Hempfest Central Needs You!
sharon whitson

Hempfest Central Needs You!


Hempfest Central is Seattle’s only hemp boutique.  We’re a low volume retail store selling industrial hemp products, 420 gear, & custom Hempfest merchandise. 


The volunteer positions we have available are the front line for public relations at Hempfest Central and critical to our success! 


The year around volunteer opportunities we have are at Hempfest Central here in the Lake City are of Seattle. You’ll not only enhance the shopping experience of all those entering our doors, you’ll be an ambassador of hemp; helping to educate the public as to why purchasing hemp products is important. 

You’ll also be our front line for answering the phones about vending, volunteering, & everything Hempfest.  Training is provided of course!

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Do you want to get involved?  Do you want to help educate the world as to why hemp is a superior plant and can save the environment for generations to come?  Are you ready to give at least four hours, once a week, a few days a month to make this happen?  

Email us at [email protected] 

We look forward to conquering the world with you!


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