VIP Weekend Membership, Includes VIP Party for You




Why Become A Member? We are a C4 non-profit organization going into our 29th year advocating for cannabis law reform.  Our mission is far from over!  Take pride in advancing the cause of legalization by helping produce its largest forum, Seattle Hempfest! Benefits include: On-Site Support Seattle Hempfest® and join our exclusive Speakers/VIP after-party (21 and over) with the Celebrities, onsite Friday night of Hempfest® August 14, 2020, and enjoy the rest of the Fest as a VIP! VIP Weekend members are rewarded with the following benefits, in addition to the pride of advancing the cause of legalization by helping produce its largest forum with Seattle Hempfest®:

  • Member Entrance access: Get your own pass to our member entrance at Seattle Hempfest®. Cut the long lines (and the donation bins!), and walk directly into Hempfest® like the VIP you are! Our staff will greet you with your free donation button and color event program.
  • Bring an entourage! Just like VIPs, your pass will also let you bring up to 3 guests of your own through the member entrance. No more waiting in line for you and your posse!
  • Invitation to the Friday night Speakers Social for you! By invitation only (21 and over) on the Friday night of the fest, our Speakers Social is the one and only official Seattle Hempfest® after-Party, a unique chance to mingle and network with the movers and shakers of our movement: event directors, our top speakers, artists, sponsors, and VIPs. Quite the High Society! (Note: Space at this catered event is limited to VIPs and VIP Guests with this Companion Membership only.) Remember, those under 21 cannot attend this party.
  • VIP Backstage Tour: Come hang out backstage for another chance to see our artists, speakers, and event producers behind the scenes during the event!