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3. Toke Life Booths 534-565

Hempfest Central
Hempfest Central

What do we sell? Official Seattle Hempfest® merchandise, industrial hemp products & local glass.  We are Seattle's best head shop!  Visiting our retail boutique is like shopping at Hempfest all year long!
We are open Wednesday – Friday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm & Saturday 1:00 - 7:00 PM
Shop at one of our four locations on site  - Near booth 300 in Hemposium, next to booth 403 on Main Stage's water side and next to 565 where Toke Life meets the Bud of Seattle food area.

Twenty22Many, Booth 565A.
Visit Twenty22Many in our Toke Life area just past the 2019 Seattle Hempfest Main Stage!Twenty22Many – Olympia is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that advocates on behalf of veterans to bring awareness to PTSD, Veteran Suicide, Alternative Medicines and Holistic Therapies. Twenty22Many – Olympia Mission Statement: “By All Means Necessary – End Veteran Suicide”. Twenty22Many’s ‘Esprit […]
Olympia, WA.
Futurola, Booth #546-549
Visit the famous Futurola booths in our Toke Life area just past Seattle Hempfest Main Stage! Futurola was born from Futurola Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in 1996. Growing and evolving to exceed industry standards, Futurola has developed a world-class product line of rolling + smoking accessories for everyone from consumers to producers.
Los Angeles, CA.
JB Games, Booth 564, 565.
A Legacy Seattle Hempfest Vendor®, come visit JB Games in Toke Life, just north of Main stage!
Peoria, AZ., Booth #563.
Visit ‘s Booth just past the 2019 Seattle Hempfest’s® Main stage!!                                       Legal Lean Syrup is national distributor of natural relaxation and mood enhancement supplements. We have a well diversified portfolio of product variety including our flagship product “legal lean syrup”         […]
Showbox Street Team, Booth #541.
Join the Shobox Street Team, an iconic Northwest institution, as they promote another NW giant of the festival scene: Bumbershoot! Located in Toke Life, between Main and Seeley Black stage, Booth #541.
Seattle, WA
The Cheese Pit, Booths #543 & 544.
Look for The Cheese Pit at booths #543-544 next to Seattle Hempfest Main Stage on Highway 420!   With vegan and gluten free options, you will find a delicious experience for everyone at The Cheese Pit. “All of our sandwiches are prepared with fresh baked, thickly-sliced, sourdough bread from Seattle’s own Macrina Bakery. Gluten-free bread […]
Woodinville, WA