Team Construction

Build Hempfest then tear her back down again!

Construction of stages, canopies, fencing, typically begins on the Monday before the Hempfest event culminating in our three event days where the duties change to setting up entry chutes & our Friday night VIP Party fencing.  Construction team typically enjoys Hempfest or goes off for some other volunteer adventure during festival days but comes back on Monday after Hempfest to deconstruct stages, canopies, fencing, etc.  Comes with our Local 420 Volunteer Construction Team shirt.

Canopies: Set up 10×20 Hempfest owned canopies during set up then tear then down again post-fest.  Michael is the coordinator. He needs lots of helping to get our 28 canopies assembled the weekdays before fest then packed back into storage pods for next year starting the Monday after the fest. Want more information?  Email us at [email protected]  You can sign up HERE

Construction/Deconstruction: Build our 4 stages then tear them back down again!  Dave is the coordinator.  We start with Main Stage the Monday before Hempfest.  Tuesday we continue building the Main Stage and begin constructing the Seeley Black Stage.  Wednesday we add the Hi Tunes Music Stage, the Hemposium Stage and our sound tower and entrance scaffolding.   Often team construction member transition to be stagehands during festival days or simply enjoy Hempfest.  In either case, coming back on Monday to help tear down is supercritical!  We have a shorter time frame to load out than we do to load in.  Sign-ups starting soon! Want more information?  Email us at [email protected] 

You can sign up for Construction, the Monday – Thursday before Hempfest HERE. 

Deconstruction, which begins the Monday after Hempfest and runs until Wednesday can be signed up for HERE.

Fencing: Starting Monday Wayne & Matt, our Fencing Coordinators, start meeting our fencing supplier and getting fence panel drops set up along the park so they can later come back through and fence in secure internal areas like Safety, various stages, & Operations.  There is some set up to take place opening Friday morning and for our VIP Party Friday night but otherwise, fencing is off during festival days like all other construction crews.  You are free to enjoy Hempfest or volunteer in another area.  Monday, post fest, the tearing down of fencing begins!  Sign-ups starting soon! Want more information?  Email us at [email protected]  You can sign up HERE

Forklift Driver:  Are you a certified reach forklift driver? Our 8000# grade all reach forklift arrives Monday before the Hempfest event and runs continuously until the festival begins!  She starts right back up Monday bright and early to help tear everything down and load exiting trucks.  This is an internal crew that requires a password.  If you hold a current certification please email [email protected] 

Site Placement: Layout Hempfest so that our crews come in and assemble her in the right locations using flags to mark the ground. Clint & Carl are the Coordinators.  This team starts the Sunday before Hempfest laying out our Operations complex that goes in on Monday.  Site placement typically is done by Thursday when they begin assisting Vendor Ground Crew load the vendors into all the locations they have site placed.  Site Placement continues helping with Vendor Ground Crew Friday morning.  This team is then officially over!  Most stay on to help Vendor Ground Crew manage our 420 vendors during the festival and some even stay to help tear down and clean up the Monday – Wednesday after Hempfest.  Want more information?  Email us at [email protected]  You can sign up HERE