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  • Cannabis Basics, Love Yourself Healing Oil

    Cannabis Basics, Love Yourself Healing Oil

    Love Yourself Healing Oil Ideal for massage. Great for daily after-shower use. This magical medicinal is a blend of Premium Cannabis Flower, Organic Hempseed Oil, vitamin E and nourishing fruit and nut oils. Organic Hempseed Oil penetrates the epidermis and carries healing properties of Premium Cannabis Flower to medicate sore, tired muscles and joints. Tested and loved by massage therapists and patients alike. This magical topical has amazing viscosity and continues to soothe long after application. The aromatherapy of lavender and tangerine will relax and calm while it refreshes and invigorates. Aromatherapy blend of Lavender and Tangerine with Olive Oil and Vitamin E. We carry both the 1 oz roll-on and the 4 oz bottle!   **Sold for legal use per Washington State law only.  Products cannot ship out of state.**


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  • Oil, Hemp Infused Topical, LeBlanc CNE

    Oil, Hemp Infused Topical, LeBlanc CNE

    [caption id="attachment_18478" align="alignnone" width="300"] Topicals are cannabis-infused lotions, balms, and oils that are absorbed through the skin for localized relief of pain, soreness, and inflammation. Because they’re non-psychoactive, topicals are often chosen by patients who want the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the cerebral euphoria associated with other delivery methods[/caption]


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  • Wizard’s Balm

    Wizard’s Balm


    Testimonial: I have been using Wizards Balm for years and I am in love with this product! The first time I used the amazing topical salve I was blown away at how quickly my muscles relaxed and my pain faded away. I use it for full body relaxation and often rub it on my temples and chest before I enter meditation and yoga practice. It is incredible to use for any pain, muscle tension and discomfort in the body.

    The most amazing use I find for Wizards Balm is for my menstrual cycle symptoms. Since I began my cycle at a young age, I have dealt with severe cramping and occasional debilitating pain that makes it difficult to manage working and being active. I have been through the loops of trying various over the counter prescription medications, pain relieving pills and other topical creams and salves that are said to help ease the pain... none of these even compare to Wizards Balm. I use this salve every cycle and it is the only thing I trust to ease my cramping and pain. I will literally buy a new jar before I run out to ensure I have enough. I use it daily before bed and often scrape jars clean as to get every last drop of the salve. I love Wizards Balm and I will never stop buying it. 

    - Emma Lane Samuelson

      Product is 4 oz.


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  • Earthly Body, Massage & Body Oil

    Earthly Body, Massage & Body Oil

    Our 100% natural blend of skin oils (including hemp, almond, grape-seed, apricot and vitamin E) provides a slick, professional glide. Better yet, it absorbs into your skin for deep conditioning and moisturizing with no greasy residue. Whether you choose unscented or our exotic fragrances, you won’t need (or want) to wash it off. Sold in 8oz bottles.


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