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  • Deluxe Weed Card Game

    Deluxe Weed Card Game

    Unleash your inner hippie! This is the deluxe version of the card game Weed. Great Gift ... Great Game. Weed! is an easy-to-learn strategy card game where you and other players compete to grow the most pot plants! As you try to maintain your own healthy stash, you also must try to prevent others from making healthy crops. Plant dandelions, steal plants, or call the cops. Watch out for Potzilla who can destroy everything! Great fun!   Item #322


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  • Seeds in the Leaf Game

    Seeds in the Leaf Game

    A fun way to pass the time, the object is to get all the "seeds" in the pot leaf carefully without disrupting those that you have already put in place. Includes humorous rankings on the back!   Item #323


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  • Weed, the Game

    Weed, the Game

    Have FUN growing Plants and Harvesting Pounds while you try for that big cash payoff every grower wants. WEED the Game is a board game for adults that lets you experience the high and lows of being a grower. Stoner Brothers Games is family owned and operated. Their games are made in the USA and created in Humboldt County California – heart of weed country. They created WEED the game as a fun way for anyone to experience some of the ups and downs of trying to be a successful marijuana grower. They’ve put a lifetime of research into developing the game. Growing any kind of marijuana comes with risks and rewards – even legally grown medical marijuana. There are many factors that are out of your control and there is a thin line between success and prison. Stoner Brothers Games supports legalization of marijuana and reclassification of marijuana on the Federal level. The times, they are a changing and we dream of a future where you can grow marijuana without fear of federal imprisonment. Have fun playing the game and living the dream. Support legalization and vote.


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