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Each piece from artist Cliff Maynard’s Chronic Art series has been created solely by using roach papers, an exacto knife, and Elmer’s glue. No ink, no drawing was used to create these 420-culture masterpieces. Lennon, Snoop, Herer, even Seattle’s iconic Space Needle have been immortalized in roach papers. These lithograph representations have been taken directly from the roach paper originals. Cliff Maynard is one of the most talented artists of our time.

What is roach paper art?
The leftover butt from a marijuana cigarette "or roach" has several different shades of brown on it. What I do is save these paper scraps or "roach papers" and use the brown tones as my "palate". I tear or trim away the unwanted bits and use just  the parts I like. It's a lot like working a jigsaw puzzle, but way harder and far more time consuming. ​All my original artwork is made from 100% real roach papers and nothing else. No pen, marker, or paint of any kind is used during the process. I'm always on the look out for new raw materials so feel free to save-em up and I'll use them in my next project. We are accepting roach papers - no cannabis in them please - here at Hempfest® Central for use in Cliff's next piece. Size: 18x14