WSLCB Event Information

WSLCB Event information

Hempfest is cited 3 times in the events section of the WSLCB’s FAQ Page.  The info is copy and pasted below but can be viewed on their site, HERE

Will we as producer/ processor be able to enter cannabis cup or attend hemp fest type activities?
You would not be able to directly enter your product into a cannabis cup. As a licensed producer/processor your product can only be sold to another licensed entity and to gift/donate it is not allowed. There is nothing that would preclude you from attending a Hempfest type activity however you would not be allowed to have product on hand.

Can I have an informational booth at festivals like Hempfest or the Cannabis Cup?
Yes an informational booth is allowable but be mindful of the restrictions on advertising that are detailed in the Advertising FAQ.

Are we allowed to set up a booth at a venue, for example Hemp Fest, with a company logo on it? Can we hand out product information at our booth? Does the handout info on our products have to have disclaimers on everything?
Yes, you may have a booth at Hemp Fest type activities and hand out product information. Yes the informational handouts must contain the disclaimers mandated in WAC 314-55-155.

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