Katie Morse

Seattle Hempfest Staff Director

Katie Morse has been wrangling the All-Volunteer staff of the World’s largest Protestival in beautiful Seattle, Washington since 1997.

With 10,000 shifts to fill over the 10 days of Set Up, Show, and Tear Down, we’ve welcomed a huge pool of skilled and diverse Volunteers from all over the US, and the world, for the last 20 years.  Join us this year  and make your Momma proud!

email; with any questions about any Crew.

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  1. RadioGoddess says:

    Katie does an amazing job coordinating all the volleys & staffing all the spots!! Katie is amazing to watch as she handles situation after emergencies after situations & on….calm, kool & collected…that’s our Miss Katie!! is the rest of Hempfest Staff!!!

  2. Dave7865 says:


    You should post a general map showing the location(s) for the event. I am just here visiting so am not familiar with the city parks so well. Would be good to have up a general map of Seattle showing the park locations as from the site seems to indicate the event is in 3 different parks. That way visitors to Seattle can find things easier!!

    As to my question the above said where will this even take place so we can could out for it all and not just part of it?

    Also should check your contact page out as I was getting an error trying to send a message to you regarding this as not sure where to go exactly for this event!!


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