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One marijuana plant in four growing phase

HB 1092 Allows the possession of no more that six marijuana plants and up to twenty-four ounces of usable marijuana harvested from lawfully grown plants if the person in possession is at least twenty-one years old. Allows the possession of no more than twelve marijuana plants and forty-eight ounces of usable marijuana, in the aggregate, by the adult residents of a single housing unit, regardless of the number of persons who are at least twenty-one years old residing in the housing unit.  

The House Committee on Commerce & Gaming has scheduled a public hearing on Monday January 23 at 1:30 PM in the O’Brien Building.    It’s important that people show up ready to be respectful and thoughtful.  


Of the eight states that have legalized cannabis for recreational sales, all allow personal cultivation – except for Washington!

You can read & comment on the bill HERE

The comment button is on the right side of the page, in the dark green bar, “Comment on this bill”.  Be sure and send your comments to both of your House Representatives & your Senator.  Ask for a reply back.  This is a great way to start dialogue with your Legislators.  

Viv wrote some ‘grassfire’ tips for the being an effective cannabis advocate that can be read HERE

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