Food Vendor Application

Food Vendor Application – 

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  • Tell Us About You

  • I understand that if I’ve misrepresented myself or my products I will disallowed from vending at Seattle Hempfest and all fees will be forfeited
  • General food description

  • Please upload two pictures of your products

  • Sales of prepackaged beverages, other than water, are not allowed. Only specialty drinks served in compostable containers are allowed. No glass containers.

    What general type of foods are you selling? This is important as we try to keep similar foods away from each other.

    Please list top 3 food items for sale along with their prices.
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  • Location selection

  • Each space is 10x10. with ~ 5' of back line.

    Our map is subject to change.  Your booth may be reassigned or moved.  We make every effort to NOT have this happen but it occasionally does.  We make no guarantee of any specific booth location or number.

    You are vending in a park.  This means that you will be on grass and/or dirt. Heck, it’s Seattle, if it rains there may be mud and puddles. Think about this!  Nothing is flat in a park, a lot of spaces are slightly slanted.
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  • Booth Ad Ons

  • Power

  • Power is available in all food areas.

  • Canopy/Table Rentals

  • Canopies will be set up in your booth location ready for your arrival.

    Our onsite warehouse crew 'QuarterMonster' or QM for short, will deliver your tables, chairs, & banner pole rentals shortly after you arrive. we appreciate your patience. this is so we can ensure items rented get to the right person when they arrive.

    If you have not rented a canopy please note that you are responsible for dropping your banner poles, tables & chairs off back at QM as you load out on Sunday night. If you do not check your items back in you will be billed if they cannot be accounted for.

    If you rented a canopy please leave tables, chairs, & banner poles inside your canopy and assure the canopy is fully closed.

    Rentals are not available on site so please reserve beforehand as our suppliers only have what they need onsite!
  • I understand that I am responsible for my rented items. I will be billed replacement value for any damaged or missing items. I agree to cover the cost of any lost/damaged rental items.
  • ICE -

  • 20# bags of ice are available near the Main Stage Bridge. Ice Coupons are sold for $12 per bag. There are no ice sales on site. Tickets are not refundable.
  • Loading in

  • Vehicle entry fee is $60 per vehicle. Entry will be timed and you will not be allowed entry without this pass. You must purchase a vehicle entry pass for each vehicle you’ll use to load in/out of the park.

    I agree to arrive during the designated times. If I do not I understand I’ll be turned away. If I am late I will have to walk my products into/out of the park. If I arrive and I have not purchased a vehicle entry pass I understand that I will be turned away and not allowed to drive into the park. By not purchasing entry passes I acknowledge that I will be walking my products in and out. I also understand that there is no guarantee to the safety of my products left over night in my booth space. Items left in my booth are left there at my own risk
  • Wood

  • The City also requires that all tires have wood under them at all times. We know it may seem silly but it’s a very important part of our annual permit process. You’ll need wood squares big enough to drive each of your tires onto. If you do not have wood under your tires it jeopardizes our permit so we’ll have to ask you to leave the park and go get wood and start load in all over again – and that’s a bummer!

    I understand that I will need to have my wood out each time I drive into the park. I will have it out and ready to show to the Traffic Monitors each time I enter the park. I understand that if I forget my wood I will not be allowed to enter the park and I’ll have to walk my products in. I understand that Seattle Hempfest does not have extra wood on site.

    I’ll have my wood out when I check-in and I understand if I cannot produce wood I will not be allowed entry.. I understand and agree to this
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  • Advertise

  • Color Banner

  • Purchase a full color banner w/grommets. Ready for you when you check in. Price includes basic lay out
  • Event Program Advertising/Information Space

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  • Ways you can help support Seattle Hempfest

  • Seattle Hempfest is a nonprofit, free speech event. We are comprised of a volunteer staff who believes in our objective to advance the cause of cannabis policy reform through education, while advancing the public image of the cannabis advocate or enthusiast through example. Community powered since 1991.

    We can use help with fundraising as well as appreciating our volunteers
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  • Rules & Regulations

  • Please review and read each of these carefully. We unfortunately have had to suspend some vendors due to rule violations. While the rules may be no fun, they are a necessary part of our annual permit.

    We are serious about these policies. If you don’t intend on following the rules, or think we’re kidding, stop your application now, come and enjoy Hempfest as an attendee instead of vending.

    Remember, if this City didn’t make us, we wouldn’t make you!

  • You will not sell or sample cannabis, cannabis seeds or foods with cannabis in them or any illegal narcotic.  
    No cannabis sales, 'active' or 'medicated' food sales or sampling will be tolerated. Your booth will be shut down immediately.
    You, your staff, festival attendees, your buddy, NOONE may consume cannabis within the boundary of your booth space.

    There is a zero-tolerance policy that will be strictly enforced. All fees and your space will be forfeited.
  • All parties must be listed on this application. Sub leasing or transferring of booth spaces is not allowed.
  • You will have wood under your tires when you park inside the event ground. You must have your wood out and ready to show us when you load in each day. If you fail to bring wood we simply cannot allow you in the park or we’ll be in violation of our permit!
  • You will not sell or sample Salvia, Spice, K2 or any other similar substance.
  • There is no camping allowed in the park. You must exit the park by midnight each night. You may not stay overnight in your booth. If you are in the park after midnight you’ll be required to leave.
  • For public safety reasons, vendors do not get strolling privileges and are not permitted to stand outside of their booths offering samples or products to people walking by.
  • To preserve the free speech aspect of our permit, no sound amplification is allowed. No bullhorns, speakers, stereos or amplification of any type is allowed.
  • I will not sell any merchandise using HEMPFEST’s ® name or image. HEMPFEST’® is trademark #4,753,487 Should I wish to enter into a branding agreement with Hempfest, I will email [email protected] to obtain information
  • Vehicles of any type, including bicycles & Segways, are not allowed to be operated during the event.
  • Pets of any type are not allowed on site by permit.
  • No private ATM’s are allowed on site.
  • No private generators are allowed on site. Your explicit power requirements
    (for instance, what type of plug on your equipment or trailer)
    must be communicated to us VIA the 'is there anything else you need to know'
    section of this application or via [email protected]
  • You booth tag must be placed in the upper right-hand corner on the front side of your booth at all times.
  • Vendors are required to pay 10% of gross sales or $30, whichever is greater, to Seattle HEMPFEST®. For Vendors south of Main Stage the fee is passed along to the City of Seattle. For those north of the Main Stage, it will be used to pay use fees on the Port side of the park. We distribute the tax form at HEMPFEST®, and vendors must turn them in at Seattle HEMPFEST® Vending Information Desk on Sunday night to obtain their load out pass.
  • I agree to stay within my 10x10x10 booth space. No multi level structures are allowed. Your booth must be a single story, on the ground. We are required to maintain certain distances from the paths. Moving or expanding your booth is in violation of our permit. This includes hanging items from trees or other park structures.
  • I agree to remove all my booth materials from my area upon exit on Sunday night. Everything I brought will leave with me. Pack it in; pack it out! I understand that if I fail to comply I will be fined $500. I understand that I will be billed, $1,000+, per tree, for broken branch(es) or significant damage.
  • All areas of your booth must be open to all of the public at all times.
  • No staking is allowed in Seattle City Parks. You are not allowed to put anything into the ground. All canopies must be weighed down with sand bags, cement blocks, water jugs, or other on ground weight.
  • If I am selling products that require the purchaser to be 18 or older, I will check ID’s
  • Seattle has a City-wide ban on Styrofoam. In accordance with this, no Styrofoam may be brought on site.
  • I will not distribute any stickers for free. You may sell stickers to attendees as our hope is that if they’ve bought it they will value it more and not graffiti with it.
  • Hand held torches are not allowed to be operated in Seattle City Parks per the Fire Marshall Section 308.1.((6))5
  •  Vendors shall provide general liability insurance in the following amounts: No less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for vendors with tent size of 10’x10’ or smaller.  No less than $2,000,000 per occurrence for vendors with large concessions, stage, fencing, tents bigger than 10’x10’.  Naming the City of Seattle, Port of Seattle, & Seattle Events as additionally insured. 
  • Hate groups and hate speech are not allowed. You must conduct yourself in a courteous and professional manor at all times. No confrontational or aggressive behavior will be tolerated.
  • Only specialty drinks and bottled water may be sold. No other prepackaged beverages are allowed.
  • You will use compostable utensils and serving containers. These can be purchased from Cedar Grove, or must be compliant to their compostable specification or Cedar Grove will not accept them for compost.
  • You will allow Seattle Hempfest to create 30 free food coupons to be handed out to our volunteer staff. You may not deny staff the use of these coupons.
  • You must obtain a Temporary Food Service Permit at least 21 days prior to the event to avoid a fine by the health department. We are required to provide the health department a list of all food vendors. They will not allow you to open if you’ve not obtained the proper permits. They also charge a hefty fine for not obtaining your permit at least 21 days prior to the event. Here is the link to obtain your permit.
  • You must also obtain a Fire Department Permit for LPG (propane) and/or open flame (charcoal, wood). Additionally, if you are cooking with propane, oil, or any open flame you are required to have fire extinguishers. For oil, a special Class K fire extinguisher is required. For more information on the fire permit requirements, or to download a permit application, please visit the Seattle Fire Marshall’s Special Event page,
  • Do not make your own 3 compartment sink in your area. This is a health code violation and your booth will be noted as in violation and unable to operate until you have come into compliance with King County health codes.
  • You cannot leave food on-site overnight or begin prep on-site during Thursday load in. This is a health code violation and your booth will be noted as in violation and unable to operate until you have come into compliance with King County health codes.
  • All applications go into review until they are paid in full. Until an application is paid in full it is not processed.

    You understand the map is subject to change. Your booth may be reassigned or moved. You are not guaranteed any specific space number.

    You are vending in a park. This means you will be on grass or dirt. You understand that it’s Seattle and if it rains there may be mud and puddles. You are vending at your own risk. Seattle HEMPFEST makes no claims or guarantees as to your sales or condition of the ground that your booth will be set up.

    You understand there no guarantee of the safety for anything left in the park overnight. If you choose to not load out your products and/or booth set up out each night, Seattle HEMPFEST makes no guarantee of its safety. Vendors leave products and their booth at their own risk. Our event recommends that you load out each night and back in each morning.

    Rule violations may result in the closure of your booth and the forfeiting of your vending fees.

    I agree to comply with all the rules above
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