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Friday 8-18-2017 Saturday 8-19-2017 Sunday 8-20-2017
Noon Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens 10:00am Park Opens
  Moderator: Dr Dominic Corva   Moderator:  Chris Conrad   Moderator: Kari Boiter
12:30 – 1:05pm Twenty-Two Too Many: Veterans Finding Hope.  Michael Krawitz, Patrick Seifert, Aaron Augustis, Ellen Brown 10:45-11:30am Community Organizing: How to Effect Change.  Lori Duckworth, Serra Frank, Mikki Norris, Danica Noble, Shango Los 10:45-11:30am Growing the Best Cannabis: Advice from the Experts.  Stinkbud, Danny Danko, Jesce Horton, Farmer Tom Lauerman, Dr. Jade Stefano
1:10 – 1:50pm  Hemp: The Super Crop on the Horizon.  Joy Beckerman, Dave Seber, Bradford Beckerman, Ah Warner 11:35am-12:20pm From Barely Surviving to Thriving: Saving Terminally Ill Children with Cannabis.  Meagan Holt, Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Cat Jeter, Regina Nelson 11:35am-12:20pm The Endocannabinoid System: Ask Your Doctor if Cannabis is Right for You.  Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Dr. David Bearman, Dr. Jake Felice, Lisa Buchanan, Dr. Frank Lucido
1:55-2:30pm Washington Cannabis Industry: Report Card.  Danielle Rosellison, Douglas Hiatt, John Novak, Neil Juneja 12:25-1:05pm Inclusion & Privilege: How Do We Make Sure No One is Getting Left Behind?  Jerry Whiting, Ophelia Chong, Rene Gagnon, Betty Aldworth 12:25-1:10pm CannabigotryHow Stigma Still Hurts Cannabis Consumers in Legal States.  Joelle Puccio, Madeline Martinez, Leland Berger, Phil Charles, Betty Aldworth
2:35-3:30pm Terpenes: What’s that Smell? Understanding the Effects.  Ben Cassidy, Alison Draisin, Martin Lee, Danielle Rosellison, Reverend Cannabis, Dr. Jeff Raber 1:10-1:55pm Preserving Genetics: Ensuring the Survival of Crucial Cultivars.  Jerry Whiting, Danny Danko, Stinkbud, Shawn Denae Wagenseller, Allison Bigelow 1:15-2:00pm Industry Standards: Is the Testing Keeping Consumers Safe?  Kevin Oliver, Jim MacRae, Cyril Bouanna, Steven McNalley
3:25-4:20pm Cannabis Extracts & Infused Products: Beyond the Flower.  Ah Warner, AC Braddock, Reverend Jeff, Sage Amdahl, Drew Dillon 2:00-2:45pm Cannabis & Media: Beyond Stereotypes.  Wes Abney, Doug McVay, Ophelia Chong, Susan Squibb 2:05-2:50pm Washington’s Cannabis Industry: Where We Are, Where We Need to Be.  Aaron Pelley, Pete Holmes, Jim MacRae, Don Stevens, Crystal Oliver
7:00pm Speakers Social 2:50-3:35pm Surviving Legalization: Cannabis Industry Leaders Share Their Advice.  John Davis, Rene Gagnon, Sara Batterby, Matt Stang, AC Braddock 2:55-2:35pm Cannabis POWs: Stories from the Front Lines.  Dr. Mollie Fry, Kristin Flor, George Martorano
8:00pm Park Closes 4:00pm Gold Bar 4:00pm The Insinuators
8:00pm VIP Party 5:00pm Jordyn Cooper 5:00pm Tim-Me
    6:00pm One Sultry Day 6:00pm The Requisite
    7:00pm Bongquistadors 7:00pm Theories Of Flight
    8:00pm Park Closes 8:00pm Park Closes