Hoodie, 2017, Kick Down For The Cause, Zipper




The 2017 Seattle HEMPFEST men's zipper hoodie features the digital skill of artist Jeremy Jewell, combined with the custom lettering mastery of Scott McDougall, who is known for his Grateful Dead album covers. Jewell took McDougall's Seattle HEMPFEST lettering from the 1998 Art Chantry/Jamie Sheehan poster and breathed new life into the iconic logo image with this marine colored glimpse of the festival's ambient beauty. This year more than ever, we could use your support! We closed two stages and merged one of them with another taking out a little under a third of our park system. Donations have been down the last few years and that is what our non-profit relies upon to throw down this kick-ass event for you every year. Without you, Seattle HEMPFEST® cannot happen. Please Kick Down For The Cause if you want us to continue bringing you this awesome Protestival year after year. You can also make donations during our non-festival season - every penny helps: https://www.hempfest.org/shop-hempfest-central/donate-now/ Your patronage is our support - Seattle HEMPFEST® Volunteers