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Kush Cream

Kush Creams Face and Eye Cream, Aloe-based

This aloe-based cream uses emu oil to work with your natural pH to deliver the anti-oxidant rich sea buckthorn oil, fertile female hempseed ,rosehip seed oil ,meadow foam seed oil. You can use this formula right around the eye area face and neck. Ideal for both night and under make up, it is our most sensitive skin formula,scent free,hypoallergenic. The anti-inflammatory properties are perfect for wrinkle reduction, after shave and acne treatments.


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Kush Creams Organic Permafrost Topical Lotion

Considered their strongest and most effective cream yet. The organic menthol crystals combined with medicated emu oil delivers the therapeutic properties where you need them for almost instant pain relief with only a small dime size amount.

Due to the icy effect this cream produces it is not suggested for use on sensitive skin, rashes, and open wounds. This cream is also very effective for migraines.

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Kush Creams Triple-Infused Topical Lotion

Triple-infused topical lotion in 1 oz or 4 oz sizes. The hemp and emu oils deliver the therapeutic properties deep and straight where you need it for almost instant pain relief with only a small dime size amount. 

from $32.00

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