Cannabis Basics Lemon Dream Sugar Scrub




While it may smell good enough to eat (and it is safe to take a taste!), Cannabis Basics Lemon Dream Sugar Scrub is designed to be dessert for your skin. This small-batch, head-to-toe exfoliant scrub is rich in fertile hemp seed oil and vitamin E (a natural anti-aging and moisture-balancing duo), as well as lavender and lemon oil terpenes. Your senses will be invigorated yet relaxed by this aromatic, artisan blend of all-natural ingredients. Just massage gently into your skin in the shower once a week, rinse, and then pat dry to retain the emollient oils. Your skin will feel baby-soft, smooth and supple. This product is free of artificial fragrance or chemical preservatives. Please note: This product contains almond, hazelnut and walnut oils and therefore may not be safe for people with tree nut allergies.