Seattle Hempfest 2016 – Stage Schedule

Friday 8-19-2016 Saturday 8-20-2016 Sunday 8-21-2016
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
11:00am House Music 11:00am House Music
11:40am TBD 11:40am TBD
11:45am TBD 11:45am TBD
11:50am TBD 11:50am TBD
Noon Park Opens
National Anthem
Noon COSMOS Noon Ganja Farmers
12:35pm John Novak 12:35pm Roger Tilton 12:35pm Boris Budd
12:40pm Gina Garcia 12:40pm Joelle Puccio 12:40pm Stacy Bloch
12:45pm Lisa Buchanan 12:45pm Kat Bohnsack 12:45pm Shango Los
12:50pm Joanna McKee 12:50pm Eric Holt 12:50pm Martin Martinez
1:00pm Christine Gunn
1:00pm Chief Greenbud 1:00pm Jim Page
1:35pm Danielle Rosellison 1:35pm Enedina Stanger 1:35pm Elvy Musikka
1:40pm Jeff Steinborn 1:40pm David Nott 1:40pm Dr. David Bearman
1:45pm Sierra Riddle 1:45pm Dr. Sunil Aggarwal 1:45pm Allison Bigelow
1:50pm John Conroy 1:50pm Trista Okel 1:50pm Courtney Moran
2:00pm Burnzz Holiday 2:00pm The Wiley Ones 2:00pm Rich Wetzel’s Groovin Higher Orchestra
2:35pm Rachel Kurtz 2:35pm Dale Schafer 2:35pm Jim MacRae
2:40pm David Rheins 2:40pm “Reverend Cannabis” 2:40pm Alex Cooley
2:45pm Meagan Holt 2:45pm Ngaio Bealum 2:45pm Lori Duckworth
2:50pm Douglas Hiatt 2:50pm Wes Abney 2:50pm Farmer Tom Lauerman
3:00pm Neal Storme’s Amazing Friends 3:00pm King Khazm presents Diaries of a MAD 3:00pm El Steiner
3:35pm Stephanie Viskovich 3:35pm Chris Mizanskey 3:35pm AC Braddock
3:40pm Ah Warner 3:40pm Jeff Mizanskey 3:40pm Urb Thrasher
3:45pm Vivan McPeak 3:45pm Nate Howard 3:45pm Jerry Whiting
3:50pm Vivian McPeak 3:50pm Vivian McPeak 3:50pm Vivian McPeak
4:00pm Black Magic Noize 4:00pm The Herbivores 4:00pm Phat Sidy Smokehouse
4:35pm TBD 4:35pm Rick Steves 4:35pm Madeline Martinez
4:40pm Nate Howard 4:40pm Joy Beckerman 4:40pm Michael Krawtiz
4:45pm Danica Noble 4:45pm Jodie Emery 4:45pm Stinkbud
4:50pm George Martarano 4:50pm Mikki Norris 4:50pm Shilo Murphy
4:55pm Kari Boiter 4:55pm Chris Conrad 4:55pm Lee Berger
5:05pm Trita 5:05pm Taylor Scott Band 5:05pm Zombie Jihad
5:40pm Nurse Heather Manus 5:40pm Erin Purchase 5:40pm Kyle Kushman
5:45pm Kevin Oliver 5:45pm Amanda Reiman 5:45pm Martin Lee
5:50pm Ben Livingston 5:50pm Ed Rosenthal 5:50pm John Davis
6:00pm The People Now 6:00pm BACKBONE 6:00pm Sage
6:35pm Crystal Oliver 6:35pm DJ Short 6:35pm Adela Falk
6:40pm Jeremy Moberg 6:40pm Patrick Seifert 6:40pm Lynette Shaw
6:45pm Shawn Denae 6:45pm NJ Weedman 6:45pm Cyril Bouanna
6:50pm Alison Draisin 6:50pm Susan Squibb 6:50pm Sharon Whitson
7:00pm Upwell
7:00pm The Slants
7:00pm Michael Mannahan
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
Friday 8-19-2016 Saturday 8-20-2016 Sunday 8-21-2016
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
Moderator: Dr. Dominic Corva
Moderator: Chris Conrad 10:45am Media: New Respect for Cannabis
Shango Los, Doug McVay, David Nott, Susan Squibb, Wes Abney
11:00am Cannabis as Medicine: The Latest Science
Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Dr. David Bearman, Lisa Buchanan RN, Dr. Jake Felice, Dr. Robert Melamede
11:35am Harm Reduction: Truths & Myths of Cannabis Use Talal Hattar,  Martin Lee, Amanda Reiman, Alison Draisin
Noon Park Opens

Moderator: Don E. Wirtshafter

11:50am Reform Beyond Washington
John Conroy, Jodie Emery, Serra Frank, Rachel Kurtz, Danielle Muggli
12:20pm Nate Howard: Secret to Change
12:30pm Activism: Can One Person Truly Make a Difference?
Scott Gordon (“Urb Thrasher”), Katrina Haffner, Danica Noble, Stephanie Viskovich, Kari Boiter
12:40pm Extracts & Infused Products: Beyond Flowers
AC Braddock, Jeff Reverend Cannabis, Graham Sorkin, Ah Warner, Madhu Zugsmith
12:55pm  Inclusion & Privilege: Is the Cannabis Marketplace for Everyone?
Jerry Whiting, Ed Forchion, Madeline Martinez, Trista Okel, Ngaio Bealum
1:20pm Hemp for Victory!
Joy Beckerman, Courtney Moran, Don E Wirtshafter, David Seber
1:30pm Grow Your Own: Learn from the Best
Stinkbud, Ed Rosenthal, Joshua Sheets, DJ Short
1:45pm Veterans and Cannabis
Michael Krawitz, Patrick Seifert, Heather Manus RN
2:00pm Commercial Growers: Man That’s a lot of Weed!
Kyle Kushman, Farmer Tom Lauerman, Jeremy Moberg, Crystal Oliver
2:15pm Seattle Counterculture Turns 25
Jason Finn (PUSA), Shilo Murphy, Vivian McPeak, Nick Licata
2:30pm Cannabigotry: Can’t We All Just Smoke a Bong?
Lee Berger, Douglas Hiatt, Mikki Norris
2:40pm Cannabis POWs: News From The Front Lines
Adela Falk, Jeffrey Mizanskey, Chris Mizanskey, Dale Schafer, George Martorano
3:00pm Families and Cannabis: Won’t someone please think of the children?
Erin Purchase, Meagan Holt, Sierra Riddle, Enedina Stanger, Joelle Puccio BSN RN
3:00pm Medical in Washington: What do Patients Do Now?
Allison Bigelow, Karl Keich, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, John Novak, Jim MacRae
3:30pm Washington Cannabis Industry: Cheers and Jeers
Alex Cooley, Shawn Denae, Neil Juneja, Aaron Pelley, Danielle Rosellison
4:00pm Purusa 4:00pm Richard Allen & The Louisiana Experience
5:00pm Jim Marcotte & The Breakthrough 5:00pm Amy Viking
6:00pm Oh Rose 6:00pm The Queen Annes
7:00pm Speakers Social 7:00pm The Skys
7:00pm Boris Budd
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
8:05pm VIP Party
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Friday 8-19-2016 Saturday 8-20-2016 Sunday 8-21-2016
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
11:00am Tribal Voices 11:00am Tribal Voices
Noon Park Opens – House Music Noon Richie Dagger’s Crime Noon Brotha’ Groove
12:35pm  TBD 12:35pm TBD 12:35pm TBD
12:40pm TBD 12:40pm Ami Black 12:40pm TBD
12:45pm TBD 12:45pm Grandaddy Mike 12:45pm Madhu Zugsmith
12:50pm TBD 12:50pm Allison Bigelow 12:50pm Joanna McKee
1:00pm Falon Sierra 1:00pm Corner 1:00pm Don’t Move
1:35pm Mendo Bruce Buckner 1:35pm Jim MacRae 1:35pm Graham Sorkin
1:40pm Carl Prothman 1:40pm Jeff Steinborn 1:40pm Melissa Hysom
1:45pm Talal Hattar 1:45pm Dr. Robert Melamede 1:45pm Dr. Jake Felice
1:50pm Todd Arkley 1:50pm Dave Seber 1:50pm Keith Saunders
2:00pm Osmosis 2:00pm Willie and the Whips 2:00pm Kundalini Theater
2:35pm Trista Okel 2:35pm Douglas Hiatt 2:35pm Joelle Puccio
2:40pm Martin Martinez 2:40pm Paul Stanford 2:40pm Chris Mizanskey
2:45pm Doug McVay 2:45pm Russ Belville 2:45pm Jeff Mizanskey
2:50pm Elvy Musikka 2:50pm Shango Los 2:50pm Dale Schafer
3:00pm Monster Creep 3:00pm Pacific Drive 3:00pm Vanilla Dutch
3:35pm DJ Short 3:35pm Sunil Aggarwal 3:35pm David Nott
3:40pm Alison Draisin 3:40pm Jeremy Moberg 3:40pm Kevin Oliver
3:45pm Susan Squibb 3:45pm John Davis 3:45pm Crystal Oliver
3:50pm Wes Abney 3:50pm Danica Noble 3:50pm Jodie Emery
3:55pm AC Braddock 3:55pm Madeline Martinez 3:55pm Ben Livingston
4:00pm Amanda Reiman 4:00pm Lee Berger 4:00pm Ah Warner
4:05pm Michael Krawitz 4:05pm Stephanie Viskovich 4:05pm Joy Beckerman
4:10pm Jerry Whiting 4:10pm Rick Cusick 4:10pm Ngaio Bealum
4:20pm Laborer and the Universal Roots Band 4:20pm The Skys 4:20pm Cannabidroids
4:55pm Dale Rogers 4:55pm Nurse Heather Manus 4:55pm Mikki Norris
5:00pm Karl Keich 5:00pm Katrina Haffner 5:00pm Chris Conrad
5:05pm Africa Violeta 5:05pm Jonny Sonic 5:05pm Holy Pistola
5:40pm Patrick Seifert 5:40pm Farmer Tom Lauerman 5:40pm Kari Boiter
5:45pm Shilo Murphy 5:45pm George Martarano 5:45pm Lisa Buchanan
5:50pm Gloria Kalteich 5:50pm Shawn Denae 5:50pm Joshua Sheets
6:00pm X Day 6:00pm Tommy G.  6:00pm Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces
6:35pm Mama Pearl 6:35pm Sharon Whitson 6:35pm Vicca Thompson
6:40pm Danielle Muggli 6:40pm Lori Duckworth 6:40pm Jared Allaway
6:45pm Mark Taylor Canfield 6:45pm Stinkbud 6:45pm Jedidiah Haney
6:50pm Laura Notini 6:50pm Lynette Shaw 6:50pm Brian Stone
7:00pm Plant Eater 7:00pm Canon and the Lion of Judah 7:00pm Jessica Domingo
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
Friday 8-19-2016 Saturday 8-20-2016 Sunday 8-21-2016
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
Park Opens
Noon These Young Fools Noon Off The Dome / Young Bleeze Noon Homewreckr
12:35pm TBD 12:35pm TBD 12:35pm TDB
12:40pm TBD 12:40pm John Novak 12:40pm Keith Saunders
12:45pm TBD 12:45pm Gina Garcia 12:45pm Laura Notini
12:50pm Todd Arkley 12:50pm Melissa Hysom 12:50pm Grandaddy Mike
1:00pm Lit End 1:00pm Bsmiley 1:00pm Oceans and Enemies
1:35pm Elvy Musikka 1:35pm Mendo Bruce Buckner 1:35pm Dave Seber
1:40pm Danielle Muggli 1:40pm Martin Martinez 1:40pm Jeanne Magic Black
1:45pm Mama Pearl 1:45pm Ben Livingston 1:45pm Eric Holt
1:50pm Karl Keich 1:50pm Carl Prothman 1:50pm Sierra Riddle
2:00pm Mind Vice 2:00pm Swayze Train 2:00pm Woodshed
2:35pm Amanda Reiman 2:35pm Jeff Steinborn 2:35pm Graham Sorkin
2:40pm Michael Krawitz 2:40pm John Davis 2:40pm Katrina Haffner
2:45pm Jim MacRae 2:45pm Neil Juneja 2:45pm Dr. Jake Felice
2:50pm Gloria Kalteich 2:50pm Kevin Oliver 2:50pm Joanna McKee
3:00pm Brooklyn Dreamwolf 3:00pm The Legendary KOKANE 3:00pm Chasing Oz
3:35pm David Nott 3:35pm Crystal Oliver 3:35pm Vicca Thompson
3:40pm NJ Weedman 3:40pm Kari Boiter 3:40pm Serra Frank
3:45pm Dale Rogers 3:45pm Kyle Kushman 3:45pm John Conroy
3:50pm Erin Purchase 3:50pm George Martarano 3:50pm Lynette Shaw
4:00pm Jet West 4:00pm EDawg / Lil Dude / Sir Mix a Lot 4:00pm Lane Records
4:35pm Ami Black 4:35pm Ngaio Bealum 4:35pm Jodie Emery
4:40pm Shilo Murphy 4:40pm Nate Howard 4:40pm Alison Draisin
4:45pm Paul Stanford 4:45pm TBD 4:45pm Meagan Holt
4:50pm Stinkbud 4:50pm Urb Thrasher 4:50pm Dale Schafer
5:00pm Clemm Rishad / Yodi Mac 5:00pm It Gets Worse 5:00pm Suburban Vermin
5:35pm Wes Abney 5:35pm Martin Lee 5:35pm Chris Mizanskey
5:40pm Kat Bohnsack 5:40pm Lynette Shaw 5:40pm Jeff Mizanskey
5:45pm Doug McVay 5:45pm Alex Cooley 5:45pm Brian Stone
5:50pm Chris Gagnon 5:50pm Lori Duckworth 5:50pm David Rheins
6:00pm Furniture Girls 6:00pm Black Plastic Clouds 6:00pm Subject To Downfall
6:35pm Roger Tilton 6:35pm Mark Taylor Canfield 6:35pm Joshua Sheets
6:40pm Jared Allaway 6:40pm Cyril Bouanna 6:40pm Lisa Buchanan
6:45pm Patrick Seifert 6:45pm Adela Falk 6:45pm Chris Gagnon
6:50pm Russ Belville 6:50pm Jedidiah Haney 6:50pm Ami Black
7:00pm Fire Vs Time 7:00pm Foreign Talks 7:00pm Salt Riot
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
Friday 8-19-2016 Saturday 8-20-2016 Sunday 8-21-2016
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
Park Opens 11:00am Toaster Cookie 11:00am Julian Vex
Noon Enki 12:30pm Noelle Reifel 12:30pm Weaver
1:00pm Jason Curtis
2:00pm Slantooth 2:00pm Zacharia 2:00pm Sean Witcher
3:00pm Dj Babel vs Chaz Bizr 3:00pm Gene 3:00pm Xan
4:00pm Aksion 4:00pm NovaTron & Ari 4:00pm Jaysun
5:00pm Stank Dank 5:00pm Karl K 5:00pm Kadeejah Streets
6:00pm Wheelz 6:00pm Michael Manahan 6:00pm Special Guest
7:00pm Jimin Cricket 7:00pm Rob Noble 7:00pm Pezzner
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes
Friday 8-19-2016 Saturday 8-20-2016 Sunday 8-21-2016
10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
Morning beats
w/ Zero Point
Morning beats
w/ Zero Point
Noon Park Opens Noon Speaker Noon Speaker
Morning beats
w/ Zero Point
12:15am Wretched Sky 12:15am Gypsy Temple
12:45am CaviarGold Host 12:45am CaviarGold Host
1:00pm TBD 1:00pm Jared Allaway 1:00pm Joelle Puccio
1:05pm TBD 1:05pm Jeanne Magic Black 1:05pm Joy Beckerman
1:15pm Prelude To A Pistol 1:35pm Unconfined 1:35pm Space4lease
1:45pm CaviarGold Host 1:45pm CaviarGold Host 1:45pm CaviarGold Host
2:15pm Andrew Boss 2:15pm Apollo Under Fire 2:15pm Mother Crone
2:45pm Patrick Seifert 2:45pm Shango Los 2:45pm Ngaio Bealum
2:50pm Shilo Murphy 2:50pm Stephanie Viskovich 2:45pm Ngaio Bealum
3:00pm The Skyemonkey 3:00pm To Whom It May 3:00pm Tony Hill
3:30pm CaviarGold Host 3:30pm CaviarGold Host 3:30pm CaviarGold Host
3:45pm Lee Haze 3:45pm Devils Hunt Me Down 3:45pm Royal Bliss
4:15pm Keith Saunders 4:15pm 4:15pm Rachel Kurtz
4:20pm Jedidiah Haney 4:20pm Alison Draisin 4:20pm Kari Boiter
4:30pm Huey P 4:30pm Everybody Panic! 4:30pm Kristen Palmer
5:00pm Brian Stone 5:00pm Jerry Whiting 5:00pm Todd Arkley
5:05pm DJ Short 5:05pm Courtney Moran 5:05pm Kat Bohnsack
5:15pm The Katt Presents 5:15pm December In Red 5:15pm Lotus Crush
5:45pm CaviarGold Host 5:45pm CaviarGold Host 5:45pm CaviarGold Host
6:00pm Mark Taylor Canfield 6:00pm Neil Juneja 6:00pm Gloria Kalteich
6:05pm Joshua Sheets 6:05pm Russ Belville 6:05pm Dale Rogers
6:15pm Matthew Elias 6:15pm Esitu 6:15pm Studio 7 Presents
6:45pm TBD 6:45pm Urb Thrasher 6:45pm David Rheins
6:50pm TBD 6:50pm Farmer Tom Lauerman 6:50pm TBD
7:00pm Blackbeatblue 7:00pm Civilized Animal 7:00pm Longpig
7:30pm CaviarGold Host 7:30pm CaviarGold Host 7:30pm CaviarGold Host
8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes