Weed, the Game




Have FUN growing Plants and Harvesting Pounds while you try for that big cash payoff every grower wants. WEED the Game is a board game for adults that lets you experience the high and lows of being a grower. Stoner Brothers Games is family owned and operated. Their games are made in the USA and created in Humboldt County California – heart of weed country. They created WEED the game as a fun way for anyone to experience some of the ups and downs of trying to be a successful marijuana grower. They’ve put a lifetime of research into developing the game. Growing any kind of marijuana comes with risks and rewards – even legally grown medical marijuana. There are many factors that are out of your control and there is a thin line between success and prison. Stoner Brothers Games supports legalization of marijuana and reclassification of marijuana on the Federal level. The times, they are a changing and we dream of a future where you can grow marijuana without fear of federal imprisonment. Have fun playing the game and living the dream. Support legalization and vote.