Kitchen Crews

Kitchen Crews

Feed Hungry Volunteers!

Our awesome & amazing Volunteer Staff Kitchen feeds 4 meals a day (8,000 individual meals total over the 10 days we’re on-site) to our hungry volunteer staff and provides water, coffee, & tea 24 hours a day, while we are on-site!  Everyone loves Team Kitchen!

Kitchen:  Angie & Rory, our Kitchen Crew leaders, begin setting up our volunteer staff kitchen the Monday before Seattle Hempfest.  The first meal served is lunch on Monday.  Meals are cooked from scratch so there’s lots of prep and cooking going on.  We serve meals 4 times a day at scheduled times – breakfast, lunch, dinner, & late super.  Meal counts range from 50 – 500.  We always have vegetarian options.   Of course, cleaning up and doing dishes is a big part of kitchen duties.  We have a  huge metal 3 compartment sink and are health department compliant.  Our final meal is breakfast the Wednesday after Hempfest. This is a great opportunity for friends who would like to volunteer together or small groups.  Interested in being a part of the team that keeps Hempfest volunteers fueled?  Email us at [email protected] or sign up HERE

Caffidration:  A combination of caffeine & hydration, Caffidration, is the place volunteers come for water, hot coffee & tea.  William & Zoe, Team Caffidration leaders,  literally fill 5-gallon insulated containers with coffee and water then send it out to crews in the park to assure that everyone either has their cup of joe or nice freshwater.   We also, of course, have a Caffidration tent alongside the Volunteer Staff Kitchen.  The Caffidration crew operates 24/7 once we take the park the Monday before Hempfest and keeps the juices flowing until the Wednesday after when we leave.  Want to keep everyone happy with coffee, tea, & water?  Email us at [email protected] or sign up HERE