The Original Free Speech Protestival!

All of the people that come together to put on Hempfest® are volunteers. Some national speakers even remain days after the festival with the rest of us to make sure every piece of trash is picked up. There are many volunteer opportunities here, from backstage hospitality, to constructing the stages (days before the event), to backstage security, to manning an information booth, and pretty much everything we need to do to put on and then put away an event the size of Seattle Hempfest. If you are traveling with friends, you can encourage them to sign up for a shift or two as well. Find out more information about how you and/or your friends can volunteer.

To get on the Volunteer Newsletter list, send us an email at  [email protected]   

If the Crew you want is listed as “Internal” please contact your Crew Coordinator for your Crew’s password, or email Staff Services at: [email protected] and we’ll make sure you have the skills or certs needed for that crew. Also please make sure to read the Volunteer FAQs and Staff Manual below.

Departments and Crews


  • Canopies
  • Construction
  • Deconstruction
  • Fencing
  • Fencing – VIP Set-Up
  • Forklift Driver
  • Hemposium Set-Up
  • Site Placement
  • VIP Party Set-Up
  • VIP Party Tear-Down


  • Backline Teardown
  • Band Check-in
  • Hemposium Stage Crew
  • Hemposium Stage Hospitality
  • Hemposium Stage Knowledge Hut
  • Hemposium Tear-Down
  • Main Stage Crew
  • Main Stage Crew – Tear Down
  • Main Stage Hospitality    NW Leaf Stage Crew
  • NW Leaf Stage Tear-Down
  • Seeley Black Stage Crew
  • Seeley Black Stage Crew – Tear Down
  • Seeley Black Stage Hospitality
  • Sign Language Aide
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Speaker Check-in
  • Viv’s Crew


  • 420 Store Merchandiser
  • Ecology
  • Greeters – Bridge Chutes
  • Greeters – North & Helix Chutes
  • Greeters – South Chutes  Greeters Leaders – Bridge Chutes
  • Greeters Leaders – North & Helix Chutes
  • Greeters Leaders – South Chutes  Ice Truck Monitors
  • Info Merchandiser @ HFC Central  Info Merchandiser @ HFC South  Lost and Found
  • Operations  Operations – 9 Day Super Shift  Quartermonster    Quartermonster 10 Day Super Shift  Reckoning – Operations  Reckoning Rover – Bridge Chutes    Reckoning Rover – North & Helix Chutes  Reckoning Rover – South Chutes  Seeley Black Stage Merch Booth    Sign Hanging Crew  Sign Hanging Entrances  Sign Hanging Pre-Event    Sign Removal Crew  Traffic – 16th Ave W Monitors  Traffic – In-Park Monitors    Traffic – Vendor Load in out Monitors  Traffic – Vendor Load in out Monitors 4 Day Super Shift


  • Media Check-In  Membership – VIP Party Hosts  Membership Booths    Photography – Event Entry 
  • Photography – Event North End 
  • Photography – Event Roaming   
  • Photography – Event South End 
  • Photography – Post Event Park Photos  Photography – Pre Event Park Photos   
  • Photography – Set Up 
  • Raffle Crew 
  • Video Crew 


  • Crowd Monitors 
  • First Aid 
  • Hemposium Stage Safety   
  • Main Stage Safety  Medic Escort  Safety Patrol – Black Shirts    Safety Patrol – Grey Shirts Day  Safety Patrol – Grey Shirts Night  Seeley Black Stage Safety

Staff Services

  • Bag Check
  • Caffidration
  • Caffidration 10 Day Super Shift
  • Computers 9 Day Super Shift
  • Dishwasher
  • Hot Jobs Crew
  • Kitchen
  • Staff Check In
  • Staff Check In 10 Day Super Shift
  • Voter Registration
  • Vending
  • Vending Communications
  • Vendor Check-In
  • Vendor Ground Crew