Wish List

Seattle Hempfest® is a federal C4 non profit organization.   Cash donations are always welcome at Hempfest Central or here on our website.  We also have a need for gently used items.  We don’t want anything that needs to be repaired or restored.  We need donations of items in good working condition.  Donations can be brought to Hempfest Central.  In some instances we may be able to arrange for pick up.  Please email us regarding your donation, including pictures, at [email protected] before arriving so we are ready for you!  We appreciate the love and support and promise to roll up an amazing Hempfest in return!  Thank you!!!

The Seattle Hempfest® Wish List

  1.  An 11×17 & 8.5×11 laminator
  2. Plastic drawer organizers for supplies.
  3. Folding chairs
  4. 10×10 canopies
  5. 10×20 canopies
  6. Industrial coffee maker
  7. Espresso machine, for our offices.
  8. Clothing racks
  9. Raffle prizes for our cannabis prisoner raffles. #freejimmyromans
  10. Laser Printer
  11. Purple Christmas tree lights
  12. Battery operated decorative lights
  13. Picture frames
    1. 4×6
    2. 5×7
    3. 8×10
  14. Food – Each June, July, & September we produce a Volunteer Pot Lucks for ~150 people. 
      1. Meat to BBQ
      2. Veggies to BBQ
      3. Desserts
      4. Salads
      5. Beverages
  15. Food – Each August for 10 days we serve 4 meals per day to hungry volunteers.  About 8,000 meals total!
    1. Meal counts range from 50 – 500
    2. Donations need to get worked into meal plans so at least 30 days notice is required
    3. We will give you tons of promotional love for supporting our volunteers!