Seattle HEMPFEST® Protestival is proud to host world class speakers.

We invite you to get to know who these speakers are.  We will publish our schedule in July so you can come back then to find out where and when to find them speaking.

The application to speak at Hempfest 2018 is here. Applying does not guarantee placement. There are 100 speaker slots. We receive over 400 applications of quality speakers.  It’s a super hard choice and assures we have top quality speakers for you to watch!

The deadline to be considered for a panel is June 2nd, 2018

The deadline to be considered to speak is June 23rd, 2018


Seattle HEMPFEST® is proud to present our 2017 Speakers:  

  • Wes Abney, Publisher Leaf Magazines
  • Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Affiliate Professor of Geography, Clinical Instructor of Medicine, U of Washington
  • Betty Aldworth, Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • Jared Allaway, Safer Shirts founder
  • Sage Amdahl, Sage Advice LLC
  • Aaron Augustis, Veterans Cannabis Group
  • Sara Batterby, Hifi Farms CEO and corporate justice warrior
  • Ngaio Bealum, Host with the most(pot)
  • Dr. David Bearman, American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine Executive Vice President
  • Joy Beckerman, Hemp Ace International, Principal Industrial Hemp Specialist
  • Russ Belville, Host and Producer of The Marijuana Agenda
  • Leland Berger, Oregon CannaBusiness Compliance Counsel, LLC – Attorney at Law
  • Allison Bigelow, Hempfest Volunteer
  • Jeanne Black, Gramma’s for Ganja Founder/Exec.Director Dir.
  • Stacy Bloch, Seattle Hempfest volunteer, Hemposium stage coordinator
  • Bradford Beckerman, Co-Founder & CEO of Hemp & Humanity
  • Kari Boiter, Co-founder, Patient Rights Network
  • Kat Bohnsack, Owner Mary Jayne parties
  • AC Braddock, Eden Labs, CEO
  • Ellen Brown, Sinsemilla Seminars & Promax Grow, Educator
  • Trey Brown, Son of Minnesota’s Marijuana Mom
  • Lisa Buchanan, Paisley Nursing Group,
  • Benjamin Cassiday, True Terpenes – CoFounder
  • Phil Charles, Fully Baked Radio- Executive Producer/ NJWeedman’s Joint – part owner
  • Ophelia Chong, stockpotimages.com
  • Chris Conrad, Family Council on Drug Awareness and Friends of Prop. 64
  • John Conroy, Canadian Trial Lawyer (Barrister) and Queens Counsel and Pres. Of Norml Canada
  • Dominic Corva, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Cannabis and Social Policy Center, CASP
  • Danny Danko, High Times Senior Cultivation Editor
  • John Davis, Vice President Seattle Events, A Non-Profit Corporation Producer of Seattle Hempfest
  • Drew Dillon, True North Extracts, Mule Extracts
  • Alison Draisin, Psy.D, Ettalew’s Edibles and Lifestyle
  • Lori Duckworth, Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine-Portland Manager, Compassionate Oregon-Lobbyist, Delta 9 House & Studio-Co Owner & Proprietress
  • Dr. Jake Felice, Dr. Jake Felice
  • Kristin Flor, Voices of the cannabis War (VOW)
  • Serra Frank, Moms for Marijuana International (founder), Boise Hempfest (event coordinator), The Fight for Lilly Foundation (co-founder), New Approach Idaho (founder), Compassionate Idaho (co-founder)
  • Mollie Fry MD, Cannabis Educator
  • Renee Gagnon, Founder/CEO HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc.
  • Ben Gelt, Cannabis Certification Council, Chairman of the Board
  • Douglas Hiatt, Attorney at Law
  • Bailey Hirschburg, Legislative Associate, Washington NORML PAC
  • Pete Holmes, Seattle City Attorney
  • Meagan Holt, Project PC director of patients, Maddie’s mom,
  • Jesce Horton, Minority Cannabis Business Association, Board Chairman & Co-Founder
  • “Grandma” Cat Jeter, Founder, Deep Green Extracts
  • Neil Juneja, Attorney at Gleam Law
  • Michael Krawitz, Executive Director – Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access
  • Rachel Kurtz, National Cannabis Industry Association, Regional Representative
  • Giana Lampreda, WAM Oil- COO/CO-Founder
  • Farmer Tom Lauerman, Farmer Tom Organics
  • Martin Lee, Director, Project CBD and author or Smoke Signals
  • Monte Levine, People’s Harm Reduction Alliance, Board Member
  • Ben Livingston, Canna Zoning, CEO
  • Shango Los, Shaping Fire, podcast host
  • Frank Lucido, M.D.
  • Jim MacRae, Straight Line Analytics – Owner (and HI-Blog)
  • Madeline Martinez, NORML/NWA Board Member, owner World Famous Cannabis Cafe
  • Martin Martinez, Lifevine Patient Provider
  • George Martorano, Released cannabis prisoner after 32 years
  • Leah Maurer, Co Owner, The Weed Blog
  • Mac McGregor, The Gender Sensei – Activist
  • Steven McNalley, Senior Microbiologist, Analytical 360
  • Vivian McPeak, Seattle Hempfest, executive director
  • Doug McVay, Common Sense for Drug Policy, Director of Research
  • Katie Morse, Seattle Hempfest Staff Director
  • Danielle Muggli, Patient Rights Network, Co-Founder
  • Elvy Musikka, Federal Marijuana Smoker
  • Regina Nelson, The eCS Therapy Center & IEC, LLC
  • Danica Noble, NORML Women of Washington
  • Mikki Norris, Co-Founder, The Leaf Online, Director Cannabis Consumers Campaign
  • John Novak, 420leaks.com, Founder & Co-editor
  • Crystal Oliver, Washington’s Finest Cannabis; President & Co-Founder, Cannabis Farmers Council; Board Member, Washington NORML; Executive Assistant,
  • Kevin Oliver, Washington NORML
  • Aaron A. Pelley, 7 Point Law (Attorney)
  • Joelle Puccio, the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance, Board Member
  • Jeffrey Raber, CEO of The Werc Shop
  • Jeff Reverend Cannabis, extraction artist
  • Danielle Rosellison, Trail Blazin’ (licensed farmer) and President of The Cannabis Alliance
  • Michael Scott, Project PC ~ Founder/Diector
  • David Seber, The Hemp Shield Company LLC
  • Jamie Shaw, MMJ Government Relations
  • Yvonne Snyder, Seattle Hempfest
  • Susan Squibb, Cannabis Maven
  • Matt Stang, High Times Partner
  • Dr. Jade Stefano, Puffin Farm, Founder
  • Jeff Steinborn, Attorney at Law
  • Don Stevens, Mayor of North Bonneville, Washington
  • Stinkbud, High Times Contributor and Author
  • Brian Stone, Viper Pac and Trail Blazin’ Productions
  • Mitzi Vaughn, Greenbridge Corporate Counsel, Managing Attorney
  • Shawn DeNae Wagenseller, CEO Washington Bud Company
  • Ah Warner, Cannabis Basics, Owner and CEO
  • Jerry Whiting, LeBlanc CNE
  • Sharon Whitson, Seattle Hempfest, General Manager
  • Michael Zabrek, Analytical 360 – Account Manager

Last updated 7/13/2017. Please check back often for updates.

Seattle HEMPFEST® is proud to present our 2016 Speakers:  (as of 6.15.16)


  • Wes Abney, Founder, Northwest Leaf, Oregon Leaf, Alaska Leaf
  • Sunil Aggarwal, Director and Treasurer, Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, Cannabinologist.com
  • Jared Allaway, Safer Shirts guy
  • Todd Arkley, CPA, Arkley Accounting Group The Cannabis Alliance
  • Ngaio BealumHempfest’s favorite comedian, Activist
  • Dr. David Bearman, VP of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine and author of “Drugs are Not the Devil’s Tools:  How Discrimination and Greed Created a Dysfuncional Drug Policy and How It Can Be Fixed”
  • Joy Beckerman, Principal Consultant, Hemp Ace International
  • Russ Belville, Host of The Russ Belville Show
  • Lee Berger, Attorney at Law, Oregon Cannabusiness Compliance Counsel
  • Douglas Berman, Attorney, Sentencing Law & Policy Blog
  • Allison Bigelow, member of Sensible Washington Seattle Hempfest Core member
  • Ami Black, Seattle Hempfest, Cannabis Freedom March
  • Jeanne “Magic” Black,
  • Stacy Bloch
  • Kat BohnsackCEO/Founder Mary Jayne Parties
  • Kari BoiterCandidate for Montana Legislature
  • Cyril Bouanna, Board of Directors, Chairman, Seattle Hempfest
  • AC Braddock, CEO, Eden Labs LLC
  • Lisa Buchanan, RN OCN, Paisley Nursing Group
  • Mendo Bruce Buckner
  • Jeff “Reverend Cannabis”
  • Christopher Conrad, Family Council on Drug Awareness
  • John Conroy, Queens Counsel, Lawyer in Canadian medical and other Cannabis cases, NORML Canada
  • Alex Cooley, Founder, Solstice
  • Dominic Corva, Executive Director, Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy
  • Rick Cusick
  • John Davis, Vice President, Seattle Events a NonProfit Corporation
  • Alison Draisin, CEO and Founder of Ettalews Edibles
  • Shawn DeNaeWashington Bud Company
  • Lori Duckworth, Advocate and lobbyist in Oregon, Southern Oregon NORML, Compassionate Oregon, Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine, Women Grow, The Hempery
  • Jodie Emery
  • Bill Esbensen
  • Adela Falk, POW420.com
  • Ed Forchion “NJWeedman,” Founder of the Legalize Marijuana Party
  • Serra Frank, Founder, Moms for Marijuana International, The Fight for Lilly Foundation, Boise Hempfest, New Approach Idaho
  • Christopher Gagnon
  • Gina Garcia, Activist, One of The People For Medical Cannabis in Washington State
  • Scott GordonPortland NORML Director, 420Radio host, Urb Age designs founder
  • Grandaddy Mike
  • Katrina Haffner, Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • Jedidiah Haney, Board Secretary, The Cannabis Alliance
  • Talal Hattar, North Star Treatment Group
  • Douglas Hiatt
  • Eric Holt
  • Meagan Holt, Board of Directors for Project PC and Maddies Mom
  • Nate Howard
  • Melissa Hysom, Director, Cannabis Freedom March
  • Neil Juneja, Attorney at Law, Gleam Law
  • Gloria Kalteich
  • Karl Keich, Owner, Pot Stop (formerly Seattle Medical Marijuana Association)
  • Jeanne Kohl-Welles, King County Councilmember
  • Michael KrawitzExecutive Director – Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access, International Medical Cannabis Patients Coalition
  • Rachel Kurtz, Attorney, activist, and entrepreneur, CEO of Mule Extracts
  • Kyle Kushman, Master Cultivator, 13 TimeHigh Times Cannabis Cup Winner, Teacher at Oaksterdam University, Founder of Vegmatrix and Kyle Kushman Brands
  • Farmer Tom Lauerman, Founder of Farmer Tom Holdings
  • Martin Lee, Director Project CBD and Author of Smoke Signals
  • Ben Livingston, Map Maker, Canna Zoning
  • Shango Los, Shaping Fire podcast / ShangoLos.com
  • Nurse Heather Manus RN, President, Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association and Nature Nurse
  • Madeline Martinez, NORML/NWA board member, owner of the World Famous Cannabis Cafe
  • Martin Martinez, Lifevine, Medical Cannabis Dictionary
  • George Martorano, Released POW
  • Dr. Robert Melamede
  • Dr. Jim MacRae, Straight Line Analytics
  • Vivian McPeak, Seattle Hempfest, Peace Heathens
  • Doug McVay, Editor of Drug War Facts, Common Sense for Drug Policy
  • Lisa Pearl “Mama Pearl” Miles
  • Chris Mizanskey, Jeff Mizanskey’s son
  • Jeff Mizanskey, recently released Cannabis POW
  • Courtney Moran, EARTH Law LLC, Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association
  • Danielle Muggli, Yes on I-182 Campaign, Montana
  • Shilo Murphy, Executive Director, People’s Harm Reduction Alliance
  • Elvy Musikka
  • Danica Noble, Director, NORML Women of Washington
  • Mikki Norris, Director, Cannabis Consumers Campaign
  • Laura Notini, Activist and Writer
  • David Nott, President, Reason Foundation
  • John Novak, Co-Editor, 420leaks
  • Trista Okel, Founder & CEO of Empower, Portland NORML Board of Directors, Vice chair
  • Crystal OliverWSLCB Licensed Cannabis Farmer, Washington’s Finest Cannabis, Washington NORML, Cannabis Farmer’s Council
  • Kevin Oliver, Director of Washington NORML, Washington’s Finest Cannabis
  • Aaron Pelley, Attorney, NWMJ Law
  • Carl Prothman, Activist, Seattle Events
  • Joelle Puccio, BSN RN – Director of Women’s Services, The People’s Harm Reduiction Alliance
  • Erin Purchase, Brave Mykayla
  • Amanda Reiman, Drug Policy Alliance
  • David Rheins, Founder & Executive Director of The Marijuana Business Association (MJBA)
  • Sierra Riddle, Mother of Landon Riddle, #TeamLandon
  • Dale Rogers
  • Ed Rosenthal, Guru of Ganja, Ed Rosenthal Select
  • Danielle RosellisonLicensed Cannabis Grower, Trailblazin’ Productions
  • Keith Saunders
  • Dale Schafer
  • David Seber, President Hemp Shield Company LLC
  • Patrick Seifert
  • Lynnette Shaw, Inventor of Licensed Dispensaries 1997, Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana
  • Joshua Sheets
  • DJ Short, cultivator of popular strains
  • Graham Sorkin, Director of Business Development, Marys Medicinals
  • Susan Squibb, Cannabis Maven
  • Paul Stanford, THCF Medical Clinics Campaign for the Restoration & Regulation of Hemp
  • Enedina Stanger, Cofounder, Peace Warrior Life
  • Jeffrey Steinborn
  • Rick Steves, Travel with Rick Steves
  • Stinkbud, Master Grower, Cannafuture.com, High Times Magazine, Harvestapound.com
  • Brian StoneGarden Extracts, Viper’s Club
  • Mark Taylor Canfield, Writer at Daily Kos, Capitol Hill Times, etc./Guest Journalist at The Jeff Santos Show/Contributing Editor Democracy Watch News/Free Speech Radio News/The Galaxy Machine band
  • Vicca ThompsonThe Grow Shop, Freedom Foods
  • Roger Tilton
  • Stephanie Viskovich,
  • Ah Warner, Founder Cannabis Basics Founder, ICHABAPA, Founder Women of Weed
  • Jerry Whiting, founder of LeBlanc CNE, Inc.
  • Sharon Whitson, General Manager, Seattle Hempfest
  • Don E Wirtshafter, Cannabis Museum, Athens, Ohio
  • Maddhu Zugsmith, Siddhi Tonics


Seattle HEMPFEST is proud to present our 2015 Speakers (as of 7-29-2015):

Note: All of our confirmed speakers are now listed above. If you were invited, but don’t see your name, please contact the speakers crew: [email protected]

Speaker applications are closed for 2015.

Wes Abney Owner and Editor of Northwest Leaf Magazine
Betty Aldworth Executive Director Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Jared Allaway    
David Allen  ECS teacher
Diego Barriga Implementation Consultant Viridian Sciences Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition LArche PDX Sharehouse
Ngaio Bealum    
David Bearman Physician SCCAACM
Russ Belville Executive Director 420RADIO.org
Leland Berger  Oregon CannaBusiness Compliance Counsel LLC
Allison Bigelow event coordinator ASAWA
Magic Black Founder of Gramma’s for Ganja
Kurt Boehl    
Kari Boiter  CoChair Washington Chapter of Americans for Safe Access
Cyril Bouanna Board of Directors Seattle Hempfest
AC Braddock CEO Eden Labs WOW NCIA Womens Alliance Win With Women PAC
Jake Browne  The Cannabist and HempBox
Bruce Buckner Agitator and Troublemaker Medical Marijuana Movement
Laura Bugni    
David Camp    
Reverend Cannabis    
Greta Carter    
Jorge Cervantes  Van Patten Publishing
Sam Chapman    
Fritz Chess Founder  
Michael Cindrich Attorney San Diego NORML LEAP California Cannabis Coalition
Chris Conrad Internationally recognized cannabis expert Family Council on Drug Awareness
John Conroy Queens Counsel NormlCanadaStoptheViolenceSensible BCUSNorml Legal Committee
Alex Cooley CoFounder and Vice President Solstice
Marcie Cooper MSN, RN, AHN-BC American Cannabis Nurses Association and Mary’s Medicinals
Dominic Corva Dr. Cannabis and Social Policy Center
William Courtney    
Rick Cusick Associated Publisher NORML Director High Times NORML
Dawn Darington    
John Davis    
Jeremy Daw Professor of Economics Oaksterdam University
Troy Dayton Founder and CEO of The ArcView Group
Andrew DeAngelo Director of Operations Harborside Health Center
Shawn DeNae Owner Washington Bud Company Active Member Natl. Cannabis Industry Asso Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics Hemp Industry Asso Marijuana Business Asso. and Women of Weed cofounder
Alison Draisin CEOFounder of Ettalews Medibes and A Marijuana Maven Women of Weed WA NormL Womens Alliance MJBA Womens Alliance
Ben Droz Legislative Liaison for industrial Hemp in Washington DC Vote Hemp
Adam Eidinger  DC Cannabis Campaign
Adela Falk  POW420 Nug Radio
Jake Felice    
Doug Fine Solarpowered goat herder NeoRugged Individualist and Bestselling Author
Billy Fisher  The Fight for Lilly Foundation
Kristin Flor National Leader The Human Solution International
Edward Forchion Founder of legalize marijuana party Legalize marijuana party
Serra Frank  Moms for Marijuana International
Dale Gieringer Director California NORML
Debby Goldsberry Ambassador Magnolia Wellness of Oakland CA and Bloom Well in Bend OR & board member at Coalition for Cannabis Poilcy Reform working to legalize in CA
Scott Gordon Urb Age Designs Cannabusiness owner and 420Radio show host
mathew gordon medical strain creator
Katrina Haffner Campus Coordinator SFL Students For Liberty Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Douglas Hiatt    
Alison Holcomb Criminal Justice Director ACLU of Washington
Peter Holmes Seattle City Attorney City of Seattle
Melissa Hysom    
Gov. Gary Johnson  Former Governor  New Mexico
Gloria Kalteich Reverend Continuum Fellowship of Universal Understanding
Michael Keysor    
Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles    
Ellen Komp Deputy Director California NORML
Michael Krawitz    
Brandon Krenzler  Brave Mykaylas Dad Parents 4 Pot
Rachel Kurtz    
Kyle Kushman    
Christopher Larson Former Executive Director Lost Coast Botanical Cooperative Inc
Martin Lee    
casper Leitch Father of Marijuana Television Time 4 Hemp
Steve Levine HIA Director Vote Hemp Director & Dr. Bronners Director of Cannabis
Monte Levine Coordinator for the Ostrich Bay Exchange in Bremerton and board member of the Peoples’ Harm Reduction Alliance
Ben Livingston Director Center for Legal Cannabis
Philippe Lucas VP Patient Research and Services Tilray Tilray
Joy Beckerman Maher President WA State Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association President Hemp Ace International Hemp Industries Association Washington Farmers Union International Hemp Building Association NW EcoBuilding Guild
Jahan Marcu Ph.D  
Madeline Martinez Board of Directors of NORMLNWA Owner of the first US World Famous Cannabis Cafe NORMLNWA
Martin Martinez    
Dutch Masters  DMOG and Medical Relief Organic
Mayor Mike McGinn Former Mayor of Seattle
Joanna McKee Founder of Green Cross
Justin McMahon    
Vivian McPeak    
Doug McVay Editor of Drug War Facts Board of Directors Common Sense for Drug Policy
Kitty Miller    
Adam Mintz President Steep Hill Halent Lab
Courtney Moran  EARTH Law LLC
Elvy Musikka    
Danica Noble Washington Coordinator NORML Women of Washington
Mikki Norris Director Copublisher Cannabis Consumers Campaign TheLeafOnline.com
Laura Notini Organizer NYC Cannabis Parade
Trista Okel  Empower a topical cannabis remedy company
Kevin Oliver Executive Director Washington NORML
Aaron A Pelley    
Lindsey Rinehart Founding Director Undergreen Railroad Medical Patients For Clackamas County
Dale Rogers  Cannabis Research Collective
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Congressman United States of America
Ed Rosenthal The Guru of Ganja
Rick Rosio Public Advocate… Veterans for Compassionate Care
Craig rubin Pot head WEEDS Super High ME the Union Totally Baked American Drug War How Weed Won the West
Dan Rush Director Cannabis Workers Rising of North America United Food and Commercial Workers International Union UFCW Cannabis Workers Rising of North America
Keith Saunders Dr. NORML Board of Directors & Host of the Boston Pot Report
Cheryl Schuman    
David Seber President Hemp Shield Company Hemp Shield Company LLC
Christian Sederberg  Vicente Sederberg Amendment 64 Campaign
michelle sexton Dr. Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy Phytalab
DJ Short    
Don Skakie    
Nicole Smith CEO and Founder Marys Medicinals Marys Medicinals
Hamilton Souther  Blue Morpho Club
D. Paul Stanford FounderExecutive Director THCF & CRRH HEMP.org The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation THCF Medical Clinics Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp
Jeffrey Steinborn  NORML Board of Directors and NORML legal committee
Rick Steves Travel writer and host on public television and radio Rick Steves Europe
Brian Stone  Medical Cannabis Patient Advocate
DeMaris StrohmHughes  the wormhole
Keith Stroup NORML Founder and Legal Counsel NORML
Lisa Taylor Owner Wicked Wick of the West
Mark TaylorCanfield Independent Journalist
Ah Warner Founder of Cannabis Basics and Women of Weed HIA NCIA CCSE Norml Women Of Washington and MJBA
Sean Whitcomb Sergeant Public Affairs Director Seattle Police Department
Sharon Whitson General Manager Seattle Hempfest
Don E. Wirtshafter    

Seattle Hempfest is proud to present our 2013 Speakers:

  • Matthew R. Abel– Executive Director, Michigan NORML, Attorney at Law Cannabis Counsel P.L.C.
  • Wes Abney- Founder NorthWest Leaf magazine
  • Adam Assenberg– Adam for Sheriff of Whitman County, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  • Ngaio Bealum– Cannabis Comedian
  • Dr. David Bearman– Vice President Board of Directors American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine
  • Russ Belville– Executive Director 420RADIO.org
  • Leland R. Berger– Compassionate Oregon
  • Allison Bigelow– Sensible Washington
  • Jeanne Black– Founder and Executive Director of Grammas for Ganja
  • Kevin Black– Founder King County Jail Christmas Vigil
  • Kurt Boehl– Attorney Law Office of Kurt E. Boehl PLLC Seattle Criminal Defense
  • Kari Boiter– President Board of Directors Cannabis Defense Coalition, Advocate for drug war prisoners, Americans for Safe Access Advocate of 2012
  • Cyril Bouanna– Seattle Hempfest Board of Directors for Sponsorships & Memberships
  • Hilary Bricken– Attorney Canna Law Group Compliance Support
  • David Bronner- Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap
  • Bruce Buckner- Outside Agitator
  • Greta Carter– The Hope Clinics Executive Director
  • Jorge Cervantes– Author Publisher Cannabis Video Gardener www.marijuanagrowing.com
  • Sam Chapman– Executive Director Cannabis Industry Association of Oregon
  • Fritz Chess– Founder and President of Eden Labs LLC
  • Jason Clark– Founder and CEO of Meditiva
  • Chris Conrad– Founder Family Council on Drug Awareness
  • John Conroy– QC Queens Counsel, Norml Canada, Stop the Violence, Sensible BC, US NORML Legal Committee
  • Alex Cooley– Cofounder and Vice President Solstice
  • Mike Corral- Cofounder of Wo/Mens Alliance for Medical Marijuana WAMM
  • Dr. Dominic Corva– The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy Director
  • Rick Cusick– Associate Publisher High Times magazine and HIGHTIMES.com
  • Todd Dalotto– CAN! Research, Education & Consulting
  • Danny Danko– Senior Cultivation Editor High Times Magazine
  • Dawn Darington– Executive Director of Choice Wellness Center
  • John Davis– Seattle Hempfest, Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics, National Cannabis Industry Association, NWPRC
  • Tonya Davis- Ohio Patient Network, President, Miami Valley NORML, NORML Women’s Alliance, Executive Director
  • Steve DeAngelo– Executive Director of Harborside Health Center
  • Andrew DeAngelo– Director of Harborside Health Center
  • Alison D-Ray– C.E.O Ettalew’s Medibles
  • Philip Dawdy- Cascadia Growers Association, Washington Cannabis Association
  • Alec Dixon– Director of Client Relations SCLabs
  • Adam Eidinger– Founder DCMJ.Org, Capitol Hemp, Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps Public Affairs Director
  • Steve Elliott– Editor of Toke Signals and Hemp News, Marijuana Reviewer for Seattle Weekly
  • Jodie Emery– Wife of “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture Headquarters & Magazine- Director
  • Dr. Jake Felice– Naturopathic Physician
  • Rebecca Forbes– East Coast Director of the American Cannabis Coalition, Carolina Cannabis Coalition Director, Board of Directors at Over Grow the Government, North Carolina advocate for the Cash Hyde Foundation
  • Edward Forchion– The Legalize Marijuana Party
  • Serra Frank– Founding Executive Director Moms for Marijuana International
  • Major Neill Franklin (Ret)– Executive Director Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  • Dale Gieringer– California NORML, Co-Author of Prop 215
  • Roger Goodman– State Representative 45th District Washington State Legislator
  • Senator Mike Gravel– Direct Democracy
  • Pam Haley– Seattle Hempfest- Ric Smith Hemposium Coordinator, Americans for Safe Access WA Chapter Board, Co-Founder Garden Extraction Co2 Services
  • Liana Held– Liana LTD and member of the Board of Directors of CA NORML
  • Douglas Hiatt– Attorney of compassion and passion for the end of prohibition, Sensible Washington
  • Alison Holcomb– Criminal Justice Project Director, ACLU of Washington
  • Aaron Houston– Executive Director Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Marijuana Majority
  • Peter Holmes– Seattle City Attorney
  • Aaron Houston– Executive Director Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Marijuana Majority
  • Mike Hyde– Founder of the Cash Hyde Foundation
  • Melissa Hysom– Seattle Hempfest, Cannabis Freedom March Organizer
  • Gloria Kalteich– Reverend of the Continuum Fellowship of Universal Understanding
  • Theresa Knox– Idaho Moms for Marijuana
  • Michael Krawitz– Executive Director Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access
  • Racehl Kurtz- Attorney at Law The Wykowski Law Group
  • Martin Lee– Director ProjectCBD, Author of ‘Smoke Signals
  • Casper Leitch- Time4Hemp.com, Global Cannabis Activist PotCasts
  • Steve Levine– Director on the Boards of the Hemp Industries Assoc & Vote Hemp
  • Monte Levine– Board member Peoples’ Harm Reduction Alliance; Coordinator for Ostrich Bay Exchange
  • Ben Livingston– Cannabis columnist The Stranger Center for Legal Cannabis
  • Philippe Lucas– Centre for Addictions Research of BC
  • Frank Lucido– Medical Doctor specializing in the Endocannabinoid System
  • Jahan Marcu– Ph.D studying cannabinoid receptors
  • Mickey Martin– Weed Activist, Author ‘Medical Marijuana 101
  • Madeline Martinez– NORML Director, NORML Womens Alliance Director & Founding member, Owner & Founder of the World Famous Cannabis Cafe
  • Martin Martinez- LifeVine Medical Group
  • Doug McVay– Editor Drug War Facts, Common Sense for Drug Policy
  • Granddaddy Mike- California Cannabis Policy Reform, The Original Haze Poster Project Certified Packaging Services
  • Jeremy Miller– Founder of the World Famous Cannabis Farmers Market & Olympia Hempfest
  • Kitty Miller– Owner World Famous Cannabis Farmers and Kit-Tea’s
  • James Flaming Eagle Mooney– Elder Seminole Medicine Man of the Oklevueha Native American Church
  • Shilo Murphy– Executive Director of the Peoples Harm Reduction Alliance
  • Judith Newbergher Renaud– Executive Director Educators for Sensible Drug Policy
  • Mikki Norris- Publisher West Coast Leaf
  • David Nott– President Reason Foundation
  • John Novak- Cannabis Action Coalition and 420leaks.org
  • Kevin Oliver– Executive Director Washington NORML
  • David Ostrow– Vice President American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine and Principle Investigator on study of Veterans with PTSD using cannabis.
  • William Panzer– NORML Board of Directors; Attorney
  • Tim Pate– Seattle Hempfest Curator of Raffle Goodness, Opening Ceremony of Hempfest
  • Aaron Pelley– Attorney Pelley Law PLLC and Marijuana Reclamation Project of the Cannabis Defense Coalition
  • C.Michael Pickens– Executive Director Libertarian Party of Washington
  • David Piller- Vote Hemp’s 2011 Activist of the Year and the College Campus Hemp History Roadshow Host of Hemp Hut at the Hemposium
  • Robert Platshorn– Founder The Silver Tour
  • Carl Prothman– Seattle Hempfest, Activist
  • Sharon Ravert– Leader of Georgia Moms for Marijuana Executive Director of Peachtree NORML GA
  • Josh Rettie– Vancouver Cannabis Community
  • Reverend Cannabis – Solventless extract expert, local activist
  • Lindsey Rinehart– Director Compassionate Idaho, Americans for Safe Access- Idaho
  • Ed Rosenthal- Guru of Ganja, Green Aid The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund & Oaksterdam University
  • Dan Rush– Director National Medical Cannabis and Hemp Division of  The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
  • Keith Saunders– NORML Board of Directors
  • David Seber– Hemp Shield Company LLC
  • Dr. Michelle Sexton– Naturopath Doctor of Bastyr University specializing in the Endocannabinoid System research and application
  • Lynnette Shaw– Inventor the first licensed dispensary in the nation 1997 Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana RIP
  • DJ Short – Breeder of Quality Cannabis Genetics
  • Cheryl Shuman– C.E.O. Cheryl Shuman Inc. & Beverly Hills Cannabis Club
  • Don Skakie– Spokesman for REAL LEGALIZATION and Initiative-584
  • Paul Stanford– President at THCF Medical Clinics
  • Jeff Steinborn– NORML Legal Committee, NORML Board of Directors
  • StinkBud– Grow Guru High Times Magazine, StinkBuddies.com, HarvestAPound.com
  • DeMaris Strom-Hughes– The Worm Hole
  • Keith Stroup– NORML Founder and Legal Counsel
  • Marcus Sutherland- Medi Brothers Collective medible maker and marijuana activist
  • Coty Ternes– Boise Idaho Mayoral Candidate
  • Oscar Velasco Schmitz– Director and CoFounder of Dockside Coop
  • Aimee Warner– Founder and CEO Cannabis Basics, Member HIA, Member NCIA, Compliant Member CCSE and Co-Founder of WOW- the Women of Weed
  • Clint Werner– Author “Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Sgt Sean Whitcomb- Seattle Police Public Affairs Unit
  • Sharon Whitson– Director of Operations Seattle Hempfest
  • Henry Wykowski– Attorney at Law The Wykowski Law Group and 280eReform.org
  • Brandy Zink– Americans for Safe Access of Michigan

Seattle Hempfest is proud to present our 2012 Speakers:

  • Matthew Abel  Michigan NORML Executive Director, Attorney
  • Wes Abney The NorthWest Leaf Magazine Editor and Founder
  • Jared Allaway  Sensible Washington State Volunteer Coordinator
  • Adam Assenberg  Owner of Compassion 4 Patients and a D.J./Reporter with KRFP  92.5 FM
  • Ngaio Bealum  Cannabis Comedian
  • Dr. David Bearman, M.D.  American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, Vice President & Board Member; ASA, Board; Patients Out of Time, Advisory Board Member; Author ‘Demons, Discrimination and Dollars: A Brief History of the Origins of American Drug Laws’
  • Radical Russ Belville  National Cannabis Radio, Host of  ‘The Russ Belville Show’
  • Leland R. Berger  NORML Legal Committee, Attorney
  • Allison Bigelow  Volunteer Sensible Washington
  • Kurt Boehl  Attorney Law Office of Kurt E. Boehl, PLLC
  • Kari Boiter  Local Activist and Legislative Advocate
  • Cyril Bouanna  Seattle Hempfest (Board of Directors) Sponsorship & Membership Director
  • Hilary Bricken  Attorney Canna Law Group, a practice group of Harris & Moure, pllc
  • David Bronner  Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps; Hemp Industry Association Board of Advisors
  • Bruce Buckner   MendoBruce Activist
  • Greg Campbell  Author of  ‘Pot Inc: Inside Medical Marijuana, America’s Most Outlaw Industry’, published April 2012.
  • Greta Carter  Executive Director WA Coalition of Cannabis Standards and Ethics (CCSE)
  • Jorge Cervantes  Author of Marijuana Horticulture
  • Sam Chapman  National Cannabis Coalition, Outreach Director, and Social Media Consultant
  • Stephen Collett  California Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Initiative, Treasurer
  • John Conroy  Conroy Company, President Lawyer; NormlCanada, Founder
  • Alex Cooley  Vice President Solstice Cooperative
  • Dominic Corva  Sarah Lawrence College, Professor of Cannabis Geography
  • Dr. William Courtney, M.D.  Cannabis International Founder
  • Cara Crabb-Burnham  MassCann/NORML Director, Co-Founder NWANE, Co-Host Boston Pot Report Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition, NORML Women’s Alliance New England, Boston Pot Report
  • Rick Cusick  High Times Associate Publisher
  • Dawn Darington   Choice Wellness Center CEO
  • John B. Davis  Seattle Hempfest, Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics, National Cannabis Industry Association, NWPRC
  • Tonya Davis  Ohio Patient Network, President; Miami Valley NORML; NORML Womens Alliance, Executive Director
  • Phillip Dawdy  Safe Access Alliance media director
  • Steve D’Angelo  Harborside Health Center, Executive Director
  • Christine Renee’ Delk  Washington State Medical Cannabis patient recently raided by federal law enforcement
  • Aaron Dixon  Former Black Panther Party Captain, Author ‘My People Are Rising’
  • Jared Dunn  Compassionaite Idaho
  • Adam Eidinger  Hemp Activist Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Public Affairs Director; Capitol Hemp Owner, Washington DC
  • Steve Elliott   Journalist of  “Toke of the Town/Toke Signals” online zine
  • Jodie Emery   Wife of “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery; Cannabis Culture Headquarters & Magazine, Director
  • William Esbensen  45th Parallel Compassion Group, LLC  Director/Co-Founder
  • Dr. Jake Felice, ND   Naturopathic Physician
  • Omar Figueroa  Attorney Law Offices of Omar Figueroa
  • Denny Finneran  Crucial Hemp Owner
  • Bonnie Fong  Hempfest Film Coordinator; Coalition of Cannabis Standards and Ethics Vice Executive Director; The Joint Cooperative  Manager
  • Diane Fornbacher  Vice Co-Chair NORML Women’s Alliance, HIGH TIMES Magazine Freedom Fighter Jan. 1999
  • Morgan Fox Marijuana Policy Project Communications Manager
  • Serra Frank  Moms for Marijuana Founding Director
  • Matthew Gavin Frank  Author of ‘Pot Farm’
  • Debby Goldsberry  United Cannabis Collective Executive Director
  • Rep. Roger Goodman  Washington State House of Representatives (D46)
  • Judge Jim Gray Libertarian Vice-Presidential candidate with Gary Johnson2012
  • Jeremy Griffin  Cannabis Defense Coalition, member and an organizer of Cannabis College
  • Pam Haley  Cannabis Defense Coalition BoD, Washington State Potline “Report A Bust”
  • Mark Haskell Smith  Author of Heart of Dankness: Underground Botanists, Outlaw Farmers, and the Race for the Cannabis Cup and the novel Baked.
  • Alison Holcomb  Campaign Director for I502 New Approach Washington
  • Pete Holmes   Seattle City Attorney and New Approach Washington I-502 Initiative Sponsor
  • Aaron Houston  Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Executive Director; SAFER, Cofounder and Board Member
  • Gloria Kalteich  President/Pastor The Continuum, et. al
  • Rob Kampia Marijuana Policy Project Executive Director
  • Jeanne Kohl-Welles  State Senator Washington State Senate
  • Steve Kubby  RegualteMarijuana 2014 Chief Officer and Campaign Manager
  • Ron Lawson  City of Lacey Councilmember, Cannabis Healthcare Association, founder
  • Martin Lee  Director Project CBD, Author of  ‘Smoke Signals’ 
  • Monte Levine   Board member Peoples’ Harm Reduction Alliance; Coordinator for Ostrich Bay Exchange
  • Steve Levine  Hemp Industries Association (HIA), President; Vote Hemp, Director; Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Trade Show Mgr.
  • Nick Licata  Seattle City Council Councilmember
  • Ben Livingston  Cannabis Defense Coalition
  • Dr. Frank Lucido, M.D.  Doctor of Medicine, Medical Cannabis Consultant
  • John Lucy IV  Attorney at Law, Founder Law420.com
  • Charles Lynch  Software Developer Marijuana Freedom Fighter
  • Madeline Martinez  Oregon NORML; World Famous Cannabis Cafe; Chief petitioner of Sensible Oregon
  • Martin Martinez  Lifevine Collective Network, Executive Director
  • Joanna McKee  Co-founder Green Cross Patient Co-op (the original folks!)
  • Vivian McPeak  Seattle Hempfest, Executive Director
  • Doug McVay  Common Sense for Drug Policy
  • Robert Melamede  Associate Professor, CEO/President CBIS UCCS, Cannabis Science
  • The Moss Family  Greta, Lauriene and Eve; Victims of the Drug War, Father and husband imprisoned 20 years for marijuana conspiracy.
  • Kristin Nevedal Emerald Growers Association
  • David Nott  Reason Foundation, President
  • Kevin Oliver  Washington NORML, Executive Director
  • David G Ostrow, MD, PhD   NORC at University of Chicago, Senior Scientist; American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine , VP for Community Research; MACS, Director
  • Tim Pate   Seattle Hempfest, Port Astordam Hemp Festival
  • William G. Panzer  NORML, Board of Directors; Attorney; Coauthor of California’s Prop 215
  • Aaron Pelley  Attorney of Pelley Law, PLLC
  • Robert Platshorn   People United for Medical Marijuana  PUFMM , Founder of Silver Tour , NORML of Florida, Director
  • Josh Rettie  Plantbuilder
  • Lindsey Rinehart  Compassionate Idaho; Idaho Medical Choice Act, Chief Petitioner
  • Ed Rosenthal  Author of ‘Marijuana Grower’s Handbook’ Official Course Book for Oaksterdam University
  • George Rohrbacher  Member of the Board of Directors of NORML
  • Julia Rose  The Curator of the Peter McWilliams Online Museum
  • Ed Rosenthal Guru of Ganja; Executive Director of Green Aid: The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund
  • Dan Rush  United Food and Commercial Workers International Union- Director, National Medical Cannabis and Hemp Division
  • Keith Saunders  NORML Board of Directors, Host Boston Pot Report Massachusetts
  • Dave Seber  Hemp Shield Company LLC, President
  • Lynette Shaw  Former owner of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, licensed for 15 years.
  • Cheryl Shuman  Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, RFMK – CANNAcig, Cheryl Shuman Inc., Hearst Digital Media Corporation
  • Don Skakie  I-514 The Cannabis Child Protection Act, Campaign Director
  • Aaron Smith  National Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director
  • Ric Smith  Speakers Jury and HEMPosium- Seattle Hempfest, Co-Sponsor Initiatives 1068 & 1149, Cannabis Defense Coalition
  • Jacqui Spruce  Australian advocate for the use of medical cannabis and former skin cancer patient.
  • Scott Stafne  Attorney Stafne Law Firm
  • Paul Stanford  THCF Medical Clinics, President; chief petitioner OCTA2012
  • Jill Stein  Green Party 2012 Presidential Candidate for The United States of America
  • Jeffrey Steinborn  NORML legal committee, NORML board of directors,  PotBust.com Founder
  • Rick Steves  Travel Show Host and New Approach Washington Sponsor I-502
  • Brian Stone  Cannabis Defense Coalition, Board Member
  • DeMaris Strohm-Hughes  The Wormhole, Minister
  • Keith Stroup  NORML, Founder
  • Cody Swift  Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
  • Oscar Velasco-Schmitz  Director Dockside Coop
  • Clint Werner  Author of the book “Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.”
  • Don E Wirtshafter  DrugSense; Media Awareness Project, Chair
  • Jackie Woerlee  Belangen Stichting Effectieve Medicinale Cannabis Head of Foundation
  • Henry Wykowski   San Francisco tax attorney in landmark IRS 208E case of C.H.A.M.P. V COMMISSIONER
  • Richard Zuckerman