Katie Morse

Deconstuction Crew

Tearing down Mainstage

Sure, people sign up for the Deconstruction Crew, and they SAY they will be there bright and early Monday morning to help us pack it all out…but then, they bust their humps setting up Hempfest, and enjoying Hempfest, and partying each night after Hempfest…and by golly they are exhausted!

 …and so we have this issue every year of a tired skeleton crew of Hardcore volunteers trying to deconstruct the world’s largest Protestival, load out 6 stages, pack up all that equipment, guide the trucks safely into and out of these 3 beautiful waterfront city parks…you get the picture- we need your help!

Login to:

and sign up for some Decon shifts here;

And then please show up to help us return the Parks to the condition of

“better than we found ‘em!”

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  1. says:

    Hello! can you email us at and they will get back to you in a few days. thank you!!!!! I know we have a bunch of stuff and they are going through it. If it has ID they are trying to contact the person. If you can give us a description at that email addy they will reply.

  2. Jordan Jordan says:

    sure our volly app is at this url where you can view those any all our other crews.

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