August 7, 2018 The phone rang at Hempfest Central today and it was Jimmy Romans calling from the Greenville Federal Prison in Illinois.  Jimmy, who had his LIFE without parole sentence reduced to 30 years in 2017, is one of our adopted cannabis prisoners.

I love it when Jimmy calls!  We have great conversations about legalization and how it’s spreading and our thoughts on where it is going. 

We had a lot to talk about this time! We chatted about our letter writing campaign that Kristen Flohr is championing. Kristen’s father, Richard Flor, ran a state legal medical cannabis store in Montana, died chained to a bed while in Federal custody on charges for running this store!  How crazy and sad is that!  Imagine loosing your parent this way.  To top it off, her own mother who helped run the state legal business, was prosecuted and sent to prison too!   Kristen is an amazing activist who has put her life’s blood into supporting those in prison for cannabis.  I’m proud to be working with her!

We chatted about how excited I am for Natalie DePriest to be at Hempfest this year.  Natalie and her brother are co defendants in a case where 12 plants got them each 15 years in prison! Her brother David is still in prison.  Part of their prosecution also requires that that two co defendants have no further contact.  They are siblings!  Really?  No contact ever?  Does this seem right to you?   Natalie will be speaking from our stages and participating in our Cannabis POW panel on the Hemposium Stage.

Jimmy loved hearing how George Martorano will be producing the Atlantic City Hempfest next year!  Having one of our released prisoners actually carry on our legacy on the east coast is an emotional win and extraordinary experience as someone who has put her heart into helping those the drug war has harmed. 

Jimmy always asks how we are doing and shares his overwhelming gratitude for all that we do. 

Thank you everyone who has signed a card or letter, bought a raffle ticket, or written to Jimmy. 

We are making a difference and we are not giving up until Jimmy and all the cannabis prisoners are set free! 

Remember to visit the 420 POW area in booth 491 on the side of Stone Village that faces the bridge.  Sign a letter for Jimmy and for all the other prisoners they are representing.  We will win this war!