Park Rules


  • No Alcohol
  • No Narcotics  Hempfest supports all lawful cannabis use.  Sales of any illegal substances are unlawful.  Sales of any cannabis-laced food (like brownies) are unlawful.
  • Public consumption of marijuana is not permitted under I-502 and is unlawful.  The Seattle Police, Port Police, and Cannabis Board will be on-site.024-X3
  • No Weapons -Guns or fixed blade knives are prohibited. Folding pocket knives (3-1/2″ or smaller) OK
  • No Camping
  • Age Restrictions – Seattle Hempfest is a constitutionally protected free-speech event, therefore Hempfest cannot restrict access based upon age or admission fee. We suggest that minors wishing to attend Hempfest discuss the matter with the appropriate parent or guardian. The passage of Initiative I-502 did not change the admission policy of Hempfest. Teen use of cannabis at Hempfest is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED. The Washington State Liquor and State Cannabis Board will be present. Please do not risk a citation and/or parental notification and arrest
  • Nudity Policy – Genital nudity is prohibited at Hempfest per City of Seattle law.
  • No Unauthorized Vending Inside the Park This means don’t come to Hempfest with stuff to sell to other attendees.  If caught you’ll be escorted out of the park.  You can purchase blanket vending for only $400 on our Vending page. 
  • Street Vending – Street vending is not allowed.  City enforcement officers will be patrolling the sidewalks around the Seattle Hempfest event and will be issuing citations for illegal street vending. You can buy a booth inside for $400 or purchase a Seattle street vending permit here.
  • No Propane Torches – bummer, but it’s a Fire Marshall code requirement.  Final_Poster (1)
  • No Pets (Dogs, Cats, Birds, etc.) Please do not leave your pets in your car! Cars left in direct sunlight turn into lethal ovens, reaching fatal temperatures of 130 degrees or more within just a few minutes. Even dogs left locked in cars in the shade with the windows cracked on hot days are at risk of brain damage or death. Dogs must cool themselves through panting and their systems can’t handle high temperatures. Also, be aware that vinyl seats in vehicles get hot under animals’ feet and prevents them from perspiring through their paws. Pet owners can be held criminally liable for committing cruelty to animals if a pet dies, or is found suffering from heat prostration. If you see an animal that may be in need of assistance, or if you have questions, contact the Seattle Animal Shelter at (206) 386-7387 (PETS). IMG_4276
  • Service Animals –  Hempfest does not allow pets. Service animals will be permitted under laws allowing service animals. This includes the Washington Law Against Discrimination and the Americans With Disabilities Act.  Those who have disabilities should be able to describe the service that the animal performs and the training that the animal has received. (No one will be asked about the nature of their disability or medical condition.)  Service animals that are disruptive, that engage others in unsolicited contact, or that exhibit threatening behaviors may be excluded.  Owners or someone accompanying the service animal are responsible for bagging and removing solid waste.  The person accompanying the service animal is responsible to keep the animal on a leash or under other appropriate restraint.
  • Drones Are Prohibited –  Unmanned aerial vehicles are prohibited by law to operate in Seattle public parks per Seattle Code 18.12.265
  • Bicycles – We have a bike corral on Bay & Elliott Streets as well as the fence line along our north entrance.  Bicycles must dismount during the three days of the event.   During Set-up and Tear-Down Mon-Thurs before Hempfest, and Mon-Wed after Hempfest, during the times from 7:30-8:30 am the parks will be vehicle free.  During other working Staff Kitchen Larry Steiner signdays/hours of set-up and tear-down (8:30 – 9:00 pm), bicycles and pedestrians are required to utilize the west (water side) path. There may be very temporary deviations, please follow the guidance and instructions of traffic crew wearing orange safety vests.  The reason for the west path use is because there will be intermittent vehicle use and large truck deliveries using the east (railroad side) path during set-up and tear-down days, throughout the day.  This is for your safety. Bicyclists routinely go at such high speeds through the parks that vehicle drivers cannot adequately see bikes in time, especially on the curves throughout the parks. The west path should be vehicle-free (with very brief exceptions, controlled by vested traffic monitors) all day during set-up and tear-down days/hours.


  • Note: It is an enhanced felony to sell cannabis, cannabis food, or other drugs in a city park