Guest Blog, Cameron Fischer, Blogger Outreach

Do you want to grow a garden without soil? Hydroponic is an ideal choice for you. It allows you to grow plants in a nutrient solution mixed with water. The hydroponics systems will enable you to grow plants at a 20% faster rate. The yields will be 20 – 25 percent bigger with these systems. You can grow plants in a limited space. Plants can get nutrients without extensive root systems. Plants may be packed tightly.

Save Water with Hydroponics

For hydroponics, you will use reservoirs. These reservoirs are sealed and enclosed to prevent evaporation. It allows the plant to take up the desired water. To set up a hydroponics system, you can buy a setup kit. Here are some options for you.

Wick Systems

It is a simple system without moving parts. The system holds a reservoir filled with nutrients and water. You have to fill this container with growing medium. A wick connects two vessels that draw the water (nutrient-filled) up in the growing medium. Plant roots obtain this solution. This system is ideal for beginners.

For large plants, this system is not suitable. Moreover, you can’t grow water-hungry plants, including lettuce. Wick system may help you to grow peppers, herbs, and micro greens. Feel free to use calimagic to provide sufficient calcium and magnesium to plants.

Water Culture

With this simple system, you can grow water-hungry plants. Water culture is a simple system because you have to place plants in a Styrofoam platform. The Styrofoam sits on the top of the reservoir and holds the solution of nutrients and water.

The reservoir needs a bubbler air pump to deliver oxygen to the roots of the plant. Remember, this system is not good to grow tomatoes or other long-lived plants.

Flow and Ebb Systems

These systems have an intricate design, but offer you maximum versatility. Flow and ebb system floods the growing medium with a nutrient solution. For this purpose, the system needs one submersible pump and a timer.

With this system, you can schedule watering for your plants. A timer allows you to customize the watering schedule of plan based on humidity, temperature, number of plants, and size. Moreover, you can pot plants individually for convenient customization. Feel free to fill the whole tray with a growing medium. It is convenient to plant in the tray directly.

Select Suitable Plants to Grow

You can grow any plant hydroponically. Beginners can start small and grow easy plants, such as vegetables and herbs. It is easy to grow vegetables because these need little maintenance. Fast-growing plants can be the best choice for this system.

Initially, you have to find out the right system that can work appropriately in your environment. Maintenance-free plants can be an excellent choice. Start with simple plants and gradually move to complex vegetables. To grow numerous plants, make sure to follow their nutrients necessities.


Hydroponic systems are indoor systems, so these may not have direct access to sunlight. Remember, edible plants need sunlight for almost 6 hours. For this reason, you have to provide supplemental light for the growth of plants.

Hydroponic kit systems are available with critical light fixtures. If you are piecing different components together, make sure to purchase distinct light fixtures. For hydroponics system, you can buy high-intensity discharge (HID) light fixtures. These can handle high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) bulbs. These bulbs emit red or orange light. It is suitable for plants in the vegetative growth stage.

Moreover, T5 is another famous lighting for hydroponic rooms. It can produce high-output fluorescent light and consume low energy and low heat. Feel free to use it for plant cuttings. These may help your plants with small growth cycles.