea food at will making YOU sick.


What to do? I know you want delicious brownie goodness to enjoy while at fest. Hell, so do I! The time is now, talk to your friends. Know anyone that cooks? Bring your own ganja goodness with you. Feel free to be as civilly disobedient as you please – with your own supplies. It’s actually an enhanced felony to sell cannabis or cannabis foods in a park, receiving them is, as well.


I’m tellin’ you folks, it’s just not worth the risk. I’ll take my brownies without the snot please.

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