Vending Communications
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Vending Communications

DSCF0291Want to be a part of the team that supports the almost 420 vendors at Seattle Hempfest?

You’ll do things like answer the phone, text, or email answering questions about things like 

Where is my power? 

I lost my drive in pass.  

Can I still buy a booth?

My tables have not been delivered yet.

I’m going to arrive late what do I do?

You’ll dispatch field support like Vendor Ground Crew, Hollywood Lights, & QM.   Tracking the issues and making sure they are resolved.  

Jill & Scott are the leads and will be there to help.  Shifts start Tuesday August 15 and run through Sunday August 20.  They start at various times but feel free to modify to fit your needs!  Just give us a heads up!

Interested?  You can sign up for shifts HERE You will need to create a sign in or use one if you already have it.  The password is jimmy romans  

It would be great to meet in advance and do some training.  We’re here at Hempfest Central in Lake City and are open weekdays 10 – 6 pm.  If not, we look forward to meeting you on site!

Have more questions?  Email us at [email protected]


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