Tapestry, 1994, 7-Year Bitch on Hemp Burlap




This iconic Hempfest® poster, from the 1994 event at Gasworks Park, is the first of many by the award winning art team of Jamie Sheehan and Art Chantry. It's a very limited second edition hemp burlap collector poster image that was created for the 1994 Seattle Hempfest® and was originally printed on both hemp paper and hemp burlap. Hempfest’s® art director at the time, Jamie Sheehan, teamed up with punk art poster icon Art Chantry to make this art design award winning poster image, one of which hangs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland Ohio. Headlining the 1994 Hempfest® was the bombastic all female Seattle punk band, 7 Year Bitch, and the gigantic mosh pit and stage-diving at that year’s 15,000 person event are still talked about in punk rock circles today.  Sheehan and Chantry continued to collaborate on several more award winning Seattle Hempfest® posters. This poster design won the 1994 Art Director’s Guild Award for Excellence in Design, and a Summit International Award from the same year. The all-female Seattle punk band, 7 Year Bitch, headlined that year!