Producing Seattle Hempfest is a labor of Love. We’ve worked, scattered throughout the state, from our homes, in solidarity but solitude, meeting in living rooms, coffee shops, & public meeting halls. Exploiting the invent of the internet and using tools like Skype and Google docs, we’ve rolled up one tight, phat, Hempfest after another. It’s a very intense process and illustrates the dedication and devotion of our core team many of whom sacrifice all else to make sure that Seattle Hempfest is the shiny new penny she is each year.

Each year, we give birth to a beautiful, bouncing Seattle Hempfest. Each year her gestation is different. The City and Parks Departments remold her and force us into a model of constant redesign. It’s amazing how it almost becomes Hempfest from scratch each year. Not a year has gone by in the past decade where they didn’t impede us with a construction project or other restriction that threatens our existence. Now it’s a walking bridge. With an ever changing completion date that impacts 2012’s production greatly.

What a relief that we’ll be facing all this turmoil, head on, from our first ever office! We’re moving into a combination headquarters, retail space located at 12351 Lake City Way NE here in Seattle. Hempfest Central will be the catalyst for our ever growing organization. Not only will she provide a home base from which to coordinate our beloved festival, she’ll also provide us with an opportunity to marry our festival merch in a retail location with our soon to be launched web stores.

We will be your one stop hemp shop carrying hemp clothes, accessories, foods, books, pet & skin care products. If we don’t have it; we can get it! We’ll carry all the gear and accessories that make Seattle Hempfest the magical place she is to shop. Everything about cannabis, but cannabis.

Hempfest Central will be the hempiest place on earth!

Follow our progress and watch us grow at

It’s an honor to have you along!