Trademark Usage Guidelines

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Hempfest® is a registered trademark at the US Patent and Trademark Office Serial #86173050, Registration #4753487

  1. The Hempfest mark should always be used as an adjective, never as a noun or a verb. This means it should be used as an adjective before a generic noun that defines the product or service. As an adjective, the Hempfest mark should not be used in the plural or in the possessive form. EXAMPLE: The Hempfest Festival.
  2. The registration symbol ® should be used with the mark in superscript immediately after the mark. The symbol should be used with the first occurrence of the mark or with a prominent use of the Hempfest® mark. Generally, demarcation is not necessary for every occurrence of the mark in an article, press release, advertisement or on a website. However, at a minimum, this identification should occur at least once in each piece, either the first time the mark is used or with the most prominent use of the mark.
  3. The Hempfest mark should be displayed in a different font or manner to distinguish it from surrounding text. For example, trademarks are often distinguished by using all capital letters, bold type, or italics. In addition, the generic noun that identifies the product or service should be used immediately after the trademark name at least once in each separate written or broadcast communication, or on each website, preferably the first time that the trademark appears in the material. Additional emphasis can be given by using the word “brand” after the mark or by using the registration symbol discussed above.